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Fayette Woman and The Citizen present the '2010 Mothers of the Year'

The Citizen Newspapers and Fayette Woman are pleased to present the winners of the eighth annual Mother of the Year contest. The winner in the 65 and over age category is Mionne Meyers, 69, of Fayetteville.

Mrs. Meyers was nominated by her daughter, Jeannie Little, of Senoia, who said about her mother, “I have never known a day to go by that she has not given 150% to every soul she has come in contact with that day.”

Having raised four children of her own, Mrs. Meyers now cares for three of her grandchildren, sews for many friends and family members, and watches out for pets whose owners are away. She is always looking for a chance to do something for someone else, her daughter said.

Stacy Alter, wife of Saul Alter and a resident of Peachtree City, is our winner in the 40-64 age category. Stacy is mother to three children ages 8-12, each of whom wrote about how special their mom is.

“She’s the bestest mom awesomest mom of all time (p.s. and in the universe), her eight-year-old daughter,” Sasha, wrote.

In addition to caring for her children and husband, Mrs. Alter cares for her 88-year-old mother in their home.

Our winner in the Under 40 category is Stephanie Leigh Mann, of Peachtree City, who was nominated by her husband, LTC John R. Mann. Since 9/11, LTC Mann has been deployed to war twice.

“Steph has not complained and has been the best supportive wife and mother,” LTC Mann wrote. “While I was deployed she had little support since we move almost every year, and did everything herself.”

See page C4 to read all of each of these winning entry essays.

“We had the most entries we have ever had in this year’s contest,” Fayette Woman publisher Joyce Beverly said. “I wish we could have dozens of winners. It is always humbling to learn about the kind of women who live in our community.”

The newspaper and magazine are joined in sponsoring the 2010 contest by 13 partners who generously contribute hundreds of dollars worth or prizes and gift certificates to these deserving moms. The value of each prize package is more than $800.

“We could not do this without our partners,” Beverly said. “I am especially thankful that even in this economic downturn these companies set aside their bottom lines to do what local businesses always do – give back to the community. Our appreciation for them has never been greater.”

This year’s sponsors include:

Ameritage, A Southern Accent, Atlanta Market Furniture & Accessories, Campanile’s Home Furnishings, Cosmedical Spa & Salon, Curves of Peachtree City;

City Cafe, Ici Paris, Images by Rainy, Merle Norman at Kedron Village in Peachtree City, Mucklow’s Fine Jewelry, Rona’s Flowers, Trilogy Health and Wellness Center.


Winning Letters

Mionne Myers winner – age 65+

Dear Fayette Woman,

I know we all have wonderful moms and each and every mom deserves to win the Best Mom of the Year contest. My mother is definitely in this group. My mother’s name is Mionne Myers. She is 69 years old and for most of all of the 69 years she has given of herself to others.

I am the mother of three young and active children. My husband and I work full-time. My mother keeps my children while we work. This is no easy task for any age mom, especially a 69-year-old one. She takes care of my 13-month-old son, picks up my 4-year-old daughter from preschool and cares for her and picks up my 7-year-old from elementary school and on most days gets homework done and feeds everyone before I pick them up.

She does all this and more without asking for anything. She knows that we can not afford daycare for three children and that we need both of our incomes to get by. I have tried to pay her or buy her special gifts, but she refuses them. She wants to do all that she can do to help. She has always been this way. She raised four children herself and had all the struggles and more when she was a young mom. She actually fled on foot in the middle of the night with two babies to leave an abusive husband. She remembers all too well and she just wants to be as helpful as she can be. I try to do as many special things for her as I can, but it is hard when you have such a mom that does not want to be fussed over as she is.

This letter is just a small way that I can honor her and her tireless works of motherhood. I can not say enough about this women. In addition to keeping my 3 children full-time she keeps many of our friends and relatives dogs at her house on occasion. She also sews for just about everyone she knows on a regular basis without ever asking for any compensation. I will pick my children up in the evening and she is at her sewing machine mending something for someone almost every night. I will call her late in the evening and she is still fixing a prom dress of making curtains for someone.

If you need someone to come over at 3 am, she would be the first to arrive and in record time. I am telling you the truth, she would come to the aid of a stranger on the street, and has many times. My mother met a young waitress who was expecting her first child and she was having a hard time affording all the things for a new baby. My mother took it upon herself to collect as much gently used baby items from all her friends and relatives and she has filled the young woman’s house with more baby items than could ever be needed. All from just talking to the waitress when she was having breakfast. This is just one of many stories of the generous heart of my mother.

She laughs when we laugh and cries when we cry. She holds us all dear in her arms and we are the better for it. We definitely rise up and call her blessed. She loves God and it shows in everything she does. I have never known a day to go by that she has not given 150% to every soul she has come in contact with that day and finished the day exhausted with a smile on her face. She actually hobbles to bed thinking of her next days tasks for other people.

As spoiled as it may sound, I can not imagine a day without my mother. She gives of herself so much that if I can just be half the mother that she is I will be doing good. I know you will receive so many letters about wonderful moms, that this simple letter may get lost in the shuffle. Even so, it was worth every word because I know in my heart that she is my mother of the year, really my mother of a lifetime, and I will always honor her as much as I can. Thanks for taking the time to consider Mionne Myers for Mother of the Year. Her heart would truly skip a beat if she knew I was writing this letter.

Thank you again,

Jeannie Little


Stacy Alter winner – age 40-64

Dear newspaper guys,

Everything I’m going to tell you on this paper are reasons why my mom should be the 2010 mom of the year. I guess you could also say mother of the year or mommy or momma of the year but I felt like saying mom.

Anyway here are the reasons. First, if we both think that I’m falling behind in class, she will work extra hard so she can finish all the motherly things she has to do before we get home from school. then she can help us with our homework so we can catch up in class.

On top of that even if it’s not school work she’s the bestest mom awesomest mom of all time. (p.s. and in the universe) I hope that’s your opinion at the end.

Anyway moving on she’s cool and great and all but even if she weren’t I’d still love her. I mean sure other people stare with amazement and I’d say look how beautiful she is. Well moving on again. Both my parents are great and all but girls rule! Plus I’m supposed to write a paper about my mom not about my parents.

I wish I could stop here, but it turns out it has to be a 500 word essay, so there!

Okay the end by Sasha Alter. Informing I mean persuading you about her mommy mama mother Stacy Alter.

Sasha Alter, age 8


I think my mom should be the mother of the year because she is kind, loving and helpful. She always goes the extra mile to make sure us kids are doing well in school, the house is clean, and there is good food on the table to eat. If one or more of these things is not happening she will make sure it is.

About 9 weeks ago I got my report card. I got 3 A’s and 2 C’s! A C was the lowest grade I had ever gotten! I cried all the way home. When I got home my mom asked me for my reprt card, and reluctantly I showed it to her. She and I had a talk and in 4 and a half weeks later, I got all A’s and B’s on my progress report. I mom was our coach on my Science Olympiad team and we gat second place.

My mom Stacy Alter is kind, loving and helpful. She should be the mother of the year.

Jacob Alter, age 10


I believe my mom should be voted Fayette County mother of the year. She does certain things that only an amazing person could do. I will explain these certain things in the next few paragraphs.

First of all, my mother takes care of me, my brother and my sister. If anyone can care for and equally provide attention for 3 kids 365 days a year, and each of them have different needs, that’s special.

The second reason my mom is so amazing is that when we’re sick, she helps us get better and stays with us. She’s not a doctor or anything, but when my eczema or asthma is really bad she’d stay with me and hold my hand until it stopped itching or I fell asleep. I know I couldn’t show that much care and compassion if my life depended on it.

The third reason that I think makes my mom the mother of the year is that she explains stuff to me and my siblings. She doesn’t just say I told you so. If I ask her can I stay up late most moms would would say “no”. My mom would explain if I ask her why. A lot of moms would say because I told you so, my mom would say if you stay up late you would not get an adequate amount of sleep. Then you would be tired at school and your grades will suffer. I’d never ask again after that.

The final reason that makes my mom the the best is that she has the heart to take care of my 88 year old grandma.

I didn’t write this to win a prize. I wrote it to tell the truth. I also think writing this has made me more appreciative about my mother and father.

Andrew Alter, age 12


Stephanie Leigh Mann winner – under 40

Sir / Ma’am,

I believe you should recognize my wife Stephanie for “Mother of the Year” for several reasons. I have been married to Steph for 16 years.

We met in the Army as 2nd Lieutenant nurses and have been together ever since. Since 9/11, I have been deployed to war twice and have not been able to celebrate on Mother’s Day with her and my children for one reason or another related to my military service. Steph has not complained and has been the best supportive wife and mother. I used to get up early and wake her up with a big breakfast in bed and gifts. I know she misses those days, but understands my commitment to our nation.

While I was deployed, she had little support since we move almost every year, and did everything by herself. She did not allow the kids to focus on their dad’s absence for over two years in the past five and signed them up for sports and other activities. She found volunteer nursing jobs at Christian summer camps in California and Alabama so the kids could attend. She is loving and caring and deserves to be recognized this year, since I will be gone again (training a unit to go to Afghanistan). Thank you for your consideration.

John Mann



The stories that have been shared are so heart warming. Congratulations to all of the winners - and all of the mothers who do/have done so much for their families and their communities.

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To all you moms out there.


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