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Distribution center opens near I-85 in Fairburn; truck traffic to increase

The Electrolux Corp. on May 13 opened a 600,000 square-foot distribution center near I-85 on Ga. Highway 92 in Fairburn. That’s just under 14 acres under roof. The opening follows the opening of another distribution center in Fairburn by the Clorox Corp. earlier this year and one by the Smucker’s company two years ago, both off Oakley Industrial Boulevard near Ga. Highway 74.

The manufacturer of home appliances and food service and laundry equipment systems for more than 80 years, the new Electrolux location in Fairburn was chosen after an extensive search in an 11-state area, said Fairburn economic development associate Pat Pallend.

Pallend said the center will initially employ 30-40 people and put approximately 100 trucks per day on the road, meaning increased pressure on the already busy Hwy. 74 and Ga. Highway 138.

The Electrolux Southeastern distribution center had been located in Chattanooga. The move to Fairburn was cemented due to the site’s proximity to I-85 and Hartsfield Airport, making it easier to get products to customers, said Pallend.

Recession or not, Fairburn has made significant headway in the past two years in filling industrial space. Clorox earlier this year took possession of a 1.2 million square-foot distribution center on the far west side of the Oakley Industrial/Creekwood Road area while Smucker’s opened an 850,000 square-foot distribution center at Oakley and Bohannon Road approximately two years ago.



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What will you do now?

I guess this will cinch our continued ARC involvement and the new tax.

But any improvement is still years down the road and these trucks will just keep coming.

You all are going to need that East PTC Bypass (better known as Veteran's Pkwy) pretty soon.


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Not in the PM, though. Best bet then is stop off on Stewart Ave. for a few drinks and come home after 7PM.

Live free or die!

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PTC commuter's best option is just to move to Stewart Ave area until retirement.


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Consult Steve Brown first?

I yam what I yam

If prospective buyers for Peachtree City properties come through this exit and intersections to look at homes to purchase in Peachtree City you can forget the sale!! If they plan on commuting to Atlanta and experience this forget the sale!! It wont happen. This area is a boondoggle. It is FUBAR. If I had known 25 years ago it would have turned into this I would have gone elsewhere. I still love the PTC though. Great place to live. (just wish my work was here not in ATL)

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself

or as good as they seem. I negotiate this interchange almost daily without much issue. Traffic on the northside is generally MUCH worse.

That said, timing is everything, and knowing a few side routes helps too. :)

I like your optimism. For sale sign is down. Now I have to work on my timing!!

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself

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