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PTC Council sacks walking sign, vacant home talks

Without explanation, the Peachtree City Council set aside talks on two proposed ordinances “indefinitely” Thursday night.

Council was poised to consider a proposal to ban walking advertisements in city rights of way and in any area visible from a public street.

That proposal was dismissed along with a revamped new ordinance that would require building owners to register their homes with the city when they are vacant. A $200 fee was proposed, and staff had contended the ordinance would help the city keep close tabs on such structures to make sure they are kept up to protect property values.

The vacant strucutre ordinance would have applied to residential, office, commercial and industrial structures. Councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch, who suggested both matters be tabled, first clarified that she would not have to recuse herself from the discussion due to her job as a Realtor.

Since she does not own any vacant property, City Attorney Ted Meeker said Fleisch was free to participate in the discussion and vote on it.

An audience member asked why the proposals were dismissed, and Mayor Don Haddix said, “We’re not privileged to go into that.”

Haddix noted that the proposals could be reconsidered at a later date, or they may not.

Councilwoman Kim Learnard said she was caught by surprise about the dismissal of the proposed walking sign rules.



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