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Fayette E-SPLOST funds lease of 1,937 computers at $3.3 million

The computer “refresh” at the Fayette County School System continued last week with the Board of Education approving the 1-cent sales tax-funded lease of 1,937 computers and related equipment at $3.341 million.

The board also approved an additional 59 computers and related equipment for Exceptional Children’s Services (ECS) at $90,840.

Technology Services Director Curt Cearley outlined the lease plan. The unit price for 1,117 Optiplex 780 computers was $1,385 each, for a total of $1.547 million. The acquisition also includes 652 Optiplex 780 units with nComputing installation at $1,505 each or $981,423.

The board approved a number of other leases, including 682 monitors, keyboards and mice at $576,221, 98 Latitude 2110 notebooks for $66,782, 10 Latitude E6410 notebooks at $12,600, 60 Optiplex 780 units with Read 180 software for $62,460 and 1,936 MS Office 2007 programs for $94,399.

And for ECS, the board approved 59 Optiplex 780 computers at $1,385 each, or $81,715, and 54 monitors, keyboards and mice for $9,125.



Are these the same technology people who are associated with the Technology Roundtable issue (see article in this newspaper about Mrs. Bacallo)? In previous years, many expert technology people who live in Fayette County questioned the wisdom of 1. leasing and 2. the outrageous costs. The point has been made many times that all the students need are computers that have a good amount of RAM and can be connected to the internet. All the software is put on the mainframe computers - individual computers only need to access the network. To BUY 1,937 decent computers would cost $500 or less (particularly in quantity)- a total of $774,800 versus leasing at $3.4 million. We could buy computers three times for the cost of leasing. How many years is this lease? What support does it include? Why is this a good deal for teachers and students? How are the tax payers getting a good deal out of this?

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Those Dell Optiplex systems are $554 brand new, from Dell, and that's if you opt for the 24" flat screen add-on. That comes with 3 years support from Dell. If you buy in quantity, you most certainly could get a better deal from Dell.

For most classrooms, I would suspect a decent netbook would suffice and only cost $299 per device. At $299, there is no real support, just throw it away when/if it breaks.

Ok, good to know. So 1937 computers (a total of $581,100 at $300 each) could be bought 5 times for the cost of a one-time lease.

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Courtroom documents unsealed today indicated Dell computers knew they had faulty capacitors in the motherboards of their Dell Optiplex line, which caused a failure rate of up to 97% over three years.

Yet they continued to dump these defective computers on unsuspecting school systems and businesses. <a href=

I wasn't aware of how badly the quality of Dell computers had declined in the past 5 years.

...and our FCBOE just bought over 700 of them.

I loved the first paragraph in your link where it explains how Dell found the University of Texas at fault because they had the computers perform difficult math calculations.

I bought a Dell a year ago and I vowed from the day I got it that they would never have my business again. Not that Dell cares. They are busy working on scamming us on much larger levels.

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I am at a complete loss here on the amount that our school board is authorizing for these computers.
I finally had to replace my 11 year old Dell Laptop, this unit was purchased before Dell's quality fell off a cliff. I went to our local Best Buy this past weekend and purchased a brand new HP laptop with the new i5 processor and a few other upgrades and only spent about $560.00, and I bought the stupid thing outright.
How can any sane person justify spending this amount of money on a LEASED computer? Especially when you start looking into price breaks for higher quantities.
Granted, I am not on the inside of price negotiations, but I have seen entirely too many recommendations on this site over the last year from bloggers that know more of the business than I that made much more sense than the article above.
When does common sense kick in????????

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