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Mayor Haddix slammed for pushing south PTC bowling alley

A proposal to remove a zoning restriction for a bowling alley in south Peachtree City has led to criticism of Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix, who has been shepherding the project for several months.

Some critics are accusing Haddix of luring the bowling center to a site where it would violate the city’s current zoning laws instead of trying a more suitable site elsewhere.

Haddix said the City Council can vote to change the zoning if it wishes.

“There is no such thing as a permanent zoning, unless it’s set up in a very legalistic manner that locks it in where nobody can touch it,” Haddix said Monday afternoon. “No zoning is untouchable.”

The current proposal would put the Oasis Bowling Center at Ga. Highway 74 South and Rockaway Road, near the AutoZone store. The matter is expected to be discussed by the city’s Planning Commission June 14 meeting after being postponed from the May meeting.

The restriction that forbade a bowling alley, among other uses for the site, was adopted along with a host of other use restrictions when the property was rezoned from industrial to commercial in September 2007.

Lifting the restriction for a bowling alley will require a majority vote of the City Council.

As to public safety concerns, the police department has researched the police response to Oasis Bowling Center’s other locations in the metro area and found no record of problems, Haddix said. The company uses off-duty police officers for security, the mayor added.

Haddix has also heard complaints about the bowling center having a bar. With the city’s alcohol sales regulations, more than half of the bar’s sales will have to be in food, making alcohol the third-highest source of revenue behind bowling and food, Haddix said.

Haddix said the proposed brick and stone architecture for the building will be a welcome addition to the area. Also, the proposed signage for the site will be minimal, he added.

The request to change the zoning restrictions will first be reviewed by the Planning Commission before it is taken up for a vote by the City Council. The commission was originally slated to hear the request May 9, but it was postponed to the June 14 meeting.



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But I also don't have to live close by it.


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I think it would be better up on 74N, but that's just my opinion. Not really sure what the thinking was originally about making a bowling alley a restricted non-use there anyway.....I don't go bowling a lot but the one in Newnan is nice and doesn't attract "undesirables" or have incidents requiring law enforcement having to show up. Same with this company's other bowling alleys too.

In terms of some who say a bowling alley wouldn't do well in the proposed 74S location....I figure a company that runs several successful bowling alleys already probably knows their own business and what works 100% better than someone who simply doesn't want it built because it serves alcohol and has a "lot of lanes" and is trying to look for any reason to support their position.

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I live close by and hope they build it. How did a provision prohibiting bowling alleys get stuck in there anyway?

We’ve lived here for many years and one of the few construction projects to get by the whining busy-bodies is the Autozone. They don’t want any more cell towers, movie theaters, department stores, entertainment of any sort, etc. Meanwhile they keep building across the county line so that the tax revenue goes to Coweta and we have to drive farther.

Vote “Yes” for booze on Sundays. We don’t need any busy-bodies telling us what we should be doing with our Sundays either.

"How did a provision prohibiting bowling alleys get stuck in there anyway?"

That’s a strange question form someone who's "lived here for many years".

The use restrictions that were included in the rezoning the Stevens property to GC were discussed at several Planning Commission and City Council meetings. It went on for several months. How did you miss them?

As for your comment of, "They don’t want", who's "They"? If you're referring to several areas of PTC you would be correct.

I don’t really care if the Mayor wants to wear is old bowling shirt once again. I also don’t care what type business wants to locate here. I do care that whatever business’s we have here enhance our community, provide a positive cash flow into our local tax base and gainful employment for the citizens of PTC.

Most of the industrial and retail businesses in PTC employ people from outside PTC and Fayette County. Yes the companies do pay their taxes, at a reduced rate for several years but less than 10% of their employees live in PTC or Fayette County. Just drive thru any of the parking lots and look at the car tags if you have any doubt about that or simply look at the latest census data.

For me this issue with the bowling alley boils down to that some on the current city council can’t be trusted to NOT screw over previous commitments made to its citizens. That alone is reason enough to do all I can to make sure that the current Mayor and his sidekick are not reelected.

Remember, it was under the current Mayors watch that Lowe’s beat PTC in court for zoning issues. During that debacle the Mayor was all for ‘protecting’ the industrial are from commercial development. Now he seems to be all for changing the zoning for a business he ‘likes’. I wonder if he changes his socks as often.

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I am referring mostly to those who opine and blog on the citizen. If you go to the meetings you must know them a little more personally.

<cite>“Most of the industrial and retail businesses in PTC employ people from outside PTC and Fayette County.”</cite> Does that mean that they are net drain on the city’s resources/revenue? I can’t imagine what the unemployment rate would be if every city demanded local employment only.

And the Mayor is right about one thing – zoning laws can be changed. Hopefully this one will be.

"Does that mean that they are net drain on the city’s resources/revenue?"

Absolutely not; but that is what the Mayor has said repeatedly about “Big Box” stores.

What I am saying is that our current Mayor, economic coordinator want-to-be, has no idea how to attract business into PTC other than low wage and/or part time.

In my mind he has proven himself to be totally inept at his current position.

As far as I and many others are concerned the Mayor and his wife should reimburse the city for the expenses of the economic coordinator position. The two of them and them alone are why we no longer have a qualified person in that position. The Mayors ego and his wife’s mouth have cost the city irreparable harm.

If there is a project that Haddix doesn't like that requires a change in zoning he is the first to scream. In fact, in one one case he got the city sued.

He will point fingers at the planning commission, council members who support that project, even our city planner, BUT, if likes a project, it appears he will lure someone to a site that is not zoned correctly.

Where's the consistency of leadership?

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That certainly doesn't apply to Haddix. Being on the losing side of 3-2 votes over and over and whining about it worked so well before the last election, he's STILL being out-voted 3-2 or now 4-1, and people in PTC are finally waking up to the realization that they elected simply a dumb person as Mayor who has zero leadership skills whatsoever and is really...uh...let's be nice here.....STUPID?

I'm glad that Don has managed to alienate the no-growth-at-all crowd while also alienating the grow-or-die people at the same time. It takes a special person to be able to do that as Mayor of a city with 40,000 people, but Haddix has "achieved" that.

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Just have Don Quixote put the thing on the Doug McMurrain lot off of Planterra Way. This way there'd be no 'big box' and since the area is so commercial, what do we have to lose? This way it would be closer to Dover Square (more convenient for the mayor) because after his one term as mayor he'll have plenty of time on his hands for bowling. Maybe they'll give him a lifetime pass at the lanes.

BTW, has anyone other than the windmill chaser talked to the landowners? This smells of a Low Temps fiasco.

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Haven't seen consistency or leadership around here since Lenox's first term. After that it has been all downhill - slowly at the end of the Lenox reign, off a cliff with the brown clown, gradual, but still down instead of up with Logsdon and now we have Haddix seeking new lows.

The subsidized senior apartments - Harmony Village North will be there because of Haddix's big mouth. Low Temp will not be here because of Haddix's big mouth. Grisham is gone because of Haddix's big mouth - albeit a different mouth. Now we have Haddix promoting a business that is prohibited by zoning and saying things like "no zoning is permanent' Enough already.

Ladies on council (I'm including Eric in this) please do something with our current loose cannon. Brown's council had the cojones to censure him over his childish letter-writing. How about it? This seems harmful to the city.

Live free or die!

At the last retreat, Haddix objected when asked to defer businesses to Grisham to handle.

I guess this bowling alley only wants to work with Haddix.
Wonder if the mayor cut a deal, promising he would get the "restrictions" removed?

Wasn't this an issue in the last election? Wasn't candidate Haddix screaming that the last mayor and council were out there cutting deals with developers? Tell me how this is still requires a change in land use plan...

Robert W. Morgan's picture

No developers left at all!
You said, In the last (surely you mean latest) election he was going up against Cyndi (friendly with developers) Plunkett and of course he won. Attacking developers in this town has become good sport since Brown II introduced it.

Now we need to see what happens and who the demons are when we have no real developers left. Who is going to be Satan now? Retailers? Banks? Lee Hearn? (sure I gave you an easy one), Nancy Price? Terry Garlock? Maybe we can go after Vanessa because ..... well I don't know, but she just so damn cute.

Live free or die!

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Care to speculate on who will run against Haddix? I know it's a long way off but I was just wondering.

Clearly, Haddix is a one trick pony.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

No need to worry about if they will or will not run, but here are people who care about our fair city and should run.

OK, no need to persue that

Moving on:
Cyndi (clearly we made a mistake last time electing the sawed off dork and rejecting her).
Beth - sensible and mature
Scott Bradshaw - the Chis Christie of PTC
Scott Rowland
Sam Chapman (just kidding)
Dar - love him, hate the skating rink idea.
Kim Learnard, of course - she's the best!
Dan Tenant - doesn't look so bad after 10 years
Terry Garlock - what's not to like
Mike Amos (kidding again)
Eric the Red - may run, but that's like a choice between nothing and nothing.
Russ Heil - has nice hair and a foxy wife - the Mitt Romney of PTC.
Jim Pace - $28 million man
Arnie Geiger - tea person and a good guy

That enough for you? Who else?

Hopefully we can replace this dip next year. What an embarrassment to PTC.

Live free or die!

PTC Observer's picture

Thanks for the list, I am not familar with some of these folks but agree that Mr. Haddix must go. Just wondered where to send my check.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

They keep saying they won't run, but they will probably be managing somebody's campaign. I suspect they are charter members of the Anybody But Haddix Club.

Also, I should have had Mark Holumns on my list as well.

Live free or die!

the "ABHC" will be standing room only.

I would hope that my neighbors dog has a better chance of getting elected over our current 'worse than Brown' Mayor.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

on this year and Doug and Eric. That election is this fall and believe it or not , it is almost June. The dog and others need to make their intentions known in the next month or so. Very important to replace Doug with someone not under Haddix's thumb. Doug probably won't run again, but those open races produce some dangerous people in low turnout years like this one (remember how Steve Brown got elected mayor) and we don't need that.

The best candidates will have a plan to fill the economic development black hole created by Haddix (and Doug) and some cost cutting ideas (no bubble needed) that make good common sense.

Sure Haddix self destructs next year - if he hasn't already, but the goal this year is to have a very strong 3-2 or 4-1 majority against his sillier ideas and make him impotent for his last year.

Live free or die!

Not so sure I would disagree with you on the "skating rink" bond issue. However, the ice portion of the project seemed to muddy the water for the whole project.

What people didn't see was the indoor soccer, the 4 new basketball courts, the auditorium that would seat 2200 people, the grand meeting rooms for our senior citizens, the nature trails, the true aquatic center component, etc....something for everyone.

All that being said, I think the bar may have been set to high. Yes, I can admit the fact that it may have been a design that was something that a more forward thinking or progressive city would appreciate. But right now that is not who or what PTC is.

You may remember that the rink did in fact receive over 7200 votes, close to 40%. Unfortunately, I could not seem to convince people that I had no financial interest in the deal....which seem to muddy the waters.

Again, the bar was probably set to high and at the end of the day it is probably a good thing that we did not build a complex to the designed plan.

Must I say it, Mr. Morgan I agree with you yet again.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

It would have been an excellent addition to the city, but now it is certainly the wrong time to bring it up again. And in a town responsible for electing at least 2 mayors without a shred of business sense or experience, certainly it is a reach to expect the average voter to support something like that. In fact there is probably a solid 30% of voters (mostly seniors) whose default position is to always vote no on bond issues. Tall mountain to climb.

BTW, run for council this fall. Doug is a sitting duck.

Live free or die!

No way on Cyndi Plunkett! Scott Rowland didn't show up last time. Dar is a good choice if want to turn PTC into an amusement park. What has Kim Learnard or Eric Imker done? Chapman and Tennant ha ha! Don't know Russ Heil. I know Pace and Amos and I'd take Amos and pass on Pace. Bradshaw is a thought.

NUK_1's picture

I am going to personally encourage and would financially support Mark Holumns to run again as I think he's the right man for the job. He's done thankless service on DAPC and ran a good campaign in a rather crowded field for a City Council seat a few years back and is one of the few people who at that time stated that WASA hooking-up Senoia made a lot of sense, despite all the howls from the Brown/Haddix crowd of ignorance and knee-jerk demagoguery.

Holumns wouldn't embarrass PTC with BS antics or catering to the lowest common denominator by posting all over here or attacking the hell out of those who disagree with him. He's a successful businessman and long-time resident who understands the issues and takes a rational approach to them.

Beth Pulias I am rather 50/50 on, though she certainly has her supporters here. Then again, I never would vote for Kim Learnard who also has some support here after her scorched-earth letter to The Citizen a few years ago about how single-payer universal health care is some kind of human right and anyone who disagrees is an idiot, but enough in PTC didn't care and voted for her anyway, so what do I know? She's been pretty good on Council so far, I'll admit.

Anyone who doesn't buy in to the Brown/Haddix mold of ridiculous demagoguery and anti-everything-outsider-until-I-get-elected I'd be in favor of.

PTC Observer's picture

I appreciate the input on this, I don't know Mark...does he have a FB page?

NUK_1's picture

No FB page I know of. I'm FB friends with his son and he is the same age as my son, so I'll ask :)

Don Haddix's picture

Bad_ptc, please get your facts straight. I was not on Council, little alone Mayor, when Lowe's won it case or this property was rezoned to GC and Residential.

Nor is this a rezoning. It is GC and will remain GC. It is removing one of a number of restriction that does not exist in the normal GC.

Citizen_Steve, those properties were looked at and there isn't enough room. The ideal location would have been by the PD but Pathways put a deed restriction on the property. There are also obstacles at Lexington and the 54W site.

The "they" for this site were some from Wilshire Estates.

At the Wilshire HOA meeting I also received complaints about Publix generating too much traffic and Chick-fil-la too much litter and cart traffic. As well there were requests to stop construction of the tunnel under 74 to Meade Field and this shopping area. A tunnel that Wilshire agreed to in 2007.

The only business comparable in scale to a bowling alley being requested for PTC was a good grocery store for the Glenloch Shopping Center.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

your continued calling out of bloggers on these boards makes you look small and petty. Yet, you persist.

Where else in town do you think the City should go against a non-recommended use? You seem ready to go against it in this case....I'm curious as to what else is up for grabs.

Mike King's picture

The best thing to happen for the opponents of the bowling alley is to have our mayor leading the effort to get it built. He certainly won't put his money into it.

Looking for an answer. Let's hear it.

Mike King's picture

You seem to have ample time to bloviate about the inconsequential, how about the city's debt that has gone virtually unchanged over the past year?

Would you care to comment on your latest episode of having the city sued?

As bad as I hate to see it we need to get back to BBQ and beer on here! Sand between our toes and the red-nek riviera money grubbers also would be better conversation than what has transpired here for a couple of weeks!

We might even add in is good eatin places (there are none), what lady might make a good Mayor, how many war heroes we have in PTC, when if ever the Citizen adds a couple of Independent columnists, and Mike Luckovich cartoons.

What we don't need is further conversation about the nincompoop as our President, how great Newt is, covering up for Governor Deal, (and our congressman), haranguing the Mayor of PTC and the County Commissioners, further talk of two by-passes of Fayetteville that are a sure thing, increasing the compensation for the land for the by-passes simply due to complaining here, and above all things----finding fault with the President for getting Bin Laden.

[quote]finding fault with the President for getting Bin Laden.[/quote]

Fortunately, most realize that this sentiment represents a very small percentage of residents in Fayette County and in our country. Freedom of speech protects all.

I would guess that 80% of Fayette County citizens detest President Obama! There is no way that he could perform one task that would be suitable to them.

There are more reasons for this attitude than politics and it won't change here.

As to the country he will win the next election due mostly to the republicans destroying themselves with terrible candidates, the TEAS, and people in general want universal health care, the wars over and done with, and don't give a hoot for high walls everywhere that won't change a thing.

Conservatives have a way of trying for votes with what some want to hear but they have no intention of actually implementing what they say!
People are wise to that in general.

It has always been a mystery until lately why republicans claim to be more moral, less selfish, more patriotic, are more loyal to their family, and go to church, when it is totally untrue.
It loses more voters than it obtains.

Independents have grown to about 30-35% of the voters. They decide elections.

I guess some leaders in the Republican party don't believe 'actions speak louder than words'.

I"m beginning to see that 80% change to about 70%. . .but see no problem with your analysis.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Surely one person can't get us sued every month.

Live free or die!

The neighbors agreed to the shopping center with the restrictions.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.....I think what we have here on this forum is just like the 30 residents from Wilshire who went to meeting. They oppose the bowling alley. But, do they represent the majority of residents in PTC? I dont think.........The 30 people who represented Wilshire are the same people who complain about the trash from Chickfila,noice after 8 pm, a garbage can left out a day too long, a shed in your backyard,a border in your front yard, a car in your driveway without a plate, your shutters not painted black,uplighting along your fence, etc. PTC WILL DEVELOPE, YOU CAN NOT STOP GROWTH. ITS A CITY!

And it's not in Wilshire.

is what makes a successful bowling alley. If it is a Family Entertainment Center type bowling alley suburban locations near movie theaters, restaurants and shopping developments generally do well. Urban areas tend to support Lounge Bowling due to the nightclub type atmosphere that appeals to the young adult market.

has two locations - one in Loganville and one in Buford. In a five mile radius, both existing locations have populations roughly 2-3 times more than the PTC population in a five mile radius.

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