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A plea to help Booth Middle School science stars go to Olympiad

When you think about what creates quality of life in Fayette County, the school system has to be part of your equation.

Our school system has been able to attract excellent quality faculty, people who are passionate about what they do. I have seen the quality first hand.

In my time volunteering at J.C. Booth Middle School in Peachtree City, I have reviewed the strong testing results and read the student surveys where a significant majority of the students find the school an enjoyable place to learn.

Parent volunteers are also a strong component of a successful system. I have personally witnessed local parents giving countless hours of volunteer service to our schools.

With credit to our parents and teachers, we have a lot of motivated students who leave for school in the morning knowing that high expectations are a given and attitude and performance is essential.

One program that I have fallen in love with in our schools is the Science Olympiad program, combining passionate faculty, hardworking parent volunteers and motivated students.

Whenever you see students getting excited about science and engineering, attending extra study sessions before school, after school and on weekends, it is time to rejoice.

The Science Olympiad team at J.C. Booth Middle School is the reigning state champion and they are soon heading to the national tournament at the University of Wisconsin. The competition is fierce and it is remarkable to watch the students handle the pressure with such great poise.

The Science Olympiad coach at J.C. Booth is Tammy Pakulski. She is a second generation coach as her mother, Mary Wilde, led the team previously. Ms. Pakulski’s parents are still active in the program and her brother is too.

Probably the most difficult part of coaching the team is trying to fund the supplies and study materials as well as the travel and lodging expenses for the national event. Imagine the considerable costs associated with bus charter, lodging and meals for a team of 20 all the way to Wisconsin.

The economy has been a huge hindrance this year with fund-raising. Many local businesses that normally contribute financially to our hometown team representing Fayette County on the national stage are simply in no position to do so this year.

So I make this plea to you. If you are able to help the local kids make it to Wisconsin this year, please consider making a needed contribution. This has been a very tough year with fund-raising and even a check from a local family for $5 or $10 would be greatly appreciated.

Ms. Pakulski and her family pour their hearts and souls into the Science Olympiad program and produce excellent teams. Please consider helping us get this year’s team to the national tournament, representing Fayette County and Georgia.

The vital information is below.

Science Olympiad Contribution

c/o Ms. Tammy Pakulski

250 Peachtree Parkway South

Peachtree City, GA 30269

Steve Brown

Fayette County Commissioner, Post 4

Peachtree City, Ga.

[Brown is also the president of the J.C. Booth Middle School PTO.]


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