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4 arrested in Concord Village gambling dispute

Four men, including three residents of Concord Village Apartments, were arrested Tuesday after two of them made false reports that they were robbed at the apartment complex, according to the Peachtree City Police Department.

The police investigation began after one of the suspects came to the emergency room at Piedmont Fayette Hospital with head injuries, reportign that he had been robbed at the complex by three black males, police said.

Shortly after, a second suspect came to the Piedmont Fayette ER with a hand injury, claiming that he had been robbed by three white males, police said.

Police determined that the two injured men, along with two others, had been gambling in an apartment at Concord Village, which turned into a disagreement and a tussle between the four, police said, describing the incident as a “mutual affray.”

Arrested were Leon Redding, 25, of Peachtree Station Circle; Emerald Dowe, 24, of Glenwood Avenue, Decatur; Clifton Redding, 28, of Peachtree Station Circle and Deramie Sutton, 20, of Peachtree Station Circle.

Leon Redding was charged with one felony count of aggravated assault, while Dowe, Sutton and Clifton Redding were cahrged with one felony count of making false statements and one misdemeanor count of affray.



more of it exposed. Good work, PD, keep it up. Don't stop till the place is EMPTY.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

How could something like this ever happen at a nice Peachtree City address?

So, when the mayor said the Section 8 scum was going to washed out of this place - what happened?

Should we be able to go after Steve Black and Alex Thompson for allowing this type of housing in our community?

If the answer is yes, damages should include the extra police and EMT calls, loss of use (meaning it would have worked better as a retirement community) and reduction in property values for the neighbors. Tyronese take notice - this is much worse than a gun shop.

The good news for the Redding Brothers is that they will be able to stay on their parent's health care insurance until they turn 26 - thanks to Obamacare. Good to know, just in case you are injured by a flying bullet.

Live free or die!

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