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Fire station cost up another $50K

The expansion and renovation of the Satterthwaite Fire Station in Peachtree City is getting more expensive.

Another $50,000 was approved for the project to cover the cost of blasting through rock and the need to replace “unsuitable soil” discovered during construction.

The project includes the addition of a separate crew quarters (whereas currently male and female firefighters bunk in the same area). Also, the project involves connecting to the city’s sewer system near Crabapple Lane Elementary.

The initial bid for the project was $707,000.

The additional funds are being pulled from previously-approved funding to improve the driveways at several fire stations, said City Finance Director Paul Salvatore. Those projects, like the Satterthwaite renovation, were funded by the 2009 Bricks and Mortar financing program.

The $50,000 overage does not include an additional $65,000 in change orders that have been approved for the project, according to Community Development Director David Rast.

Moreover, there is no promise this will be the last cost overage, as more rock and unsuitable soil could perhaps be encountered, city officials said.


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