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Church-service thief cuffed by deputies

An Atlanta woman has been arrested for helping herself to credit cards and other valuables purloined from church-goers vehicles in a series of thefts here.

Latoya Ellis, 31, would strike in the middle of church services, and she would use credit cards immediately afterwards, often to buy shoes, investigators said. She has been linked to eight entering auto cases that occurred at New Hope Baptists Church (north campus) and Flat Creek Baptist Church dating back to April 17, and also on May 1 and May 8.

Investigators were able to obtain surveillance video from the stores where the stolen credit cards were used. Ellis was identified after a Lithonia residents saw a story on the thefts on WSB-TV, providing the crucial link to solving the case.

Ellis was subsequently arrested near her home in southwest Atlanta, officials said.

The case remains under investigation and additional arrests are expected, sheriff's officials said.



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for hotel-do-right. I hope she likes the shoe styles they have there.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

She might get as much as four weeks of probation! That is if she has been brought to court forty-three times before!

Now if she was a doper---even the better--she couldn't help it.
Or from LA, or makes a lot of dough.

Oh, Lindsey is white.

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It's a good thing we had no rapid transit in Fayette county or she may never have been caught.

Seriously though, great job catching her and thanks to the informant.


kcchiefandy's picture NO excuse for stealing! It's not like she ran to a grocery store to buy food for her kids - just a stinking, low-life thief, REGARDLESS of color. Even bringing up the 'color' issue is patently ridiculous! Congrats on her capture and all the best to her in her new life; maybe she'll someday find honest work to pay for shoes...

I agree. Let's arrest all of the Wall street crowd, billionaires and all, and send them up for the same amount of jail time as this lady gets for shoe stealing. Unfortunately all of the WS people are white or grey colored. And they stole BILLIONS.

No country club pens either!

Never saw your complaint about them or the bankers!

It's sad. I'm willing to bet that there were Christians attending service who would have assisted her in getting the shoes that she used the credit cards for. Sad. However - roundabout brings out a point - 'liberty and justice for ALL' rings a little hollow sometimes. Wrong is wrong - and what she did is wrong. I'm glad she was caught.

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[quote=Davids mom]I'm willing to bet that there were Christians attending service who would have assisted her in getting the shoes that she used the credit cards for.[/quote]
There is nothing to this story that suggests that she is in need of charity. She appears to be nothing more than a predator and taker. She traveled a considerable distance (assuming that she used her own wheels and gas) to target what she considered to be easy environments. She took, vandalized, and seized with no regard for anything but herself. If she was desperate, she would have struck much closer to home. She is a predator

No disagreement here - simply stating that predators have other choices than to steal. She targeted those who in all probability would have provided guidance and assistance - church goers.

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Okay. I understand your point. No disagreement here either. Have a good weekend

and stole credit cards to buy shoes! Bet they were real expensive tennis shoes that could be resold. I really doubt if this is someone who was stealing to feed and clothe her family. She deserves no pity.

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Kind of like Obama's auntie. You know, the one that the court told her to leave the country because her visa had expired but instead she thumbed her nose at the court and stayed. Yeah I know, the court re-heard her case and said she could stay. So I guess Elvira Arellano can say that this isn't fair since she was forcibly deported.

Just think how auntie, with little wealth and resources, can hire a top notch immigration law team to debate her "need" to stay in the US. (Eyes rolling)

And yes......we are a nation of laws.

I'm glad the good citizens of Mass are paying her keep.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

We're in a world where some are more equal than others. Who you know , languages spoken, hue of skin, father's connections and/ or size of bank account, who your 'cousin' might be, etc., etc., etc. After 9/11, Bin Laden's family was flown out of our country (for their safety) - <cite>I don't know about the truth of that - but it is good sometimes to have friends in 'high places'</cite>. Not 'fair' - but a harsh reality - no matter what one's ideological belief may be.

Original headline: <strong>Church-service thief cuffed by sheriffs</strong>

And I was about to reply "Dear God, Wayne Hannah's promoted his current wife to co-sheriff!"

This fellow who is being appointed to the Elections board who is a cousin to a land owner on the WFP and is a loyal church member and whose cousin on the county commission hardly knows, has me buffaloed!

Might he change the ballots like they did in Atlanta schools due to being known somewhat by a commissioner who wants something some others do not!

I think the Sheriff lives in the same house as one of his high deputies and that seems to not be a problem--what is the problem with cousins on dissimilar boards?

Poor, rich, white, brown or black ..wrong is wrong...Stop this excusing of criminal behavior, it feeds the criminal behavior..I am sick of people making excuses for others, do the crime serve the time...

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