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District voting for Democrats

I agree with Mr. Lowry’s statement that the real purpose of the NAACP lawsuit was not to address a racial concern.

Indeed the record before the court failed to demonstrate any racial discrimination. The real purpose of the lawsuit was to help liberal Democrat candidates get elected in Fayette County.

However, because a political party is not a “protected class,” the NAACP did the bidding for the Democrats by once again improperly and shamefully playing the race card.

It is a real tragedy that an organization which was founded on such lofty ideals has become merely a tool so easily manipulated by a group which is only concerned with keeping people dependent upon them and the government.

Mr. Lowry has the further audacity to call upon the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Education to drop their appeals so that the money could be “better used to benefit the county’s needs.”

I wonder, is one of those needs the more than $850,000 Mr. Lowry has demanded from the taxpayers of Fayette County for NAACP legal fees?

Scott Fabricius, Chairman
Fayette County Republican Party
Fayetteville, Ga.


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