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PTC Walgreens plan up for discussion tonight

An amended site plan to build a Walgreens pharmacy that would replace the Ruby Tuesday restaurant at Ga. Highway 54 and Peachtree Parkway will be discussed by the Peachtree City Planning Commission tonight.

The site plan will be discussed in a workshop following the regular 7 p.m. Planning Commission meeting at City Hall. No vote on the site plan is expected.

Because the restaurant is on a tract already zoned for commercial use, the city cannot prevent it from being redeveloped into a drugstore. The city can, however, make sure the development follows all city development and zoning codes and regulations.

Once complete, the Walgreens will offer direct competition to the existing Rite-Aid pharmacy located immediately next door.

Also on tonight’s agenda is a discussion about new criteria to allow farmer’s markets to be hosted on tracts zoned for retail, commercial or industrial use. Another agenda item, about a proposed senior apartment complex, is expected to be tabled as a tour of similar properties will be offered later this week for city staff and City Council members.



Who says we need any medical reform?

I, myself, think it is absolutely appropriate to have not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but actually six, yes, count them, six mega-giant pharmacies available to us on a stretch of Hwy 54 that is about 3 and a quarter miles long. Let's see, Publix, CVS, 2 Eckerds, WalMart, and now WalGreen. Have I left anyone out?

See, this is what they all do before a big crash is coming in their line of work...they build, build, build, already knowing that the new laws will not support any type of local prescription pickup other than emergency drugs. Heaven knows they don't make profits off the cosmetics or food lines they carry.(We will ALL be doing mail-order as it is SO much cheaper.) Thus, these cos. will have such massive money losses that they will have to close their storefronts, layoff thousands, and will negatively impact the economy so badly that (surprise!) the govt. will have to bail them out with...you guessed it-(OUR) tax dollars.

This is all part of the pharmaceutical companies payback setup to the govt. for what will become their future economic crash in 4-5 years when the new health plan goes into effect.

And we here will be left with at least 3 or 4 empty pharmacy storefronts, due to a lack of profits to support so many. Can't WAIT to get my Walgreens card, to add to my collection!

Oh but the drugstores will have paradoctors in residence also. They will check sore throats, appendicitis, tooth aches, cut fingers, etc., and as a triage unit, send people on further up the chain of health care!

They will provide wheelchairs, scooter chairs, canes, prosthetics, and even hamburgers in a corner.

Things just do not stay the same! (providing they understand business).

Even Starbucks has gone into the food business----almost too late.

They might even sell health insurance for the month on cards, like phone cards!
Lottery tickets are a sure thing there. Even food stamps.

Smart people don't try to sell the same old crap forever.

Sears and rearback used to sell trinkets and patent medicine only!
I think Cadillac sold only buggy whips for a long time.

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Why in the world would our city want something like a Rite Aid and a Walgreens next door to eachother????? I thought Peachtree City was a planned community? If Walgreens pushes and wins, I WILL NOT BE SHOPPING AT WALGREENS!!! Walgreens should find another place to build within the city!

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