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McCarty: Will treat citizens with respect

My name is Allen McCarty and I’ve lived in Fayette County for 15 years. As a candidate for county commissioner, I feel the voters deserve to know exactly who I am and what I stand for.

I’m not a politician; I am a retired television engineer with experience primarily in management, broadcasting, and station construction. I’ve built TV stations from Atlanta to Salt Lake City, working very closely with all phases of government in the process.

My platform is simple. I favor open government like we used to have in Fayette County. Over the past several years, I have observed changes in our county government that I don’t like. This is why I have decided to run for the office of commissioner. Here are some of the problems I’ve observed:

As a member of the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Regional Transportation Board, our county commission chairman voted to bring MARTA into Fayette County. I oppose MARTA in Fayette County.

Our commissioners approved a raise of almost $14,000 for the new sheriff, just before he took office. Taxpayers should not have to pay more for services than the pay scale allows.

The state court judge received a large pay raise shortly after the two incumbent commissioners running for reelection took office.

Our commissioners also agreed to hire an attorney for the state court solicitor to negotiate a raise for the solicitor.

Our county attorney was contracted to get a performance review, and never received one. Yet, he received an 11.11 percent salary increase after only one year.

Our county administrator’s contract only provides for a performance review “if he requests it.” This flies in the face of fundamental business principles that performance is measured, but that is not always done in Fayette County.

Open Records Act requests were made to determine how Phase II of the West Fayetteville Bypass replaced the East Fayetteville Bypass as the number one project. No documentation as to why that happened was ever produced.

The county did not tell the truth about the Atlanta Regional Commission conducting a traffic study that justified the West Bypass. The ARC not only denied that it ever made such a study, it stated that it made a negative observation that it felt that the West Bypass was not justified as a feasible project.

The consultant hired by the county recommended against four lanes for the West Bypass, stating that four lanes would never be needed. Never is a long time. Subsequently, the right-of-way was cut from 120 to 100 feet.

If the purpose of a bypass is moving traffic away from downtown Fayetteville, how could a two-lane road with stop signs and possible traffic lights ever serve as a bypass? Perhaps it serves special interests instead.

During the planning stage, rather than sitting down with impacted landowners to try and work out an equitable solution, the county instead simply drew a road plan and started buying property without having obtained the required 404 Permits from the federal government for crossing wetlands.

Additionally, other people said that when they brought up to the commissioners the subject of how county projects would impact their property, they were answered with rude remarks, and basically told that they will just have to get out of the county’s way.

Being a people person, I believe that all public officials are obligated to respect, to the utmost, the individual dignity of all their constituents. A commissioner does not sit in an ivory tower. He works for the people. He or she must account for his or her demeanors not only on the job, but also in matters of social responsibility.

Here’s my promise to you. I will do my utmost to put the citizens’ interests first, and solve the problems now plaguing the current administration. My goal will be to serve the citizens of Fayette County in a way that will earn their respect. I will promise you that I stand on the principles of open government. If I am elected, you will know that I truly care about your individual problems and will do my utmost to address the concerns of all citizens.

I urge everybody to exercise their right as American citizens to vote in the forthcoming primary election.

You have my assurance that, if elected, my full-time job will be serving the people of Fayette County. I may be contacted by telephone at 678-571-8417, or by email at

Allen McCarty

Fayette County, Ga.



Allen McCarty, the only transparent see that I see is that you are a Harold Bost puppet.
Everything that you have said is straight out of the Harold Bost play book. If you are going to be a commissioner you first need to think for your self and not let Bost run you as he has said. Just as one example; by law the State Solicitor that is sueing the county over his pay has the right to have the county pay for his legal representation, just as when the county sued Sheriff Johnson the county paid for his attorney. You need to get a clue. You just need to leave the race just like your mentor Bost

How right you are. Harold Bost started Faycog under the guise of a concerned citizen group. In reality, it was never anything more than manipulating citizens into replacing the commission with his own.

The Fayette County Commission is in danger of being run by Bost. He is indeed pulling the strings of many people.

I believe that Bost running and pulling out within a week was a well-orchestrated stunt. They pounced on anything they could to get the newer citizens without long memories and the angry citizens who were the most adversly affected by the commissioners' decisions to blindly follow them.

The bypass, open records concerns, even the tea party small group at a time.

Allen McCarty a puppet of Harold Bost???

What in the heck do you think Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell are for crying out loud??? Those two would do anything to help the developer special interest guys out.

Group VI was going to build the speculative college building in the SPLOST. It was a bad idea at a time when good folks are losing their jobs in town. The cruel duo didn't care.

If you're going to compare puppets, I'll take McCarty!!! At least he gives a darn what the taxpayers think.

The college campus was the best part of the splost proposal. Bad timing maybe, but a great pull for jobs. Not only to employ, but to attract businesses that like continuing ed and higher education. Given that 5 years from now, we will wish that campus existed, I hope that idea isn't dead. If GroupVI was a part of it, I am hoping to see more of that leadership in the future. The commissioners mistake was trying to get SPLOST to pay off the county debt early and the other entities not having any projects really worth investing in.

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I think you are scared...and it shows!

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Save, I am disappointed that you would stoop to making disparaging remarks about someone you don't even know. Couldn't you have just focused on the issues? Mr. McCarty is a fine man and truly wants to correct some very questionable activities that have been going on in our present commission. The man has everyone's best interest at heart. He cares about the people of this county and doesn't want to see it go the way of Gwinnett or Clayton.

ginga1414, you must not have a job, you are all over this blog. I am all about Fayette County. I have live here just about all my life. What Mc Carthy says, It just sounds like everything Bost has been saying. Nothing orginal. Its OK to be a nice guy, but that does not make a commissioner. I don’t think there is a living sole here in Fayette County that wants to see it like Clayton or who ever. That is why we have the land use plan that we have, the zoneing that we have.
That is what will keep Fayette County the way it is. Planing for the future. Just because you care about the people will not get it in my book, it takes more than that. I think the people that are in there now care about the people. That is why I say he is a puppet.
I can tel,l you are in the fight because of the WFB has something to do with you. You are wrong about people not wanting the by-pass. The people that I talk to think it’s a good addition to our roads here in Fayette Co. I know its bad if you are one of the people that are affected. If you live on the southside and need a quick way to the north to get on the highway, this is going to be great.
Do not know how long you been around, but Fayette County was a county where people lived here and commuted to Down Town or to the airport. It use to take me about 35min to get to downtown and that was before the highway was expanded. Fayette County is expected to have a build out someday, of well over 300,000 people. Today we are about 120,000 people. If you do not plan for the future now, its going to be worse later. Have you been in Fayetteville lately and seen the trafic that goes thru, it’s a lot. In the afternoon it back up from the light at 92north to the light at 54 east or west.
Did you not read the article by John M. about developers have already had access to the land around the by-pass before any thought of the new road. You just have a problem with it and that’s OK.
I am for the by-pass.

I've lived in Fayette County 38 years, and can't follow your rationale as to how a 2 lane road that ends up 6 miles and many turns and traffic lights from I-85 could even be called a bypass, or is in the best interest of the people. To begin with, if this road becomes a main artery to divert Fayetteville traffic, it will be an instant parking lot...a veritable nightmare. You end up on a Ga. 92, a road going to Fairburn or Fayetteville, which is nowhere, unless your destination is Coleman's Auto Salvage. Doesn't it bother you a little bit that the county lied about ARC making a traffic study and has not made any environmental impact reviews? If you want a quick way to the North, you're just out of luck. The real problems are Fulton and Clayton Counties where all the traffic is. Clayton County has no plans to four lane Ga. 314, and Fulton County will never close the Ga. 74 entrance ramp to I-85 and build entrance ramps on Ga. 92 as certain commissioners say. We are the only Metro Atlanta County with no Interstate Highway, and that's one of the mainstays of our existence as a great place to live.

Mr. Maxwell certainly has every right to continue supporting the bypass, However, he needs to take a position in favor of it beyond agreeing with the engineer's endorsement of it if he desires to convince the voters that it is needed.

As far as the "rush hour" goes, I timed how long it takes to drive through Fayetteville from 5PM to 6:30PM, and found on several occasions that it never exceeded 8 minutes. We don't need the bypass system which will be circumferential like I-285 when completed. Griffin, Ga. has a real bypass, but if you'll look at what it did to the city, it isn't very pretty.

And thank you for making the point that the developers (not all of the affected landowner developers) have had access to the land for some time. If you will look at the final draft of the bypass, it improves access for those already having it, and gives access to those who don't. This road is not about impacted landowners, it is about its own justification in the first place. Developers own over 1000 acres in the bypass route.

Mr. McCarty has shown us that he understands why the bypass project is not good for Fayette County. I admire him for that.

Maybe you don’t know all the facts. When I went to one of the commissioner meetings the reason for making the road smaller was to lessen the impact. By-Pass, Park Way are just names for the road. I think it should be named after someone who has been a big influence to Fayette County. Just because Clayton and Fulton are not doing what you want them to do is not a reason why we can not plan for the future here in Fayette County. I think that a road that has some curves is good. The planers are doing what the citizens want and make it a rural looking road.
So you are saying that if I am a land owner I can not develop it according to the zoning that is currently in place. According to John M. article in the citizen the WFB will not give them any better access than what they already have now. Go back and read his article. I like Colemans, however if you drive down Westbridge you get to hwy 138, and I just saw that last month the commissioners have used our SPLOST money to work on re-design the sharp curve and bridge on West Bridge. If you go down 92north you have several option to get to the hwy. Not as bad as you make it out to be.
When I was at Harold Bost’s so called “meeting” the mayor of Fayetteville said that Bost and others had the WFB on the books back when they where in office and passed the SPLOST. Maybe you should be mad at them for putting it on there and not explaining it, and being “Open Government” that you say you want. Maybe they where hiding it.
How come you do not say anything about that?

Going to Highway 138 via Westbridge is miles out of the way from Fayetteville to I-85. Westbridge Rd. also has a stop sign at Old Highway 138 that the Fayette Traffic Engineer won't remove. Westbridge Rd. will join Highway 138 (where MARTA already goes) to Highway 54. Thanks to the West Bypass, you'll be able to take MARTA to the Fayette Hospital and to various and sundry businesses on Old National Highway.

And if you attended the Bost meeting, you also must have heard Mr. Bost reply that he was not in office when the SPLOST was voted in, and nobody offered proof to the contrary. You can search county records, but you won't find any detailed traffic studies or environmental assessments supporting the West Bypass. The Commissioners wouldn't listen to the Environmental Biologist who tried to explain that the Bypass didn't meet federal 404 Wetlands Permit requirements under the Clean Water Act. The permit application was submitted in early March of this year to the Corps of Engineers. You might try calling them if you want to know why the county hasn't gotten it approved.

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Save, believe me, if there is anything in this world that I know it is the West Fayetteville Bypass. Every single member of the West Fayetteville Bypass Coalition can site chapter and verse from beginning to end. We have attended every single commissioner meeting on the subject and to tell the absolute truth we know things the commission and public works department are not aware of. You are treading on dangerous ground, Save. You just might unleash more than you are prepared to deal with.

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Save, yes we do have a Land Use Plan. Our County Commissioners paid dearly to have our Land Use Plan drawn-up. Since the taxpayers money paid for that Land Use Plan, and I am one of those taxpayers, I take great exception to paying for a Plan which our commissioners are supposed to follow but don't. I have been in many commission meetings where folks want to change zoning and the Land Use Plan. If the commissioners agree, they just bypass the Land Use Plan and do whatever they want. So, why did we have to pay for a Land Use Plan in the first place?

According to the Land Use Plan before the Fayette Forward Plan, the West Fayetteville Bypass wasn't a priority. The East Fayetteville Bypass was the number one priority for alleviating traffic in Fayetteville. What happened, Save? Do you know? Many people have gone through the county records. Many people have done Open Records requests. There are no records to explain why or when the Land Use Plan was changed to make the West Fayetteville Bypass the number one priority. There are no records to explain who changed the Land Use Plan. Do you know who made that change, Save?

I have tried very hard to be nice, Save, and I will continue to try even under very adverse circumstances. I even tried to be nice when our own Commissioner Maxwell belittled a citizen during a public meeting and then admitted to it in the newspaper. I even tried when our own Commission Chairman Smith screamed at a bunch of citizens during one of the commission meetings when they just wanted to stand for one brief second to show their opposition to the WFB. Believe me, Save, I have tried very hard to be nice.

I tried again to be nice when I was lied to about the County buying property before they had the Federal 404 Permit in hand. I tried to be nice again, when Chairman Smith said he wouldn't bring MARTA into Fayette County, all the while knowing that he had already voted to do just that.

Save, I'm tired of trying to be nice. From now on, I will stick to the Facts and let the chips fall where they may. Save, I have lived my entire adult life in Fayette County. I am a retired Certified Court Reporter for the State of Georgia. I raised my children in Fayette County. I love Fayette County and up until our public officials set themselves up in Ivory towers above the citizens who pay to run this county, I was proud to say that I live in Fayette County.

Between the W. Fayetteville Bypass and stupid SPLOST, Maxwell is a sinking ship. Maxwell had a chance to do all the right things after defeating Greg Dunn, but he couldn't resist going to the special interests.

Who are the special interest group guys you and gina, Bost and Goat Man keep talking about. Group Six is everywhere in Fayette, Who are you talking about.

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