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East Coweta Middle wants Senoia sewer hook-up

The Senoia City Council at its May 16 meeting agreed to explore a request that could result in having East Coweta Middle School connected to the city’s sewer system.

City Administrator Richard Ferry in addressing the request from the Coweta County School System noted an April 28 letter asking that the middle school on Ga. Highway 16 west of the city be connected to the sewer system. Ferry said he is not yet certain of the sewer capacity generated by the middle school, but would obtain that information to present to the council.

Responding to questions from the council as to whether the connection would create a negative impact on the city’s 490,000-gallon per day capacity, Ferry said it would not, adding that the city’s system is currently at 42 percent capacity.

Senoia currently serves 1,200 customers using a daily average of 209,000 gallons. The current system usage leaves approximately 281,000 gallons per day for additional customers, Ferry said, citing information contained in a draft Memorandum of Understanding between the school system and the city.

A “yes” vote by the council to accept the school would require that the school system be responsible for the cost of obtaining all permits, easements and property needed for the project along with expense of installation.

The council agreed that Ferry should proceed with compiling the information needed to determine the viability of the request.


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