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Lowry: District vote ruling was not racial

It is amazing that the issue of district voting versus at-large voting has so divided the citizens of Fayette County.

All one has to do is read the comments to my letter to you in the April 30 edition of The Citizen to see this divide.

A lot of this division is perhaps due to the way your newspaper reports this as a “racial issue.”

I’m sure that you know that using “race” as the primary basis for the way you report on the issue, makes The Citizen [to be] the Fox News, Wall Street Journal and the New York Post of Fayette County.

As the seeming organ for the Republican Party in Fayette County, the way you report the news related to district voting by demonizing the NAACP and Judge Batten surely energizes that base as the others do on a national level.

It serves no purpose to continue to write to your newspaper because our respective positions on district versus at-large voting are clear.

Also, since you persist in taking my comments out of context and distorting or ignoring facts, there is no need to continue this back and forth discussion.

It is my hope that the majority of the citizens of Fayette County, be they Republican or Democrat, will support district voting, not because it is a “racial” issue, but because it is the right thing to do ensure fair and equal representation for ALL citizens of Fayette County.

I also hope they will call on the BOC and BOE to stop spending our tax dollars, $850,000 and counting, to fight the NAACP and Judge Batten’s ruling.

That money can better be used to benefit the county’s needs such as improving the educational needs of our children rather than supporting a group of politicians who are only thinking about their political futures.

By doing this, maybe we can all just be friends.

Dan Lowry
Fayetteville, Ga.

[Mr. Lowry is one of the plaintiffs in the federal voting rights lawsuit referenced above.]


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