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Fayette Middle students celebrate their national success

They are part of something incredible and they want everyone to know it.

Over 700 students at Fayette Middle showed their school spirit by wearing white T-shirts with the words “I’m Part of Something INCREDIBLE!” on the front, and the school’s name along with “National Title I Distinguished School” printed on the back.

The students poured into Fayette Middle’s gym for a school-wide portrait highlighting their achievement. The school found out earlier this year that it was one of two in Georgia and one of only 71 in the nation selected as a 2011 National Title I Distinguished School.

Fayette Middle received the award for having exceptional student performance overall by exceeding its Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) every year since the assessment was implemented under the No Child Left Behind Act.

The school purchased the T-shirts for all of the students through various fundraisers and contributions from donors.



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What a great achievement and well deserved honor for these GREAT kids. You make the whole community proud!!

Terrific job by the Teachers and Parents.

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It's kind of disturbing to see that this same school is on the list of proposed closings. While I don't think a school building itself means much(look at how damn old and decrepit McIntosh is and they still are #1), I don't know if shuttering an achieving school with a very diverse student body/parents is what I'd be aiming at right now. Fayette Middle School is an exception to the majority of schools with the same demographics elsewhere and is a success story.

In these economic times - sometimes the bottom line is the almighty dollar - and not what makes sense for the humans who occupy the 'building'. Congrats to all at Fayette Middle School. Your achievement is celebrated by many - truly an all American school!! A school and community with high expectations achieves!!

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In this case, you have an example that isn't common where the money spent is getting maximum return. Fayette Middle has something working for them way beyond the money they are allocated and closing a successful school like this makes little sense to me from any perspective. They get their tax money(like every other school), they follow all the federal and state mandates(like every other school), and they achieve higher than most. How the hell does someone think this is something that needs to be relocated? Everything they do might need to be copied and transplanted to other schools, but shutting this one down seems like the wrong target.

The US has a very broken and poor public education system already and it's probably the whole model behind it that needs changing. Still, I don't see a lot of serious changes coming to this model anytime soon, so work with you got. What FC has is a gem in FCMS that will probably draw attention about how the US public education system isn't horribly broken but because this school is achieving there is hope. Now.....why would someone close an achieving school that is getting more bang for the buck than others? It's not financial, it's either the principle of getting gov't out of the education business(which I agree with 100%) or just ignorance of ReturnOnInvestment (ROI).

If you're going to have mandated public education by government, don't shutter the schools that make you look right in that approach. That seems like something about everyone can agree upon along with the positive results that are taking place at Fayette Middle.

I applaud all the students, parents, teachers, and school administrators in FCMS for rising above all the decades-long stupidity of the BOE in FC and getting results anyway.

It's FMS, not FCMS. And it is a great school, with passionate teachers, committed leaders, and great kids.

I Heart Fayette

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