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Seminar Saturday focuses on freedoms

“Restoring Our Promise” is a day-long seminar comprised of many voices, coming from different points of view and discussing different subject matters. Yet there is a common theme-protecting our freedoms. Noted constitutional attorney John Eidsmoe will be the key note speaker at the May 10 event, which is scheduled to run from noon to 8 p.m. at Crossroads Church located at 2564 Ga. Highway 154 in Newnan. To either register to attend in-person or to watch the live-streaming video, please visit

“There are forces at work in our country that seek to undermine our freedoms,” said Jan Horne, Restoring Our Promise CEO. “There are certain questions that need to be asked, such as ‘Has this ever happened to countries before us? What does socialism look like from a practical point of view? How does it affect the lives of those who live it day to day?’ We have testimony of those that have lived it, so let’s openly discuss topics such as healthcare, education, wealth, and media propaganda.”

Moderated by Rich Thompson, the founder and CEO of Americpublic Partners, these 11 respected speakers will share their unique prospective to enlighten and provoke dialogue. Speakers include:
• John Eidsmoe has successfully litigated court cases involving First Amendment religious freedom and has defended home education and Christian schools, as well as championing the rights of students and teachers to study the Bible in public schools. Eidsmoe holds five degrees in law, theology and political science.
• Kevin Shipp is a former program manager for the Department of State Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program, Shipp was one of the most widely experienced officers in the CIA. He is the author of “From the Company of Shadows.”
• Other speakers include Michael Daugherty, Oleg Ivutin, Angela Bean, James Rust and Mary Grabar.

The doors will open at 11:30 a.m. A complimentary dinner will be provided at 5:25 p.m. For questions or to reserve your spot, please visit


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