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Bacallao announces for Fayette BoE Post 2

She has made it known in various public venues in the past few months, but south Fayette County resident Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao made it official on May 14: she will be running against incumbent Terri Smith for the Post 2 seat on the Fayette County Board of Education.

A college professor who trains teachers, Bacallao listed five primary objectives associated with her run for office. Those include: making decisions based on input from Fayette County community members; restoring confidence in the fiscal policies of the FCBoE through sound financial decisions; representing conservative views on educational and social issues; attracting, retaining, and honoring the best teachers for all students; and supporting and encouraging family and community involvement for successful schools.

“For the past four years I have been following the decisions made by the FCBoE,” Bacallao said in the May 14 press release. “For example, on January 9 three of the five board members voted to settle an NAACP lawsuit to take away your right to vote on board members that live outside of your district. Thankfully, these voting rights have been restored by Judge Batten who overturned the agreement on April 18. I strongly believe that every citizen has the right to vote for every board member. My opponent wants to deny you that right.”

Bacallao will be running on the Republican ticket. The July 31 primary is not Bacallao’s first experience with running for political office. The south Fayette resident ran against Smith in 2008, receiving 43 percent of the vote.

Bacallao is hosting a community meeting at the Peachtree City Library on May 23 at 6 p.m. RSVPs are requested.

For more information call 770-461-1220 or mail to



Now is the chance to get some new people on the board - I really hope people will not vote the incumbent in as usual! We need new vision on the board!

DrB's picture

I hope you all will support Mary Kay Baccallao and myself as we run. We indeed want to bring a "new vision" to the board.

I visited your website and looked through everything. You appear to be quite accomplished and have an impressive resume. I think the board needs to have diversity in terms of what each member brings to the table and what area their expertise lies in. You clearly have a financial expertise and with the problems that our school system is facing right now, your expertise could be welcomed.

So, here's my question. I noticed on the page where you described all of the places and activities we might know you from, you did not mention anything about school or school related activities. Yet, you do have children (if I am not mistaken). So, where do your kids receive their education?

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Dr Marchman and Mary Kay!

I'm glad both these people are running. If we are ever going to get a handle on the school finances, this is what we need. Dr Marchman's statements were a breath of fresh air. Both these people are impressive.

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