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PTC listed among safest cities in the nation

Peachtree City has again earned the distinction of being one of the top 100 safest cities in the United States as determined by the NeighborhoodScout website.

The city ranked 63rd and was one of only three cities in Georgia recognized; the others were Johns Creek and Milton, both in north Fulton County.

The rankings were compiled by analyzing the final, non-preliminary crime statistics on communities as provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to NeighborhoodScout. The website used the data to determine the rate of crime per 1,000 residents.

NeighborhoodScout noted that the city’s violent crime rate was well below the national average, as the chance of becoming a victim of violent crime here is 1 in 4,245. The city also scored well on property crime rates as well.

Police Chief H.C. “Skip” Clark said the city’s low crime rate is a testament to not just the police department but also the efforts of the community and the criminal justice system.

“Our citizens at large are our eyes and ears and help us a lot of times with issues,” Clark said. “They are also very good stewards about making sure they are not leaving themselves open to becoming a victim of crime. All those things play a role.”

The main goal is to avoid getting complacent about crime and how it affects the community, Clark added.

“Our challenge is always to get it down to none, but realistically we try to keep it moving in the right direction, because it could change tomorrow,” Clark said.



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Great job, we'll make sure this continues by supporting your efforts by paying for protection.

Now, if we can get the rest of Fayette County on this wagon, it would be terrific.

How about a countywide LSPLOST to fund more police, equipment, jail facilities, courts and personnel?

Where's the leadership at the County level on this idea?

I'm not big on paying extra taxes believing if you give more money to government it usually just finds wasteful ways to spend it. But if there was a way that new tax revenue would be 100% guaranteed to pay for additional police and the city/county could not dip into the current funding for other things then I'd be all for it. We're not going to keep crime out of this county or city, but we can at least try to make the criminals lives miserable & incarcerated ones.

It doesn't hurt in having a heavy Police presence on all the main arteries through town, to help deter criminal activity in your community!

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