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Oxendine in PTC Sunday

Gubernatorial candidate John Oxendine will have a meet and greet at the Centennial Clubhouse on Centennial Drive in Peachtree City on Sunday, May 16 from 1:15-2:30 p.m.



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In all my years, I've only complained to his office over one instance. I asked for him on several occasions, and each time one of his 'underlings' called me back. Their answer each time was..'he's just too buzy', that was right about the time his kid filled some one's back side with buckshot.

After a lot of calling and pushing, they agreed to have the agency in question meet me at their office downtown. I was given a date n time. When I didn't here back, I smelled a rat and called the day before, sure enough, it seems that it just wasn't 'convenient' for the insurance company.

Not only did he and his office do nothing for me, they let the insurance company call the shots. They said they had 'forgot' to call me, I would have gone up there for nothing. I also demanded that day that they reschedule the meeting. That was over 3 months ago!

They are nothing but a bunch of glorified pencil pushers, and he apparently is in Las Vegas, and bird hunting too much to care what happens to the little people.

I'm sorry Oxy moron, but I'll vote for anyone over you. You are totaly unimpressive, and you don't do anything for a taxpayer, not unless they are a plastic surgeon and your wife needs a little sprucing up!

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