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Sheriff: eyes out for church-service bandits

A pair of criminals have been stealing items from unlocked cars in the middle of church services in north Fayette County, sheriff’s officials said.

Because of the brazen thefts, citizens are encouraged to call 911 if they see any suspicious activity just prior to or during church service.

The thieves have struck both New Hope Baptist Church and Flat Creek Baptist Church on April 17 and May 1, taking purses, credit cards, cellphones, GPS receivers and other items of value.

Immediately after the thefts, the duo use the stolen credit cards, often purchasing athletic shoes, officials said. They have been spotted purchasing shoes in Fayetteville and East Point.

Both suspects, a black male and black female, are estimated to be approximately six feet tall and in their mid-20s to 30s. They are driving a black compact car, perhaps a Honda Civic or Mitsubishi Eclipse, investigators said.

The male suspect has flames tattooed on his right wrist and forearm, and sometimes wears a red Atlanta Braves cap, officials said. The female keeps her hair in a bun and wears athletic shoes, officials said.

Anyone with information relating to these incidents is asked to call Inv. Josh Shelton at 770-716-4777.



Crime is wrong. Yeah, that's a given.

But how stupid to leave your car unlocked and to leave valuables in your car (locked or unlocked)? Purses? Cell Phones? GPS systems?

Being stupid like that doesn't mean you "deserve" to have your car broken into, but it does make me feel less sorry for you that it happened.

Both of these churches are large enough to have multiple people on parking lot patrol. If the members don't want to volunteer to do it, then hire an off-duty cop. Sure, it is a sad state of affairs when that needs to be done, but it may save the stupid people from the smart criminals.

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