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Judge McMillian launches election run for State Court

State Court Judge Carla McMillian officially launched her campaign for election earlier this month.

“Being a judge is a tremendous and humbling responsibility,” Judge McMillian stated. “When I took the oath of office, I promised to deliver justice fairly and impartially, protect and serve the community, and uphold the Constitution. I work hard everyday to honor that promise. Now I’m asking the voters of Fayette County to allow me to continue the good work I’ve started.”

As part of her tough, no-nonsense approach to sentencing, Judge McMillian holds a unique drug court every month, requires a “Me and My Driving” course for high-risk drivers, and implements a Fayette-focused probation policy that has resulted in over 80,000 hours of community service since 2010 for such things as picking up trash in local parks, helping at the county’s two wastewater treatment plants, or sorting clothing at local non-profits.

These efforts, in Judge McMillian’s words, work “to ensure that Fayette County’s future is as bright as its past.”

Judge McMillian actively serves the community in other ways as well. She educates Fayette County’s next generation by speaking to government classes at every county high school, hosting students and other civic groups who visit the State Court, and serving as a judge for high school and law school mock trial competitions. She also sits on several boards, including the Board of Directors for the Fayette County Historical Society.

A native Georgian, Judge McMillian became the second state court judge in Fayette County history in 2010. Prior to becoming a judge, she was twice selected by her peers in the legal profession as a Georgia Super Lawyers Rising Star for her work as a trial attorney.

She and her family live in Tyrone. The family has attended Dogwood Church (formerly Braelinn Church) since 1998, where Judge McMillian has faithfully served as a small group leader for adult, women’s, and children’s small groups.

Judge McMillian attended law school as a Woodruff Scholar at the University of Georgia School of Law, where she graduated third in her class with highest honors and served as President of the Christian Legal Society. She also graduated with high honors from Duke University, earning Bachelor of Arts degrees in both History and Economics. In 2010, Judge McMillian received the “Distinguished Alumna” award from Westminster Schools of Augusta.

Fayette County State Court is a court of record, holding jury trials each month. Judge McMillian has jurisdiction over misdemeanors, traffic cases, ordinance violations, and civil cases without regard to the amount in controversy.

Fayette County is unique in that it is one of the few counties of its size with only a single state court judge. In 2011, Judge McMillian presided over approximately 7,000 cases.

To learn more about Judge McMillian and the work of State Court, visit



This is quite a long self-serving article Judge Carla Wong McMillian has submitted. All one has to do who has ever been in her court is read the first paragraph to know it’s nothing but election hype.

Judge Carla says she promised under oath “to deliver justice fairly and impartially”. This she has not done. Carla is the most unfair, discriminatory, and prejudice judge I’ve ever seen.

She picks the side she favors, then actually advocates for the party from the bench by striking critical evidence of the other party, dismissing their defense, making up law, and prejudices the jury by making it clear which side she favors.

Judge Wong McMillian fines elderly ladies $500-$650 if their dog accidentally gets out of a fenced yard, while fining in criminal court an unlicensed out of County scam company only $67.50. Then allows the owner to plead nolo-contender so that evidence can’t be used in a civil trial against them.

She was politically appointed, never elected, came in spending all the money allotted for her court to make changes, then in a very bad economy had the gall to ask for more taxpayer money.

Carla failed to tell everyone that she has cost taxpayers and individuals a lot of money to appeal her unfair, high handed work, rubbed her peers wrong causing them to support her opposition with her smarter, better than thou attitude and unethically going outside of her authority to write untrue letters to entities about people who have been in her court.

I could go on and on about complaints made about Judge McMillian to the Judicial Qualifications Committee but it would take too long. Now Carla wants to say vote for me because I’ve done such a great job as judge?

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Lost the case uh?

Hmmm. Sound like sour grapes. We'll do our own research - and probably end up voting for this young woman.

Here’s a site for your research. It shows the amount of money donated to Judge Carla McMillian. $61,138 with almost all coming from people who don’t live or vote in Fayette.

After verifying, tell us why you think it’s a good idea to vote for a judge whose campaign is being bought and paid for by outsiders. See if you can find out who these outsiders are.

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knows....don't you?

So, why don't you just tell us.

Or I suppose we could always ask the candidate...I think I'll do that.

More later.

This is no time for hiding in the shadows. There are many who find the combination of the ideologies of libertarianism and conservatism a threat to liberty and justice for all in practice. Research continues.

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A threat to liberty and justice for all in practice?

Now I can't argue about conservative dogma, because conservatives simply want to keep things the way they are, but how do you think libertarianism threatens your "liberty"? Give one, only one, concrete (Mr. Drake's term) example.

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viewing pleasure, the philosophy of liberty. You can even pick the language you best understand. ;-)

After you view this, then you tell me how the philosophy of liberty violates your Liberty and justice.


Thanks for the URL. I met Judge McMillian today. . . .as well as other candidates for other offices. Wonderful day at Taste Of Fayette and the art show on the Courthouse lawn. Chatted with many neighbors, friends and church members. No one appeared uncomfortable with people of color being present. Lots of smiles of acknowledging friendliness, an ease of conversation and sharing an afternoon with persons with kindred tastes. A wonderful demonstration of what is great in America. Thank you Fayetteville, GA for demonstrating what the Civil Rights movement helped to achieve. A diverse community enjoying a peaceful afternoon in a beautiful southern city.

meanoldconservatives's picture

"No one appeared uncomfortable with people of color being present."

Do you ever go anywhere outside your home and turn your "race detector" off? Sounds like a perfect day that featured perfect weather. Sad that you could not go enjoy the food, art, weather and relative safety of Fayette County crowds without taking the pulse of everyone present to see if you or other "people of color" made them uncomfortable. In case you haven't noticed, Fayette County is full of people of color. If living around and mingling with people of color makes anyone uncomfortable, then I suggest most suburbs of Atlanta and specifically Fayetteville is the wrong place to be. I live in a neighborhood that is probably 5% white. If I had your hangups about race, I would not be able to live my life here. The person who harps most about race on this blog proves once again that she has the longest way to go about seeing people as just people, and not their particular color......

PTC Observer's picture

We have to wait for this generation to die off, then perhaps, just perhaps we will all be colored blind.

Maybe one of the reasons GA is #48 in academic achievement is some citizens lack of reading comprehension skills.
Many years ago I stated that I was going to discuss 'race' on this site. That's what I'm doing! Don't read or respond if you find this upsetting. A question: why is it upsetting if it is not still an issue with some. I agree, the younger generation gives us hope. Why are some here afraid to or resist celebrating the progress that has been made in Fayetteville? My neighborhood is pretty well balanced with Americans of all races . Much more diverse than any neighborhood that I lived in in California. Is this a conservative hang up? I didn't think so - but maybe I'm wrong. Some in this discussion have stated that the people of color seen in Fayette County are 'intruders' from Clayton County and may destroy the ambiance that is enjoyed here. Thanks for validating that there have been contributing citizens of color for some time in Fayette, and you haven't 'run'. That's a positive in my opinion.

meanoldconservatives's picture

There are lots of interesting theories on why Georgia is 48th in academic achievement. Have you heard all of them? As for my own reading comprehension skills that you weakly referenced, I'm confident they would fare well in any comparison to yours.

Tell you what, I'll contribute to the blog now by telling everyone about my day just like you did. Wonderful day today at White Oak golf course. It was a tournament to benefit breast cancer. Chatted with many old friends from Delta and some other people I met today. No one appeared uncomfortable with people of color being present, even though I know they were. Lots of smiles and friendliness, easy conversation and sharing a day with a common interest somehow made us overlook that. A wonderful demonstration of what is great in America. Thank you Fayetteville and Newnan for demonstrating what the Civil Rights movement helped to achieve.

Now, most everyone that would read that would wonder what that had to do with anything. People of color would probably respond by asking if I thought people of color shouldn't be out there playing golf with Whitey. So, it really doesn't fit there. But, you just keep carrying that worn-out chip on your shoulder and view the world through your old race-colored glasses. It's what we expect from you. I mean, you even told the ones of us who could comprehend it what you like to talk about, right?

This comment came from you - not me.

[quote]No one appeared uncomfortable with people of color being present, even though I know they were[/quote]

I honestly did not feel anyone was uncomfortable. . . . and the people I spoke with were within my generation. I don't believe they were uncomfortable. I had hoped to witness this 'healing' within my lifetime, and thought I had in Fayetteville, GA. To celebrate progress in race-relations is viewed as having a chip on my shoulder ? Interesting. Maybe you should examine why you get upset in 2012 when someone of color compliments a community of Americans on treating one another with respect. Were you here 30 years ago when this wasn't the case? Did you feel more comfortable then? Geez. Unfortunately, I have friends of all races who are telling me - I told you so. The anger from the practice of and end of segregation is still embedded in some. Fayettevile, and my experience here has helped me greatly to overcome my anger. Your response can't take away the peace of a wonderful Sunday afternoon in Fayetteville, GA.

meanoldconservatives's picture

In case you didn't notice, lots of the others didn't come from you either. Since I have to explain it to you, it was an example of someone writing things that many would question the relevance of in a particular blog. I simply took your ideas further, to make a point.

Nobody at the golf tournament, or where I work, or eating out in restaurants around here appears to be uncomfortable. We're all used to the idea that everyone else doesn't look like us. It is the norm. Most of us have moved on and realized it is the norm. It just doesn't even register that things were ever different because most of us have LET IT GO and try to live NOW. Maybe the healing you hoped to see in your lifetime needs to be your own.

To answer your question, I've lived in Fayetteville since 1979. It is different now and I remain here, so it's fairly obvious I am comfortable here. By the way, I wasn't upset with you. You never change. I was simply wondering why your description of an enjoyable day at a community event here had to include "praise" for everyone appearing comfortable with people of color. If you don't like people questioning your attempts to inject race into every conversation, take your own advice....don't respond.

suggarfoot's picture

you summed it so well. All of us look at each other as indivuals. DM tries her best to make sure none of us ever forget we are different colors. You got her right between the eyes.

Grizzly, suggarfoot and MOC. Birds of a feather.

suggarfoot's picture

are telling you that you are mentally ill. MOC is black, and telling you he couldn't/wouldn't, live his life as you do, looking for race problems everywhere, over his shoulder, between his leggs..etc. He and most blacks are enjoying their lives. They don't want to fight the civil war everyday. Most whites don't want to either. I know you feel you moved here from California and was gonna enlighten us all. But what WE are telling you is that you are full of do-do...we get along....why can't you? ask your shrink why you want to stir do-do all the time?

No one is interested in your BS...get it?

[quote]To answer your question, I've lived in Fayetteville since 1979. It is different now and I remain here, so it's fairly obvious I am comfortable here[/quote]

Interesting comment from a 'black' person. Thanks suggarfoot. it really doesn't matter. I express my own feelings and opinions. MOC expresses his/hers'. Grizz and you have shared words and opinions that belie a relationship of those who 'get along' here in Fayette County. It is so easy to get you riled up and transparent. Sad. . .but interesting.

MajorMike's picture

What is sad is that you are apparently still operating under the mistaken impression that having the last post is the same as having the final say.

You sure do know how to hate.

meanoldconservatives's picture

In the interest of full disclosure....I am lily-white. But, the fact is I do happen to live in a neighborhood that is 95% black. Doesn't change anything I said though.....

hutch866's picture

No one is interested in you BS either, get it?

I yam what I yam

hutch866's picture

You do moc a disservice in grouping him with suggarfoot and grizz, all moc pointed out was your tendency to bring race into any subject, whether it belonged there or not. If you don't or can't see the difference, you aren't as astute as you believe yourself to be.

I yam what I yam

meanoldconservatives's picture

Appreciate it my friend. I was chuckling to myself wondering what you thought, if you happened to see that I am black now. I mean, it's been a while since you dropped by the house, but rest assured....I'm the same color, just a little older.

Hope all is well with you and the family!

hutch866's picture

Here I thought you were the first black to graduate from NC.

I yam what I yam

meanoldconservatives's picture

I always wanted to be first at something.....

meanoldconservatives's picture

Hmmm, if I didn't know better I would think that was a veiled, weak attempt to call us all the dreaded "r" word. You know, r...r...r...racists. Now, you need to be careful that you don't hurt Grizz or Suggar's feelings by calling them that. Don't worry about me though. You won't bother me by calling me that. See, I'm one of those white people who doesn't recoil in horror and profess my innocence when you call me that. It just makes me laugh because I never had any of that old "white guilt" driven into me. My parents were really good about that.

By the way, since you are keeping score on the replies to your original post....I haven't seen a single person reply POSITIVELY about your racial daydream yet. My, isn't that the darnedest thing????

[quote=Davids mom]I honestly did not feel anyone was uncomfortable. . . .[/quote]

Are you sure that you didn't feel uncomfortable? There were a log of white guys driving pickup trucks at the taste of Fayette, and we all know how uncomfortable that makes you.

Did you take a poll from each and every person there and ask them if they felt uncomfortable? How do you know whether they felt uncomfortable or not? Do you have some sort of 6th sense that makes you especially perceptive of people's uncomfortableness? Did any of the Abfrican Americans at the event feel uncomfortable due to the preponderance of white people there? What are you doing to to make sure all Fayette citizens feel comfortable with the demographics in the county? Isn't it a civil right to feel comfortable?

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Well it seems that Judge Carla McMillian is a member of the Board of Advisors of the Atlanta Chapter of the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies. It is likely that it is this group that is supporting her for election. Now here's what this group's mission is:

"Our Purpose
Law schools and the legal profession are currently strongly dominated by a form of orthodox liberal ideology which advocates a centralized and uniform society. While some members of the academic community have dissented from these views, by and large they are taught simultaneously with (and indeed as if they were) the law.

The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies is a group of conservatives and libertarians interested in the current state of the legal order. It is founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be. The Society seeks both to promote an awareness of these principles and to further their application through its activities.

This entails reordering priorities within the legal system to place a premium on individual liberty, traditional values, and the rule of law. It also requires restoring the recognition of the importance of these norms among lawyers, judges, law students and professors. In working to achieve these goals, the Society has created a conservative and libertarian intellectual network that extends to all levels of the legal community."

If this is in fact where her outside support is coming, then I support it.

Of law dominated by liberal ideology which advocates a centralized society. Sounds like another left wing organization masquerading as conservative. Let’s get out of her Jake. It’s Chinatown!!!

PTC Observer's picture

Better take another look there Missy, I think you missyed something.

Is your "Chinatown" comment some sort of slur?

And who the heck is Jake?

The statement should read “Let’s get out of here Jake” . Jake is Jack Nicholson.

PTC Observer's picture

I'll take your word for it.

for proving my point that Carla McMillian is receiving almost all of her financial support from outside national organizations.

PTC Observer's picture

That's an assumption on my part, I don't know this. I am only speculating.

Why don't you just ask her and let us know what she says? If you already know then let us know.

Looks to me like they are mostly lawyers or ethnic connections. Don't know why that should surprise anyone. Maybe, just maybe, we need to take a look at whatever opposition surfaces before we decide what to do with our one vote!

Cyclist's picture

was caught in the act of "back seat" maneuvering.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

tortugaocho's picture

Judge Pappy--- actually Judge English was caught on the videocam live action feed seated in the front pasenger seat. The Deputy thought it odd that a female was seated in the same seat facing backwards until he walked up (videocam rolling) and saw her mounted. Go Pappy. What a college fraternity prank that was.

This Judge McMillian is boring compared to Slap Happy Pappy. She does her job, goes home to her kids and law professor husband and they probably sip white wine and talk about law cases or something.

Yeah, I think I'd rather have this McMillian on the bench.

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