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Councilwoman Fleisch to ask for traffic study for Hwy. 54 West

The daily afternoon traffic jam for westbound commuters on Ga. Highway 54 West will be discussed again by the Peachtree City Council at its regular meeting Thursday night.

Stretching for nearly a mile during peak congestion times, the traffic backup is front and center now that a shopping center developer wants a sixth traffic light added to the mix on Hwy. 54 between Ga. Highway 74 at the city limits: at the intersection of Line Creek Parkway, which is between Planterra Way and MacDuff Parkway.

Councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch is planning to ask for a city-funded traffic study of the entire corridor to provide a “comprehensive” study of the problem, noting that no previous study has taken the entire stretch of highway into account.

“I think this piecemeal approach has made the situation over there terrible and if this analysis can come up with at least one good idea it might be worth doing,” Fleisch said.

Councilman George Dienhart has advocated that the city ask the Georgia Department of Transportation to close the median cut at Line Creek Parkway, which would eliminate the need for a traffic light there. While Mayor Don Haddix has sided with that view, council members Kim Learnard and Eric Imker have declined to agree.

Learnard said she prefers to work with the developer to improve the final product of The Overlook shopping center, now anchored by a proposed RaceTrac gas station.

Imker said he worries the city could be sued over seeking the median closure, although City Attorney Ted Meeker has told council the liability would rest with the DOT because it has the final say on the matter.

The deadlock has left Fleisch as the tie-breaker, but she has said she wants to wait for an in-depth look at traffic problems in the area before she makes a decision.

Meanwhile, westbound afternoon commuters face backups stretching all the way back to Willowbend Road as they compete with traffic coming off Hwy. 74 to squeeze into the two lanes governed by five traffic lights. That slows vehicles to a virtual crawl as they try to eke by, with many of those commuters continuing straight through into Coweta County where traffic eases noticeably as soon as they cross the county line, having finally cleared the traffic lights.



americanpatriots's picture

Do we really need a TAXPAYER FUNDED $15,000 to $20,000 traffic survey the PTC Council will be considering at it's May 9th meeting?

This is a waste of money! Everyone knows we have a serious traffic problem on SR54 and we certainly don't need another survey to confirm what we already know.

The 2008 Capital City Development's "Line Creek Retail Traffic Impact Study" (paid for by the developer) contained various assumptions about the existing and future traffic on SR54 that have proven highly inaccurate.

The traffic flow on SR54 has sharply increased well beyond the 2009 study forecast numbers and the traffic through this busy corridor will continue to grow unless a solution is found.

We need professional people working on this problem, not politicians posturing for re-election!

Anyone traveling on SR54 during peak hours can see the traffic is a real problem. And, anyone trying to get out of the Planterra subdivision during peak afternoon rush hours knows the delays forecast in the study were wrong.

Coweta, Troop, and Meriwether county residents trying to avoid SR54/74 traffic backups by cutting through the Planterra neighborhood has significantly increased since 2008 and the delays shown in the study are seriously underestimated. The delays cited in the study causes me to wonder if the numbers were manipulated to support the developer paid engineer's recommendations.

The report recommends a SIXTH traffic light be installed in the slightly over one mile stretch of SR54 beginning at the east intersection of SR54 and Northlake Drive and continuing west to the intersection of SR54 and McDuff Parkway.

The study only refers to FIVE existing traffic lights and one new light, but actually, the proposed additional light would be the SEVENTH in 1 1/10 miles if you include the light at the east intersection of SR54 and Northlake Drive/Willow Bend. And, the new traffic light would be less than 600 feet west of the existing light at Planterra Way and SR54. A left-turning lane already exists at the Line Creek Drive location recommended for a new traffic light.

A crazy idea that has been discussed calls for a road from the development site to Planterra Way. Who came up with this idea and who on the council supports it?

For those of you that have not followed this development, it is on the south side of SR54 extending west from the intersection of SR54 and Planterra Way to the intersection of SR54 and McDuff Parkway. The site includes a RaceTrac gas station presently under construction, a proposed Chick Fil-A restaurant, and a rumor about a proposed Publix, Inc. grocery store.

The 2008 study rates the Planterra Way and SR54 intersection as a LOS (level of service) Class E. A Class E designation is at the limit of acceptable delay by many agencies and is described as a delay greater than 55 and up to 80 seconds. The highest rating, a Class F, is one that exceeds 80 seconds and is considered unacceptable by most drivers.

In response to a request by PTC, the Georgia Department of Transportation synchronized the traffic lights on SR54.

I have a picture taken March 30, 2013 at 5:12 PM. The traffic backup at that time far exceeds a Class F rating (over 80 second delay). One of my neighbors recently experienced a delay of over 15 minutes trying to turn right on SR54 from Planterra Way at about 5:15 PM. He noticed that none of the vehicles in the lineup had Fayette county license plates.

While I support development of that job site, I don't support the addition of another traffic light within the 1 1/10 mile stretch on SR54. Another light in a little over 1/10 of a mile west of the intersection of SR54 and Planterra Way will only exacerbate the problem.

I don't regard a gas station and a fast food operation as QUALITY developments. But, we probably forever lost our opportunity to have a quality development at that location because of decisions made about four years ago.

Without a traffic light, it would be difficult for people turning right when exiting the site. They would have to turn right and immediately try and move over to the left lane on SR54, and then make a u-turn at Planterra Way if they wanted to go west on SR54. This would undoubtedly create a lot of traffic accidents and, for that reason, a valid argument for another traffic light can be made.

I have a PTC Police Department traffic study done in April 2012. Over 7,000 vehicles passed though the Planterra Subdivision in 3 days and 15 hours. This represents 2,056 vehicles per day during that time interval. And, this 5-day traffic survey included the weekend of 4/7 and 4/8. Obviously, the weekday traffic was much higher than 2,056 vehicles.

The Planterra Subdivision only has about 425 houses, but it has become the cut-through route non-residents favor to avoid the peak traffic tie up at the intersection of SR74/54.

The high volume of traffic presents a clear and present danger to the Planterra children and it is only a matter of when, not if, that a child will be hurt.

Jim Richter

Don Haddix's picture

There is a new developer study dated January, 2013. I agree spending money on a City study is pointless.

There is no need for anyone to do a U-Turn. A connection to MacDuff Crossing gives access to the light for anyone wanting to go west.

Anyone wanting to go to shop across the street can also use MacDuff and turn onto the Secondary Road without ever going onto 74.

There is no real answer within Wilksmoor. Even the MacDuff extension simply shuffles the congestion around onto different people.

We did do studies for the 74/54 intersection. No viable solution could be found. The MacDuff Extension is the result of past studies. The TDK extension, connections from PTC to Coweta through the undeveloped annexed property in Wilkmoor, etc. have ally been done.

So, the statement by Councilwoman Fleisch no comprehensive study has been done is simple false.

The connection to 85 via Fischer I proposed will stop a significant amount of traffic from ever entering PTC. It will also remove traffic from 74 and 74/85.

While not a cure for all the problems, it is the best we have and does give major relief.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

NUK_1's picture

You get out much these days or do you just sit around your desktop spewing a bunch of rubbish?

So.....the big problem we have is them there Cowetians and them there Troup County people from 30miles away invading Planterra? right. Oh yeah, don't forget Meriwether county too! Man, they are taking over Planterra Ridge because they love those speed bumps every 20 yards, elevated cart path crossings, and it's such an awesome cut-through!

I live there Mr. Whiner. What you are describing couldn't be any further from the truth. Why don't you go drink a can of Shut-Up and come back afterwards?

I don't agree with a traffic study for any reason myself, but hearing your whine makes me wonder if one might be needed since you have no idea whatsoever about Planterra Ridge and the alleged invasion of Troup and Coweta county.

There are over 400 homes in Planterra. People living there going somewhere and coming back home makes up most of your ridiculous statistics. I don't see Troup County tags and very few Cowetians going by my house around "rush hour." Get ur head out of your backside and go vote for some more total deadbeats who are supposed to represent us!

You frankly have no idea what you are talking about and it shows.

I have to agree with Mr. Richter on his assessment of traffic in Planterra at 515. I live in Centennial but on many occasions have left the tennis center at that time and noticed the large volume of traffic with Coweta plates turning left. The same thing happens in the Avenue at that time, as well as the intersection at Huddleston. These people are all trying to avoid the light for the left turn lane at northbound 74 at the intersection of 54. I have foolishly been through that light at the same time, and sat through 3 light changes before making the turn. I disagree with the mayors contention that an interchange at Fischer road on 85 would alleviate the problem. I come home from work down 74, and while there are some vehicles with Coweta plates, I don't believe many of them are actually accessing 74 from 85. I believe they are coming from other points south of 85. You would have to be an idiot to get off at exit 61 to go to Coweta county through Peachtree City, instead of getting off at exit 57 (which incidentally is the way I go to work in the morning to avoid the lights and traffic, a little longer but much quicker). The main problem with the traffic flow on 54 westbound in the afternoon appears to me to be the intersection at Planterra. Specifically, that light will be red much longer than the other lights on that stretch, obviously to allow traffic to exit from the Walmart/Home Depot shopping center. This initiates the backup, which then becomes hopelessly entangled east of that intersection. The traffic actually thins out after that light, not the one at Macduff. The lights are not synced up as has been asserted from what I can see. We probably need a more sophisticated traffic control system which adapts to current conditions by measuring traffic in real time at several locations along the traffic stream. There are many of these available and a traffic study by a qualified engineering firm should be able to determine which would be best for our situation.

I think the developer wants a traffic light there to add a few more nicer retail stores in the back portion of the development that includes a division of Publix similar to Whole Foods/Trader Joes.

Is this fight over the light because of the traffic or anti-developer rhetoric?
Stop the light and we get only the RACETRAC and relocation of Chick-fila only.

Does the west side of town need a gourmet food store and/or an alternative to Walmart Food Store?
Is the traffic due to PTC shoppers or Coweta drivers cutting across Fayette County to Clayton or up 74 to 85?

We need professionals to advise us, not politicians or the bloggers (including me). Ms. Fleisch is right.
Let's not rely on a police study or the developer's study...how about an independent that can advise on a long term solution.


Don Haddix's picture

I have no problem with Publix being there. But not with a light and connection to Planterra Way. So the effort to make this anti-developer falls flat on its face.

Fact is am working on a retail development right now PTC wants.

No, Councilwoman Fleisch is not right. The studies using non PTC engineering firms have already been done. No long term solutions could be found.

As a reminder to all, Larry Sussberg voted for the CCD development with light while on the Planning Commission.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

I hope you are not working alone "on a retail development that Peachtree City wants". Your track record on planning is a disgrace...let's recap.

LOW TEMP, a plastics manufacturer on the southern entrance to PTC. You secretly worked on that project not advising the city council because you wanted to grandstand your economic development prowess. Not only did Fayette County reject the project earlier due to the required concessions but it was a terrible idea to put a plastics manufacturer at the entrance to our city and next to a ball field.

BOWLING ALLEY - that one you said you and your friends wanted so it was right for PTC, rezoning! That wnet down in a blaze.

RACETRAC - Here you told council that the developer would never be able to blast through the hard rock - wrong!

DAPC - volunteers vs professionals to oversee economic planning....talk about having your head up your backside.

JOEY GRISHAM - Professional economic development manager - you lied on this blog that nothing was said only to find out the real truth later.

NORSOUTH DEVELOPMENT - at the joint session of city council and planning commission when Brenden Barr presented the project you biased the process. At the end of the meeting you told NorSouth they could move forward but the project will never pass. That shocked everyone in attendance including NorSouth. They sued PTC under Federal law which was the strongest action they could bring, but Mr. Barr was very clear it was because you biased the process.

Feel free to try to further attack me or discredit, you can even try to re-write history, but all of this is documented by the newspaper and on video of the meetings.

As a reminder to all, our business rents in the West 54 area and we have been severely impacted by the commuter traffic. We are actually opposed to the traffic light and curb cuts alone, believing the situation requires professional involvement and a multiple step solution. Although our business is struggling, We are willing to wait for a long term solution not some quick fix which we expressed to our elected officials.

3 weeks ago, I emailed Commissioner Brown, and council members Dienhart, Fleisch, Imker and Lernard, excluding Haddix because he offers nothing to the conversation which was confirmed by a letter he sent to a resident in Planterra trying to rabble-rouse residents to turnout at the upcoming vote.
Haddix only cares about his re-election and getting votes as exhibited by this disgraceful behavior.

In the end, and after a lot of emails, none of our elected officials were willing to meet on this topic, sad but true.

My advice to city council is to postpone the vote until after November election when rational decisions and proper planning can be done. The problem will not be resolved by a traffic light or curb cuts alone.
No one including Ms. Fleisch is asking for a "traffic light" survey. The request is to hire a traffic engineering firm that is independent to look at a long term solution. PTC budgets are beginning to balance and if we can hire a firm to look at harrassment issues plaguing our service departments we can surely find the money to find a solution to a problem that will only get worse as Coweta and Fayette grow.

Don Haddix's picture

Low Temp was and is not a plastic manufacturer.

The Bowling Alley was and is still wanted by many in PTC. Did you forget that is an agenda item for one who has declared for office?

I never said "my friends." They pulled out because they didn't want to locate near people who didn't understand the average income of bowlers is over $50K a year and their main customers are business, church groups, etc.

Still shocked, as many at City Hall are, they would spend over half a million blasting granite. Many have said they either don't mind them there our actually like them at that location. It is all a personal point of taste.

DAPC did a fantastic job. The redevelopment at Crosstown and Glenloch, the Fresh Market and more. PTC wants them back, unless you missed the results of the Survey.

No lie on Grisham. He wanted a downtown, to build Big Boxes in a massive new shopping center when those are closing all over the country. Cities are moving back to their downtowns and the village concept. The new construction sizes are about 32K sq'.

Facts are facts. He really ticked off a lot of citizens who let me know loud and clear they didn't' like what he was doing.

NorSouth was lost because of the report given on the percentage of DESIGNATED low income senior housing available, not the actually used amount available. It didn't shock everyone there at all. Many were happy it was said. Three Councilmembers said the didn't want it there.

It means squat what Mr. Barr said. The court action was the failure to meet Federal Housing minimum standards.

Yes, it was in the paper along with the City stating it was because of the Federal standards, not what I said.

Yes, you could go on with false claims and spinning. You have a history of it, along with stealing others identities for your purposes.

You also resigned from the Planning Commission because you were caught in a false claim against Council during a meeting and called on it.

But now, we need to go back to what you are trying to divert from here. You voted for the CCD development with the traffic light. We already have studies in hand on the corridor. The light would increase congestion. I actually have been working with GDOT for real traffic relief. I am not anti developer, just anti bad development.

By the way, it is not illegal for any elected to have positions on an item prior to a vote. This issue on 54 is an example. Councilwoman Learnard negotiated an MOU with the developer that include a SUP and traffic light. Councilman Imker said there was a 3 vote on Council to approve the SUP and light at a Planning Commission meeting in 2011. Councilwoman Fleisch supported the MOU. Councilman Dienhart is opposed and I already have an on record vote against from 2008 and 2009.

As you said, enough said.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Mayor, you are so out of touch with reality, not to mention so desperate to win re-election that you will do and say anything.

Reality is no elected official in Fayette wants to deal with you, let alone speak to you.

And, its clear you really don't give a rat's ass about Peachtree City only your election. If you did, you wouldn't have taken our money.

Your inablility to properly understand big issues is evident in your statement regarding Mr. Barr. Had you kept your mouth shut and allowed the process to go through the way it should have there would have been no suit. You biased the process and you are either totally clueless about your behsvior or a liar...not sure which one but its totally scary and not becoming of a leader.

You just can't re-write history..sorry

As I said:
My advice to city council is to postpone the vote until after November election when rational decisions and proper planning can be done. The problem will not be resolved by a traffic light or curb cuts alone.

No one including Ms. Fleisch is asking for a "traffic light" survey. The request is to hire a traffic engineering firm that is independent to look at a long term solution. PTC budgets are beginning to balance and if we can hire a firm to look at harrassment issues plaguing our service departments we can surely find the money to find a solution to a problem that will only get worse as Coweta and Fayette grow.

Don Haddix's picture

Your comments have already been answered.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

PTC keeps on building new shopping centers all the while we have many vacant stores in other centers. Why do you keep on building new ones when you can't even fill the ones we have?


Are you saying the city should stop property owners from building on already zoned property?

You know the Mayor has ZERO Control in PTC, correct?


The Amish use the term "shunned". Most if not every elected official, politician and political party in Fayette is shunning this guy. It's actually gone beyond zero control. Very sad for the city and the citizens.
Hopefully in November the citizens will speak and end this 6 years of terror.

Save your displeasure for a time closer to the election. Take lots of notes and be prepared. Let him dig his own hole.

Anyone who pays attention to local politics understands that his term has been a failure and that other politicos know he's a lame duck and don't even attempt to get him involved.

Get all your ducks in a row and relax this summer.

Don Haddix's picture

Heard it in 2007 and 2009, then won with 57% and 66%.

Yep, the first Council majority tried to exclude me for not agreeing with them, so nothing new. I simply refuse to be excluded and as Mayor cannot be excluded.

It is what the citizens think that matter in an election, not the others on Council.

Like this situation with the light on 54. Councilman Dienhart pointed out all of us ran in 2009 opposing the light and development. It was one big factor in the three getting elected. Also a promise to listen to the citizens, which has not happened by them.

But now two have flip flopped and support the light and connection. The rhetoric of not wanting the light and connection but wanting to get a better development, see what the developer proposes, etc. is just that, rhetoric. If they opposed the light and connection and were actually listening to citizens, they would flat out say no. They would keep that election promise.

Councilwoman Fleisch also refuses to come out and say, "No" to the light and connection. She is dancing around it with this study, etc., trying to sound like the great innovative leader. If she really opposed it she would just come out and say it, ending this issue.

Fact is studies have already been done. In 2008 we looked at four engineering studies for 54/74 and other areas. They didn't work because they destroyed three shopping centers.

Councilwoman Learnard, in turn, held up Councilman Dienhart's newspaper column from 2009 supporting the CCD development with the light. He chastised me, back then, for not supporting it. Now he opposes the light and connection.

The election politics are flying, not only from candidates but from their supporters, such as you, Spyglass, Larry Sussberg, etc.

I have been consistent, no flip flopping, for six years. I have a good relationship with almost all the other elected in the County.

If you think I am running without having a lot of people urging me to do so, then you deceive yourself.

So, let the claims fly, November will tell the tale.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

I will see what plays out this summer and who else might join the race.

In September, I will select my candidate and begin supporting them in the blogs and with my financial support.

You have a couple months to shape up, mature, and show how you can lead without alienating everyone.

Don Haddix's picture

When elected to office no one is loved by everyone. If you think that does not apply to the other candidates as well, think again.

I do not expect to please everyone, as it is impossible. My opponents most assuredly have a lot of enemies out there as well. They are just not as vocal as some of mine on the blogs.

If you want a tax, debt and spender, I am not your man, for sure.

If the elections of all open positions goes as I think it will, the Comprehensive Strategic Plan will, finally, become a reality.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

NUK_1's picture

I think you've done a better job than Steve Brown did as Mayor. I applaud you for the Tennis Center/Tourism Authority fiasco and turning water into wine in that situation. I also agree with you as far as the proposed FC SPLOST.

That's the end of anything nice I have to say today on this subject.

I see his post above naming percentages...He has no clue when he needs to shut up.

PTC Observer's picture

It will be interesting to see who your supporters will be in the race. Please make sure you bring them to your rallies and make certain we hear about all the support they are giving you. It would be equally entertaining to hear them speak in your behalf. We the voters will be very interested to see who steps up for you.

I am certain The Citizen will keep their readership posted on who donates to your campaign.

Eagerly, awaiting this election process and its outcome, I remain.


[quote=Don Haddix]If you want a tax, debt and spender, I am not your man, for sure.If the elections of all open positions goes as I think it will, the Comprehensive Strategic Plan will, finally, become a reality.[/quote]

LMAO - In 6 years, not once has Haddix submited a simple annual balanced budget proposal. He attends the budget meetings, votes "no" on all tax increases to balance the budget or bonds for much needed infrastructure repairs due to maintenance cuts so he can claim he voted "no" at election time . Yet he offers no cost cutting solutions that would balance the budget. He will talk about the tennis center and tourism but those cost savings did not balance our city budget. Contributions, yes, the budget solution, no.

It's great to call for a Comprehensive Strategic Plan, (a new term he learned from Dr. Pennington). 6 years in public office, 4 as mayor where he could have proposed this and led council on this idea yet now, just a few months away from election day, he drops this concept into the election mix. OMG talk at CLICHES.

PTC deserves a mayor who knows how to tackle the major issues, lead by building consensous with city council and is a contributor to a shared common goal, not someone who's the next day bomb thrower! PTC elected government is a model that works through agreement not bullying tactics on or off the dias.

Comprehensive Strategic Plan...really? How about starting with a simple balanced budget proposal first. Leave this, along with other big issues to a mayor with leadership skills, a contributor not a "next day" bomb thrower.

Meanwhile, as you scroll this blog, citizens can see Haddix's arrogant behavior in full swing. He's up to the same old chicken dung again, attacking his competitors and making wild assumptions and statements about what they're thinking. This is how he runs his election and runs the city...a loose cannon running and representing us. Do we really want more of this?

Mr. Bradshaw, please call Shorty, its time to shovel out Haddix's coop.


NUK_1's picture

[quote=Husband and Father of 2]
You have a couple months to shape up, mature, and show how you can lead without alienating everyone.[/quote]

You are either relentlessly optimistic or you've been drinking this morning if you think that has any chance of happening whatsoever :)

Got to give him something to shoot for, lol

NUK_1's picture

"I have been consistent, no flip flopping, for six years. I have a good relationship with almost all the other elected in the County."

Which is why all the elected councils in FC voted to remove you from the RTR panel, including PTC? Yeah, great relationship there! Oh yeah, you and your mouth and 12K of taxpayer money because you couldn't act like an adult and wanted to libel Harold Logsdon, someone not even in office and of no real importance. Just dandy. Your participation here for the most part indicates someone who shouldn't be Mayor for that matter.

If you think you have a chance in hell of winning in November I highly doubt your mental capacity. You're like Steve Brown Part 2 who will be thoroughly crushed in a re-election.

November will indeed tell the tale and you can better believe you'll be hearing it over and over afterwards.

Its difficult when you read the his diatribe below entitled "HEARD IT BEFORE".

This is a guy who blantantly lies and makes up stories about people and situations for his own political gain. Completely egomaniacal which should be obvious to most citizens and let's not forget the 12K of taxpayer money involving the private lawsuit with former Mayor Logsdon.

Wish this election was timed during a presidential election when PTC voters turn out. Meanwhile we can only hope that Fleisch and Dienhart are agressive with the truth.

It's too early to argue with the man and you need to keep the blood pressure down. I know you want to fix the traffic at 54/74 but it ain't going to happen until after the election. Too many are using it as a political tool. Plus who knows what's going to happen when Pinewood opens and they need extras. Bet we get more traffic coming our way.

I'm going to observe a little while. Have a feeling there is going to be some more entries into the race. At least I hope so.

In the mean time take notes on what he says and does, let him show his cards, then react closer to the election when people start listening.

Did you go to or watch last night's meeting?
Friend called me and so I watched...OMG talk about the rambling and having to have the last word. It's beyond scary and borderline "nuts".

Had to coach soccer last night. I usually watch it the weekend after the meeting.

Take notes. Don't need to get baited into an argument and stop banging your head against the wall.

Don Haddix's picture

PTC does not build anything, developers do on their property.

We cannot stop it. To do a moratorium you have to specify a purpose, length of time and goals for it to be legal. At best it is short term delay.

PTC and all of Fayette is way overbuilt with retail space. Adding more makes zero sense unless it is unique and will not fit in existing empty spaces.

Sorry if I missed others that should have been answered.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Is not a river in Egypt.

Your discourse on these blogs is hilarious.

americanpatriots's picture

You are a total clown and you certainly don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

Have you talked with anyone on the police department or made any effort to get informed about the traffic study they performed? Obviously not, or you wouldn’t make such stupid comments.

Your statement about speed bumps every 20 yards and elevated cart path crossings are total crap, but again that doesn’t surprise me.

I live on Planterra, but obviously you don’t or you wouldn’t write such outlandish nonsense.

Do you really believe those 7,000 vehicles the police department counted in their April 2012 study were residents of Planterra? If you do, you are even dumber than you seem to be.

Request your own copy of the PTC police department study and, until then, climb back into a hole and shut up until you have something intelligent to add to the conversation!

Jim Richter

NUK_1's picture

If you don't think there are speed cushions about every 20 yards and elevated brick cart crossings, you obviously don't live in Planterra and are spouting off with your usual BS. Don't you have some fellow FC tea baggers who go bankrupt over and over or don't pay their taxes on time to run out and defend as being fiscal warriors? How about our neighbor Steve Brown the house husband?

Yes, over the course of 3 days with 400+ homes in Planterra, 7,000 vehicles doesn't indicate to me that people from Troup county(LMAO) are cutting through the neighborhood. Maybe it's because I live in a cul-de-sac that I happen to miss all these Troupians and Cowetians. Still, I'm up and down Terrane Ridge(the main road in Planterra since you obviously don't live there) all the time and I have no idea what you are talking about to this day and I've been there since the subdivision was first built.

Let me guess: you were one of the bozos who moved into Planterra and immediately screamed about the TRAIN going by early in the AM and crashed the FC 911 system during the airshow because you thought we were under attack.

Jim, stick to the BOE which you have some knowledge about and leave the heavier thinking to those of us who still have some functioning brain cells.

R. Butler's picture

NUK_1: I do live on Planterra Way--since 2003. My family moved in knowing about the train, the traffic, the airport, the industrial area behind the greenspace, and even the fact that the land on 54W would be developed. It didn't even bother me when we received all the cut-through traffic during the expansion phase of Hwy 74. Until they went zipping though our neighborhood at 50 mph. I trust you will remember that it wasn't until residents started our own campaign to slow traffic down by strictly adhering to the posted speed limit (causing cut-though drivers fits) that the city finally addressed the issue with speed-bumps.

What bothers me about this issue is that developers like CCD and Trinity purchased the existing property knowing the existing zoning, setback limits, and store sizes. They then proceeded to undertake attempt after attempt to expand those limits. I get it. Their job is the maximize the profit they can realize on the development. I hope City Council beleives it is their job to safeguard the city residents interests...which in this case I suggest includes the traffic impact of these variances.

If memory serves correctly, the last traffic survey for 54W was paid for by CCD, and concluded that an additional light would not exacerbate the existing traffic once GDOT properly syncronized all the lights. Unexplained was how the GDOT traffic engineers might accomplish that with five lights when they have apparently been unable to accomplish the same task with the four presently in service.

I would support a traffic study funded by the city, if for no other reason than to eliminate the perception of bias that any developer funded study would possess.

NUK_1's picture

[quote=R. Butler]
I would support a traffic study funded by the city, if for no other reason than to eliminate the perception of bias that any developer funded study would possess.[/quote]

There would indeed be a bias, or at least a perception of bias, for any developer-driven traffic study in this area.

Hate the damn speed cushions myself and the elevated cart crossing at Terrane near Patina Point is too much. The cut-through clowns moved on once the 54/74 re-construct ended and I'd like to see the "traffic calming devices" go away.

I'm not one to try and speed through my own neighborhood and probably go slower than most residents because there are walkers,people with their dogs, joggers, and kids on Terrane and on the side streets. Oh yeah....and the street parked cars to dodge at the same time, lovely. I got plenty of time to get home.

I have to give Jim Richter/americanpatriots a lot of crap because otherwise his ego gets too big :)but I know him and don't dislike the man.

Sorry, you may think you can re-write history but you can't. You can try to twist and turn reality, even hide in your mind..but you just can't re-write history or the truth.

Best of luck to you in this election.

americanpatriots's picture

I’m concerned about the state of your mental health.

Have you always been stupid and obnoxious or did that happen with advancing age?

You are so full of BS you can’t even see how obnoxious and stupid your comments are.

And yes, I do live on Planterra Ridge and I certainly know where the speed bumps are.

Take a metal health day and weigh in on a subject you actually know something about!

Being anonymous must give small and petty people like you a real rush.

Jim Richter

NUK_1's picture

Can I put you in charge of the annual Christmas lights project for Planterra Ridge this year or will you be too busy tea-bagging it? I'm thinking you need to get out and get some fresh air while stringing some lights. Maybe you'll start supporting some fiscal conservatives for office or notice where the "speed cushions" and elevated brick golf cart crossings are in your own neighborhood.

Stop drinking the tea and start living the life. Mine is pretty much fantastic, no thanks to the kind of losers you think are leaders.

Gilly Walker's picture

Donnie, why can't you give Plantera residents the road to make thier subdivision a gated community? Seems you've given away other roads to make corporations happy. The citizens vote, corporations only contribute funds for re-election.
I've seen the back up at Plantera Way and 54 at 5:00 in the afternoon; seems the residents need a taffic slowdown protest (clog your own subdivision to make it take longer to go through than go around) since the police won;t do anything about the speed of the through traffic.

That's All.

Don Haddix's picture

It is against the law for a City to give away any physical asset. It has to be sold for at least minimum value.

As well, do you want to bankrupt the owners there when they see how much it cost to pay for road maintenance? We do not maintain private roads. It is illegal to do so.

Wrong on giving away any road. I made the motion to sell the road segment to NorSouth. There was no give away.

While I voted against the road sell to CCD, it was a sell, not a giveaway, which failed to transpire.

Planterra is patrolled like any other part of PTC. We put in the speed bumps you wanted back in 2008, at Planterra's expense.

This issue affects a lot more than Planterra. Yes, the connection is dominantly Cardiff and Planterra, but the light is the whole corridor. We live just off of 54 and Flat Creek, but won't even try to get on 54 at certain times of the day.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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