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Salary supplements still under review by Fayette Board of Education

Salary supplements paid to 927 Fayette County School System employees continue to be a topic for ongoing budget talks by the Board of Education.

One of the things board members will do in coming weeks is to determine which supplements should remain and which should be eliminated. Among those recommended for elimination is the $2,500 supplement in each high school to schedule the use of the auditorium.

In an April 13 report to the board on the work of the various committees and the Supplement Review Committee, Human Resources Director Reanee Ellis said that providing supplements for duties and responsibilities that cannot reasonably be considered an integral part of the position the employee was hired to perform was the guiding philosophy on supplements.

Those supplements are received by 927 of the system’s more than 3,000 employees at a cost of $1.467 million. Supplements can range from around $200 up to more than $2,000 per year, though most occur in the range of $500-$900.

Supplements includes those for elementary and middle school support, technology support, high school extra curricular, special education, social work, psychology and a large number of athletics programs.

There are more than $309,000 in supplements recommended for elimination. Aside from those in areas such as video production, golf, swimming, tennis, literary and health, for example, the board will also consider eliminating the $2,500 supplement paid to an employee in each of the five high schools for scheduling the use of the auditoriums in those facilities. The committee is recommending that the scheduling be assigned as additional non-paid duties to the school secretary and the Fine Arts chairperson.

The school board will likely take up the discussion of supplements in coming weeks since the topic has already been discussed for the FY 2011 budget that must be adopted prior to July 1.



I wonder if there is any way to see a complete list of supplement types that the county offers... and the list of those to be eliminated...any ideas? If they are paying $2500 for an auditorium scheduler, it would stand to reason there are other "interesting" supplements. I can recall hearing of one...Now mind you, things may have changed since I first heard this years ago.. it was my understanding, that the five head high school football coaches in our county also received/could receive additional supplements. One was for being the "assistant athletic director/coordinator" at their respective schools...In other counties, the head football coach was also the school's AD, but in Fayette, those responsibilities were/are given to an assistant principal. I am sure that these head coaches put in a lot of work/extra hours, deal with a lot of "headaches", and I am sure that their head coaching supplement is near to nothing (hence why they get the "extra supplements" so their salaries can compete with other counties)... But do we need an assistant AD in each high school? What would be their job description/duties? Couldn't these duties be handled by the AD? Just throwing this out for makes for interesting conversation during these economically strapped times.

Really?? $2500 for scheduling the use of the auditorium? Where are these jobs posted? How are the applicants chosen? I believe I would like that job. Does the scheduling take place during school hours? Or do you have to do it "off the clock?" And here I am leaving work and physically going to a 2nd job to make up for pay cuts and furlough days....what an idiot I am. So, where are these jobs posted and how does one apply????

Don't you know those jobs are for the administrators' cronies?

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