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Small package, big payoff in emergencies

The Coweta County Fire Department is about to add a piece of equipment to its roster that, though quite small and not very costly, could pay big dividends during emergencies. And while not flashy and eye-popping like a large, red ladder truck, Deputy Fire Chief Todd Moore said the small special operations trailer approved May 5 by the Coweta County Commission is expected to play a role in responding to emergencies and saving lives.

The trailer’s cost is low compared to that of nearly any equipment used by public safety agencies. The low bid for the 25-foot special operations trailer approved unanimously by commissioners was $7,350 from Trailers for Less in Newnan.

Moore in an April 19 letter to commissioners said that, “With the number of utility-type projects that are conducted in our county on a daily basis to include trench and sub-surface operations along with the potential for structural collapse as a result of new construction projects, poor construction design, demolition of old structure and weather-related forces, we need to be prepared to respond in a timely fashion to such emergencies with the type of equipment and supplies that will allow us to stabilize the situation, gain access to trapped and/or injured victims, package and remove victims and mitigate additional public safety concerns.”

Moore in noting the significance of the equipment trailer said that it will be used to transport the equipment and supplies associated with the fire department’s trench rescue, structural collapse and confined space capabilities. Having all needed emergency equipment in one location and able to be towed by the department’s Special Response Truck can make a difference, Moore said.

The cost of the trailer will be covered by one-cent sales tax revenues.


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