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Joint effort to beautify PTC

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints teamed up with the Islamic Community Center of Fayetteville and Fayette County Commissioner David Barlow to volunteer their time to help beautify Peachtree City Saturday, May 11. All participants helped with painting and cleaning several parks in Peachtree City. The effort was coordinated by the Peachtree City Recreation Department. Photo/Special.



I know he's not Islamic.

He's just playin Jesus by bringing all people in the community together.

Did you expect him to be working to pays his debts from 2 bankruptcy's, or perhaps balancing his checkbook?

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A lot of fundies won't have anything to do with Mormons, much less anything Islamic.

Nice to see groups come together for a good purpose and have a chance to interact with each other and see there is a common unity and bond with humanity. Celebrate our similarities instead of harping on any of our differences.

Congratulations, Mr. Barlow. You are showing true leadership to stand with two religious groups which have not always been accepted by mainstream America to accomplish a civic task. I applaud your open stance for the good of the community.

thing for the community which is more that we can say for some on this site who only have negative things to say.

Lets play the game. Since the start of the new year, what have you done to better the community?

for the sandbox. I do a lot in and for my community. Those who matter know what I do, those who don't know do not matter. I don't do it for the recognition; I see no need to tout what I do on this site or elsewhere. I try not to denigrate those who try to do things that are beneficial. To me it does not matter if Mr. Barlow is Muslim, Jewish, purple or green. Instead of being grateful and thankful that someone is trying to do something to better relations in our community there are those who always make their cynical remarks that have nothing to do with the situation. If this shoe fits......

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I can confirm you are not one who goes around bragging about what you do. But most assuredly you do a lot for others.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

I never said what he was doing wasn't positive for the community. I wish more people would step to the plate and offer their time, like you and I. Most people don't.

Mr. Barlow lost my confidence during elections and has yet to regain it based on his decisions.

1. He told the lobbyist for the transportation splost that they were going to have to answer to god because he was pushing for this. The man wasn't pushing drugs, alcohol, or making people into deviants. He was pushing it because it would help his business. And yes, I know for a fact that this occurred. One of our mayors even had to remind the man that he was running for commissioner, not county preacher.

2. Mr. Barlow used the system twice to get out of a financial bind, once due to a personal matter. As a business professional who has been hurt by clients filing bankruptsy to get out of their debts, I find that to be a serious character flaw.

3. Unlike you, Mr. Barlow craves the spotlight. People with character do their good deeds out of the limelight and without seeking recognition. Just look at the photo opp, He's front and center with the big goofy grin. Besides being the video king for those unable to attend meetings what did else has he done besides being known as the crazy guy who wanted to stuff as many tea party members as he could into his jesus van?

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