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Man arrested for pointing gun at PTC Taco Bell

A “very minor” dispute outside the Peachtree City Taco Bell Saturday afternoon escalated to the point where a Locust Grove man pulled an air pellet type handgun and pointed it at four people, police said.

Jermal Thomas, 17, of Kings Cove, Locust Grove, was arrested for four counts of aggravated assault, police said.

The Airsoft-type gun is designed to shoot plastic pellets, not bullets, but the charges were necessary because Thomas portrayed it to be a real handgun and pointed it in an offensive nature, police said.

Thomas was on a golf cart at the time and the argument involved several people who had congregated on the outdoor patio area at the restaurant, said Maj. Mike DuPree of the Peachtree City Police Department. The argument was based on a comment made in passing along the lines of “basically what are you looking at type of stuff,” DuPree said.



Let me guess. It's Mothers Day and little Jermal has come all the way from Locust Grove to see his baby mama, who lives in Harmony Village.......I'm sure he came bearing gifts for her and his spawn, too. Then, they all jump on the topless cart and go down to Taco Bell for the sumptuous Sunday feast he had planned for all of them. But, gotta protect 'em all, just in case.

Now, little man Jemal will enter the justice system (for the first time?) and when he is released he will have learned from all of this that to be really tough, you gotta pack a real piece. So next time,...well, you finish the story.

Then them's on the cart with him will REALLY be proud. Real Norman Rockwell, ain't it?

Doesn't this moron know about legal concealed carry? If some punk kid had pointed a gun at me and my family, he may have been carted away by ambulance.

I really feel like part of being a good parent mean teaching your kids how to deal with situations that they might come into contact with. This includes teaching them safety tips for things that they might come in contact with at some point in the future. They should have really read some safety regulations like the ones here:

Like the word TOY gun...I agree the guy messed up big time...but this headline is just trying to make this into more than it is.

when it is pointed at you by an unknown 17 year old male during or just after an argument. The threat is there and law enforcement needs to treat it as the crime that it is. Let the court make those decisions, let the police protect and serve as they are here to do.

To lessen the seriousness of the threat by stating "toy gun" sends a poor message to any youngster who would find humor in reading about this. Headlines are about getting our attention, detail is found in the body of the article.

No where did I say it wasn't a gun, but it was a toy gun. I also said the kid messed up big time..that said, I'm betting not much comes of this. The argument is more of an issue to me, the kid thinking he can come here start trouble, pull an air soft gun and be the tough guy. Frankly, he should stay in Henry County.

I will add that is a place that the Teens in the area hang out all the time, and no need for someone to be starting a ruckus. I can see why he was arrested for sure...

On a side note, I did see the Sany Construction's HUGE..much bigger than I realized....they have cleared a lot of ground.

If you want to see the true enormity of this site, use Google Earth! Let me tell you, when this is done, from the looks of the cleared land, you could walk across Aviation Way onto the new runway section of Falcon Field, unless it is fenced in.
And this is just the plant and offices. SANY owns land across on the east side of 74 just north of this site a ways, that they plan to use for their housing complex for their executives and visitors. It will be gated and very private. They will not be living in our city, they will be behind these gates.
The good to this is the jobs created, of course. Maybe make up for some of the jobs the Japanese companies no longer provide here. The possibly bad will be the lack of integration into our city for living. The Japanese lived as our neighbors (I had a family across the street from me) and we were allowed the cultural exchanges that had benefited PTC for so long. Also, let's not forget the beautiful fountain at city hall was from the Japanese.
SANY is due to start plant construction June 1st. Delays due to the economy downturn have been part of the cause of the delays so far, according to SANY. Now, they want in on a downward pricing change in fees in our industrial park that they were well aware of they would be charged for right thru this whole process. I personally find it a very offensive move on their part to make this request, as they very well know our financial situation here. Finally, I question their intent to be a true part of our community. Time will tell.

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"Then, they all jump on the topless cart" and whats wrong with a topless golf cart? I had a top on mine for 15years and one day I decided to take it off and low and behold we love it. You realy need to get you a Ball-bearing to put on your nose so that you can roll your nose across the ceiling without any discomfort.
With that being said the real question here is did the Airsoft gun have the mandatory bright orange tip on it or did the perp take it off or paint it black. If the orange was on the gun any Lawyer will get little Jermal off. Not saying its right mind you, but the orange is on there to let people know its a toy!

but I knew it would have been fruitless. :)

visible? That it hadn't been altered? "Portrayed it to be a real gun".

Headlines, body of story and finally, comprehension by reader of what is written.

because more than likely, it wasn't there. Still, that is no place to be waving a gun, toy or not. We agree, he needed to be arrested. I just sometimes question the headline writers at this paper...this isn't the first time.

Good info make some very good points about Sany.

Be careful with thinking that because a gun has an orange tip its a toy. People are now painting guns to look like toys. Ever see a Pink "Hello Kitty" AR-15? How about a bright blue Glock that looks just like the rubber "blue guns" that the police use for training? I have. Here's a few websites to show you how toy like they look.

for a place that has some of the most retirees in the United States, those old geriatric bastards need some gun safety lessons. even when it comes to airsoft.

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Gotta wonder when it is every safe to venture out into Fayette County, now just like Clayton County, GA. We need a wall around the county to keep the thugs out.

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Not even close as Fayetteville is losing Barnes and Noble and gaining a Goodwill store.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

I walk around in my front yard with a BB GUN..freaks out the locals.

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