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Kedron teachers at the spring hoedown

Kedron teachers performed a Western Cha-Cha slide at the school Spring Hoe-Down. They entertained students and parents at the PTO sponsored event. From back to front are Sarah Lumpkin, Abbie Abel, Sue Keirns, Stacey Barnett, Principal, Mary Margaret Bivings, Vice-Principal, Vicki Rachels, Karen Thurston, Ann Reefe, Nancy Jackson, Delores Wright, Trish Roshelli, Sarah Christman, Teresa Drennan and Ginny Kopec. Photo/Special.



The recently re-paved cart path across lake peachtree and in front of the library is undoubtly the roughest cart path in the city. Yes, the extra wide path is welcome, but for Pete's sake, what is so hard about leveling out the path so it is a little easier to drive on? It needs to be smoothed out quite a bit.

C'mon, this isn't the GDOT putting down Hwy 74 pavement with monster machinery and steamrollers. This is a city dept. trying to do the best they can with the equipment on hand.

We could have a contest about the roughest path in the city, but this isn't anywhere near the top of the list.

Here is the list from the city web site of what they categorize as the worst. The top priority ones are at the top of the list, in descending order. It looks like some have already been repaved.


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