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Which side of the alley is mayor on?

Wow, talk about betraying your constituents! Recently Mayor Haddix said to Wilshire homeowners he would fight hard to get a massive bowling alley put in across from Publix on Ga. Highway 74 South at the Senoia turnoff. His statements were AFTER about 30 homeowners had firmly stated the many reasons it was bad for them and the city.

Did you really listen to your constituents, Mr. Mayor? Or did you allow your love of bowling and dollar signs cloud your reason?

The city and Wilshire Estates (with city-wide support) fought against a giant superstore here several years ago. At that time there were zoning restrictions put on the land that protects our neighborhoods from development that destroys the value of homes, directs traffic into residential streets and undermines the original master plan for Peachtree City.

Get this — the zoning specifically restricts bowling alleys due to their huge negative impact on their neighbors.

What did you tell the bowling alley developers about their businesses being prohibited during the 11 months of talks with them? That the city would just plow aside the highly vocal citizens who fought to ban this kind of business?

Wilshire’s concerns reflect the desire of the whole city for businesses to be built for small neighborhoods. This super-size bowling alley (24 or 30 lanes) shows that it is for the surrounding three counties at least. Square feet: 32,000 with 158 parking spaces. A giant bar with booze sales until 2 a.m.?

Sounds to me like Newnan or Marietta, not Peachtree City.

Since Chick-fil-A went in, traffic and trash has doubled at least. My yard backs up to Holly Grove, so I know. The current Holly Grove crossing is critical for Wilshire. Half our neighborhood crosses Holly Grove to go to our local grocery, and the other half crosses the other way to access our pool.

Wilshire knows the land will develop and supports businesses with lower impact. We also know in a recession, cities get desperate for money. Mr. Mayor, I ask you not to let financial desperation and personal desires overpower your commitment to the Peachtree City’s unique village concept. Don’t rush to build something that could become the symbol of you giving up on our town’s plan.

It is an unrivaled, principled and economically sound plan that pairs commercial and residential development for mutual benefit. Our community was not intended to look and work like other suburban cities across the country, with their concentrated commercial big-box development and associated traffic congestion, destruction of residential neighborhoods and reduced property values. Our community was intended to be different, and better.

Mr. Mayor, we stand against efforts to destroy Peachtree City’s unique character — we were counting on you to help us, not oppose us.

I wonder if other citizens of Peachtree City see this as a betrayal like I do? Putting hard-won language in a legally-binding zoning ordinance and then encouraging a developer to bypass it? I feel like a boxer at the end of the bout when the fighters shake hands and leave the ring. Just as they round the corner out of the crowd’s view, one fighter sucker-punches the other from behind.

Amy Nyman

Peachtree City, Ga.



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Unfortunately, our mayor's greatest flaw is his inability or refusal to listen. He'll quickly begin lecturing anyone or any group on the merits of his side of any issue without having the knowledge or experience to do so.

He cares not that the area's ordinance restricts bowling alleys because he was likely on a 3-2 vote against it.

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Can't imagine the 3 ladies on council ignoring this very reasonable position articulated by Ms. Nyman and the Wilshire homeowners. Haddix (and Doug) will go down 3-2 on this one. Bowling alley probably needs to be up on 54 so Cowetians and Claytonites have easy access.

Live free or die!

That's more than enough access for me. :)

want the bowling alley? Are they in a bowling league or something?

Just curious given the clear prohibition of a bowling alley on the property.

Go Braves!

Mayor Haddix commented he was a semi-pro bowler for 8 years at the Wilshire HOA meeting.

I don't care who you are.

a few weeks ago to Randy "You know Randy, I have fond memories of bowling alleys. I got my first kiss in a bowling alley....And no, Randy, I did NOT strike out that night..." Very funny at the time.

Since the Ninja does not watch TV except for the Super Bowl and select other sporting events, I miss the chatter on AI, but it is very interesting how this bowling alley thing is developing, pun intended as always! Our own Dapper Don might have some un-fulfilled teenage desires going on that only a bowling alley can cure!

Go Braves!

I don't think any bowler would strike out very much. Maybe a few gutter balls now and then, but overall a very pleasant experience.

Now, I see why he would try to circumvent the usage restrictions. He's going back into semi-pro bowling! Or could it be something else, as discussed by Steven Tyler:

'Back then it was nothing like today. So you'd go to the bowling alley. We bowled and you could be in the back and you could make out, you know? And you know how hot it was to make out.'

Read more:

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See, Charlie Sheen wears a bowling shirt. The mayor is a dip. don't care which bowling shirt he wears unless he has a kangaroo on the front and "bring back Joey" thing on the back. See a kangaroo is called a joey in Australia. Ok, hope you got all that.

Live free or die!

Does semi-pro mean you also have a day job?

What happened to PTCs semi-pro basketball team?

I thought they were goin to play in Dar's ize rank! Maybe the new second floor one?

The Mayor is clueless in many areas. Did they vote for him? I'm amazed people fell for this bag of tricks.

That said, I don't live in Wilshire and I'm dead set against a bowling alley being built there. I don't see it as being a good fit for that area.

Looks like my defense of Logsdon wasn't so half brained after all. I think all of Brown's aliases called me out on it. :)

is that the demographics do not support and sustain a 20 lane bowling alley based on industry standards.

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While I think a bowling alley in that location is not a good idea and I see the fingerprints of boneheaded and laughable arrogant while yet-so-dumb Don "if they want to deal with me, screw everyone else" Haddix all over this fiasco, the tears from the Wilshire Estates' crowd taste sweet.

If it wasn't due to an unpopular rezoning-especially considering the density issue that upset plenty in PTC-there wouldn't be a Wilshire Estates right now. There were unhappy groups saying "HELL NO" back then and got ignored too,soquit whining like you're the only ones. How the present Wilshire Estates crowd gets befuddled over why the PTC Council would consider "infringing" on them and doing a rezoning is highly ironic since they wouldn't be living in Wilshire Estates and it would have never been built if the powers-that-be had the same attitude as you NIMBY's.

Go ahead and screech against the bowling alley concept because you happen to be right, but please don't start any BS about how sacred some Land Use Plan is and be totally ignorant of the history of where you live to the point of retardation. Really, Wilshire has surpassed Planterra Ridge on the level of complete hypocrisy, and Planterra has the dreaded train tracks(think trains might use those?) issue that the Wilshirians don't.

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Hubby went to an early Planterra HOA meeting. Topic was the airport and industrial park. They had several people actually state (or agree with the speaker's comment) that they had no idea that the airport or the industrial park was there when they bought their house. Some of the same people later in the meeting recalled the chemical spill at Photocircuts (which is in the industrial park - Duh!) and worried about that happening again. Unbelievable.

And of course that led to the blame game where they discussed whose fault it was that they were not told about the airport and industrial park. I think the consensus was to blame their real estate agents. Don't think that went anywhere, but my neighbor who use to be an agent said her company went all ballistic about it and started requiring all kinds of deal-killing disclaimers in their contracts.

I don't know how you can get to Planterra without driving past the industrial park, but don't you think that before you buy a house you would look around a little? Of course these are the same dopes that looked to one of their new residents for leadership and he actually launched his political "career" from that HOA. Figures.

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Despite Brown still being there, a few of the more vocal whiners moved to other neighborhoods or out of state and the HOA there is actually pretty reasonable now and a whole lot less activist or annoying.

While the train track griping was amusing, don't forget about how Planterra crashed Fayette's 911 system when the first airshow came to town after the neighborhood was built and the bomber that broke the sound barrier caused massive hysteria and Planterra all decided to call 911 repeatedly.

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Planterra is fine now. I even recommended it to a relative who is moving here - they are getting a foreclosure with a finished basement in the $200's.

Yea, the whiners were funny people. I had not heard about the air show fiasco. You have to be pretty self-involved not to know about that. Must be a great place to watch the air show from a backyard.

When developers and realtors make a living selling houses why would they tell any one about such mundane things as chemical factories and trains that roar through all of the time--especially at 1:00 AM with whistles blowing hard.

These people fall into the same category as used car salesmen, gold buyers, bankers, Wall Street traders, jewelers, furniture store owners, (constantly on sale stuff), and roofers!

Pretty parlours come in second. Then cheap tippers by high wage earners on the basis of poor service! (not enough groveling, bowing and scraping).

Then preachers.

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You may be thinking of the Irish Travelers who con people into all kinds of repairs including roofing and then leave town with the upfront payment and the job unfinished.

There really aren't any developers left and the realtors only sell foreclosures now.
Glad to see bankers on your list. Among the worst. Especially nowadays.

One addition - fortunetellers.

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Come on, you saying there are train tracks through town????

But doesn't it clearly state under section "(1006C.1.2) Uses not permitted"
....Bowling Alleys? I didn't read the whole document but that just kinda jumped out at me.

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