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Chairman Smith says one thing on transit, votes for another

Is anybody else concerned about the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde incumbents on the Fayette Board of Commissioners?

Jack Smith swore to us that he didn’t support mass transit in our pastoral county. Then we find The Citizen article, “Commission Chairman Smith explains his ‘Yes’ vote for mass transit in Fayette.”

Wait a minute, I thought Jack didn’t support mass transit.

Smith’s opponent, Steve Brown, looked up the records of the regional government meetings and found Smith voted in favor of a plan calling for transit buses in Fayette County.

Recently, Eric Maxwell said, “I cannot speak for any other commissioner other than myself.” I think that means he is trying to distance himself from Smith’s vote in favor of mass transit.

But wait again, Smith voted for mass transit in Fayette back on Nov. 13, 2008. Where exactly was Maxwell and his fighting MARTA attitude then? I can’t find anyone who recalls Maxwell ever lifting a finger when our representative on the regional government, Jack Smith, voted in favor of mass transit for us back in 2008.

On the West Fayetteville Bypass, Maxwell recently wrote the bypass would alleviate the congestion on Ga. Highway 85. Does Maxwell have any data to show us the congestion would be reduced? Is everyone on Hwy. 85 heading to Ga. Highway 92, because that’s where the bypass dead ends?

Only 51 percent of the voters cast a vote in favor of the transportation SPLOST. Of those 51 percent, most of them probably trusted that the projects the county had on the list were legitimate. But just like the schools bonds we voted for where we now have a bunch of empty and half-empty schools, the West Fayetteville Bypass has proven to be a big expensive dud.

Everyone wants to know what the real reason is for continuing to build the bypass.

Both Smith and Maxwell ran as fiscal conservatives their first time around. However, the last SPLOST they put before the voters was horrible. There was no empathy for the taxpayers they represent, who are struggling to get by.

The incumbents are clearly saying one thing and doing another.

It’s time to swap them out.

Nicole File

Peachtree City, Ga.



Congratulations Ms. File. You have voiced the views of the people.

No wonder they won't respond to your letter. Can anyone say, "Tuck tail and run?"

ginga1414's picture

You are absolutely positively right. And, Nicole File hit the nail on the head. Whenever anyone tries to address the issues with Mr. Maxwell all we get is an ugly comeback or some sort of name calling. They can't address the issues because they know where it will lead. Mr. Smith won't say anything at all. He's just laying low. They both have to admit, by now, that the voters of this county aren't stupid or complacent.

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