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New #1 - Starr's Mill wins soccer title

And you thought it was a rivalry before.

The Starr’s Mill boys captured their first state title since 2000 with a 4-2 win in penalty kicks on McIntosh’s home turf, after 80 minutes of scoreless play in regulation and two five minute overtimes that left the teams knotted at 0-0.

But even that wasn’t without controversy or drama. With 37.2 seconds left in the first overtime period, McIntosh was awarded an indirect kick. The ball found its way into the back of the net. It was called a goal and the McIntosh stands erupted in cheers. Seconds later, the roar was a collection of boos as the referee stated that the ball did not touch anyone on its way into the goal and therefore did not count.

“We’re disappointed, having a goal counted and then having it taken away,” said McIntosh head coach Bunky Colvin after the game. “The official says the ball wasn’t touched but it changed direction. Our frustration is not with Starr’s Mill but with the call. We just have to live with that.”

After five more minutes of scoreless play, the two teams went to penalty kicks, where Starr’s Mill got two big stops from goalkeeper Matt Hubbard, one a kick save where his body was going in the opposite direction and one a diving save to the left. Connecting on kicks for Starr’s Mill were Derek Williams, Preston Gayton, Kevin O’Connor and Justin Ross.

“That’s the second time this season where we’ve had PK’s go to the final kick and Ross has kicked the winner,” said a beaming Mike Hanie, head coach of the Panthers and 2010 AAAA coach of the year, after the game.

Starr’s Mill had played three straight overtime games in the playoffs and they appeared unflappable, especially as the game went into a shootout.

“I’m so proud of these guys. They laid it all on the line tonight,” said Hanie, adding praise for his goalkeeper. “He had a great game, stopping crosses and that first save on the first kick was huge.”

The crowd at McIntosh, which had to be the biggest in school history for a sporting event, got their money’s worth. The game was filled with plenty to cheer for on both sides, clean, physical play and good sportsmanship at the end. Starr’s Mill, ranked second entering the game, has taken McIntosh’s number one ranking in Class AAAA and bragging rights and fans of the Chiefs will chew on what could have been until the two teams face off again next spring.



Awesome game and atmosphere. I expected McIntosh to win this one easily after seeing these two teams meet earlier in the season. Starr's Mill looked like a different team tonight, though. Defense and goalkeeper really stepped up and kept McIntosh #13 from getting many chances. Officiating was inconsistent; surely there is a better crew for the state championship. Tough, tough way to lose for the Chiefs.

The article has an error- the goal that was called back was at the end of the second half, not the first OT.

Job well done!

The McIntosh-Starrs Mill soccer championship was truly a defining moment in Fayette sports history. I've been to World Series games that weren't that loud!

<strong>I am hoping the Citizen can provide video of the controversial disputed "indirect kick" with 30 seconds left in regulation</strong> (NOT overtime, Mike). I had a lousy viewing angle from where I was standing, but unless a black hole suddenly opened up and the resulting gravity well forced the soccer ball to make an unexpected 60 degree course correction ( COULD happen, right?), it certainly appeared to me that someone touched the ball and the goal should have stood.

These two first rate teams shared the field with some decidedly second rate referees. The refs did not call a single penalty in the first half (and boy, were there some blatantly obvious ones on both sides), then in the second half seemed to go overboard calling every minor infraction. Oh well, at least the refs nit-picked both sides.

After all was said and done, Starrs Mill walked away as champions, congratulations to them. I think the crowd was as exhausted as the teams at the end!

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Check out Comcast for a reply of the game they have on Sports south I was told. I was also at the game and had a perfect view and the ball did change direction. My daughter had a graduation party yesterday and she's friends with some of the Starr's mill team and they even said it was a bad call.

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