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PTC council, staff getting tour of senior apartments

A developer’s bid to bring a senior apartment complex to Peachtree City will be hitting the road Thursday morning.

NorSouth Companies has arranged a tour of its Atlanta area communities for Peachtree City planning and development officials as well as city staff and members of the City Council.

The public is also invited to participate in the tour, which leaves City Hall promptly at 9 a.m. Thursday on transportation provided by NorSouth.

The purpose of the tour is to allow for an examination of NorSouth’s existing age-restricted communities as part of the city’s review of the company’s rezoning request to build 110 age-restricted units on a 5.6-acre tract on Newgate Road next to the Kedron Village shopping center.

Seating for the tour is limited and will be provided on a first come, first served basis. Interested participants must contact Jennis Rice at 770-487-5731 to reserve a seat.

The Newgate Road parcel is undeveloped and is currently zoned for 21 “luxury” elevator-serve townhomes.

To accommodate the NorSouth proposal, a rezoning will be required for the property. Any such rezoning would first be reviewed by the city’s Planning Commission before it is voted on by the City Council, which has the final say on all rezoning matters.

NorSouth officials have said the apartment complex it wants to build in Peachtree City would be age restricted to those 62 or over who can live independently, but typically its clientele are closer to 70. The housing is targeted at those with a retirement income not much more than $30,000 a year, but seniors who earn more will be able to rent an apartment at the full market price.

The rents are not subsidized like those in the “Section 8” housing program, according to NorSouth Vice President Brendan Barr. Instead, the company uses tax credits during construction to make the rents much lower.

Interim Community Development Director David Rast has said the city can also add restrictions that run with the land via a development agreement or perhaps another type of zoning.

Examples of existing NorSouth senior apartment communities are Princeton Court in College Park, Highland Court in Kennesaw and Norman Berry Village in East Point.

In addition to various amenities, NorSouth will also have maintenance staff on site 24 hours a day to deal with any issues that may arise. There will be no cafeteria on the property, but there will be a kitchen area that can be reserved by tenants who wish to host a party.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

Let's see if we can figure this out. We have a piece of property owned by a developer that he wants to sell to someone who wants to REZONE IT so we can get some apartments for seniors in PTC. And we have a moratorium on multi-family applications for rezoning, the purpose of which is to prevent city staff from spending their valuable time working on something that is prohibited by the moratorium. Now we have not only staff, but the decision-makers who have said they were against lifting the moratorium and against the apartments for seniors taking a field trip specifically to look at other apartments for seniors? Huh?

If city staff can't work on this - why are they going and still getting paid? Please explain that one, Mr. Haddix. Or Mr. Imker. Or Mr. City Manager.

And who is paying for the trip? The builder, the developer (you know, the one who gave us Peachtree Station) or the city?

And does anyone at city hall think that going from 21 townehomes to 100 apartments is an inconsequential rezoning?

And why does this project keep coming up?

Live free or die!

Don Haddix's picture

Morgan, NorSouth is offering to take Council and Staff at their expense. We received invitations in our emails.

I am not going nor has Staff approached me for permission to go. Neither have I heard of anyone on Council going.

At the Workshop I told NorSouth there was no enthusiasm on Council for this proposal. Nothing has changed that.

But I also told them they had a right to bring it before Council, which they most assuredly do and have chosen to do. So they keep bringing it up because they have a right to until we say no. Then they can bring it up again in six months, because they have a right to.

The recent foreclosure on the Hampton Inn, the approximate 52% occupancy rate in PTC, when 55-60% is required to break even and the opening of the new Hilton plus our abundance of apartment complexes are all good reason why the moratorium is in place.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Robert W. Morgan's picture

That makes sense. Just a rookie builder/developer unwilling to read the handwriting on the wall. Glad everyone is on the same page.

Although to pick a nit, Jennis (the contact for reservations) is a city employee and the phone number is the planning department. Seems like a small violation of the moratorium. Not as big a deal as Steve Brown having Gloria take his kids to soccer practice, but still a technical violation.

Headline seems inappropriate, John. Of course John will say he didn't write the headline and so forth, but as always I would say that getting a comment from the mayor - even if it is an old quote makes the article more balanced.

Live free or die!

mudcat's picture

Today is the big day where the staff gets to see what Norsouth has in store for us. Apartments! 100 of them! Can't wait. I really hope council sticks to it's guns and doesn't buy into this truly bad idea. I do believe that they all remember why they were elected just a few months ago and that would be to prevent stuff like this from happening.

I'd like to know how many people signed up too. It's not exactly a trip to China, but it got mention in our big-town newspaper.

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