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Senior apartment plan up for vote Monday

A pitch to build 110 age-restricted senior apartments next to the Kedron Village shopping center will be voted on Monday night by the Peachtree City Planning


NorSouth wants to build on a 5.6 acre tract on Newgate Road that was previously zoned for 21 luxury townhomes.

The commission’s vote is one of recommendation only. The City Council has final say on all rezoning matters.

Several city council members have expressed hesitation over the NorSouth senior apartment project, which would be restricted to persons ages 62 and up. The apartments are targeting seniors who earn no more than about $30,000 a year, and some have questioned what would happen if the company is unable to fill the complex. The income limit is set due to a requirement of tax credits allowed for the project that are granted on the construction end to keep rents affordable. Anyone earning more than the income limit can rent one of the apartments at full market price, NorSouth officials have said.

NorSouth representatives have said they have never had a problem finding tenants for its similar properties. The company also provided a tour of its Atlanta area developments for council members, planning commission members, city staff and the public.

Also on Monday’s planning commission agenda is a review of proposed changes to the city’s telecommunications tower ordinance. Two weeks ago council enacted a moratorium on all new tower applications pending the ordinance changes and an updating of the application process.
The application process changes will also be discussed Monday night.

Under the city’s current ordinance there are precious few cell tower sites in the seven mostly residential areas where new ones are needed. Those areas were identified by three cellphone companies: AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.

Of the available sites, most are owned by either the city or the Fayette County Board of Education. There are also opportunities for perhaps two new towers to be built on the Flat Creek Golf Course.

All towers must be at least 200 feet away from any adjacent residential property and any roads; they also must be at least 50 feet from all non-residential property.

Under current city ordinances, towers can only be built on property zoned general industrial, light industrial, open space or agriculture reserve.
The city has reached out to the cellphone companies in an effort to determine instances where companies can co-locate on new towers. The companies have indicated they want to build monopole towers instead of the traditional lattice-type towers.

The new towers would be no higher than 200 feet because above that level they have to be specially lit according to a requirement by the Federal Aviation Administration. The companies want to avoid having to light the towers out of concern they will draw more attention to them from an aesthetic point of view for nearby residents.



This type housing is very much needed. Vote yes and let it be built. Appreciate that someone wants to spend money and build here. And for those of you who dont like it because you are on your high horse and think you are better than others. Get over it

Robert W. Morgan's picture

read this quote from the article " restricted to persons ages 21 and up. The apartments are targeting seniors who earn no more than about $30,000 a year, "

Does that sound like something we need here? And it is zoned for a few townhomes now - they want a rezoning for 100 APARTMENTS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Sorry for shouting there, but get a grip and see this for what it is.

Live free or die!

This request is ridiculous. How is it a "restriction" that renters have to be at least 21? Who exactly are they excluding? Please tell me why a real senior would want to rent here if it can be filled up with rowdy single folk who want to party? What makes this project a senior friendly project? Guess I better go to this meeting cause I have too many unanswered questions. What a joke.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

John corrected it and explained it above. Nevertheless, the fact remains that this is 100 apartments replacing 21 townehomes. We just don't do that here.

The subsidized aspect of this is not as dangerous as that of Harmony Village (thank you very much, Steve Black and Alex Thompson for foisting that on us. The Village Park people really like you for that.) but it is still a factor and I seriously doubt the "age restriction" will have any teeth in it if they have vacant apartments - which is a certainty. You will have 30 seniors, 70 empty apartments after a year - then what would you guess is going to happen?

Best thing to do - as is often the case - is to vote NO!

Live free or die!

John Munford's picture

Sorry for the confusion. If not for the 62 year old age limit, this would've been sacked a long time ago.

Staff Writer

Although that makes alot more sense, I am still very skeptical. Just don't buy it.

I support Senior housing. In my play book thats 62 and older. If this place is going to rent to 21 and older then its obvious it is not senior housing. You will not have happy seniors if you let young punks in the complex. A war will break out. So if it is age 62 and up Fine. Other than that no I would not support it. The washington state senior housing complexes are awsome. AKA (SHAG). It could be copied here.

as a PTC resident, I would not be in favor of this development.

I read what the Council and Mayor think of senior apartment housing and I know it will not happen. It is interesting to see the websites below or beside this issue "Elderly Care", "Live Independently". It is appalling to accept NorSouth to take the time to present themselves to the council and city, when we know the decision has been made, why not 'just say no'. Good luck PTC with your overstaffed City Hall, Golf Courses, vacant strip malls and out of control tweens/teens, who have no where to go except Target, and to the parents who drop them off for baby sitting as well as allow the younger than 16 to drive their golf carts around the city. It is such a different place,and granted a different time. Sadly we Americans have a different respect for seniors. God Bless PTC's vision people will visit yet not want to live.

Obviously, someone is jealous of PTC. IF not, it sure seems so.

Have a nice day.

There is a typo in the article above. Go to and download the Agenda packet for Mon. mtg. (PDF)

Pages and pages of how staff is recommending approval in this packet and planning comm. will vote yes. Then, let's see if city council hold true to their word and denies it.

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The minimum age limit for the project is 62 years old, NOT 21. It has been corrected in the article.

Staff Writer

with Norsouth, or are you just a disgruntled senior who cannot find a place to live in Peachtree City--not!

Only a senior who had to retire too early because of the recission and lay offs. A senior who has and would work as long as possible. A senior who has lived in Coweta and Fayette Counties for the past 35 plus years and see that it has not become the PTC that was originally envisioned. I have toured a Norsouth property and I felt it was an amazing answer to affordable housing for seniors who may be less fortunate than you. Had you read previous comments by me, you would know I raised my child as a single mother without a college degree. Not your problem Tymite I agree, but let me tell you, even when you grow old you want to live in a nice, clean community with residents your age before you may have to go to an assisted living situation. Seniors everywhere want to be independent as long as possible, need to give back to the community and with a little help perhaps a little respect (you sound like a reasonably intelligent person but perhaps you may need to look this word up). I pray your family will never have the need for affordable housing, not government sponsored, housing that we can pay for.

college education and without government help, so I know what you mean. So, believe me I am no more fortunate than you. As for age, I would bet I am at least 15 years your senior and living off social security which I earned by working for many, many years--often two and three jobs. Still, I am very worried about all these apartments being built in the area with no one to fill them. You only have to look around you to see that things are changing in the area and all too often, not for the better. I very definitely know the meaning of respect and show it. And, it is because I want to live in a nice clean community that I moved to Peachtree City years ago. I just do not want my community to become like so many others--I want to see my investment in my small home protected. Too often, builders come in and make many promises but when they can't or refuse to fill those promises they move on and leave the community to deal with it---that I do not want to see happen here.

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