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Fines set for false burglar alarms in PTC

In an effort to free up police manpower, Peachtree City has approved new rules that could lead to fines for multiple false burglar alarm calls at a given residence or business.

Under the ordinance the first two false alarms are free, and the third can be free if the system owner takes an online course.

The move is in response to a staggering number of false burglar alarms. In 2010, the department responded to 2,707 burglar alarms. Only one had indicated an actual crime had occurred, according to Police Chief H.C. “Skip” Clark.

The ordinance requires that all alarm users give two phone numbers where a responsible party can be reached. Those two calls must be made before an officer is dispatched to the scene.

Individuals and businesses will be required to register their burglar alarm systems with the city. The police department will send registration notices to the addresses where they have responded to false alarm calls in the past, Clark noted.

Councilman Eric Imker wanted the city to dump the registration process, but it was argued that without the registrations, the ordinance would be ineffective.

City Manager Jim Pennington said he once worked in a community that passed such an ordinance without the registrations, but it didn’t last long because it could not be enforced.

Imker suggested that a hacker could get the registration information from the city’s computer system.

After noting that the two-call “enhanced notification system” could be enacted without the other restrictions, Councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch cast the lone vote against the new ordinance, which was approved 4-1.

Clark said he’s hopeful that educating alarm operators will help cut down the false alarms tremendously, since many false alarms are due to operator error.



one of the 9 PTC cops sitting on 54 giving out tickets to people who happen to sneeze while driving would have to be pulled away from their revenue collection duties to go see if an actual crime was being committed against a PTC homeowner.

This will be just another way for them to make money. If you never set your alarm you won't have a problem.

Me thinks you embellish.

As bad of a rap as the cops get on traffic patrol, I have NEVER been stopped in PTC for any type moving violation.

I am now knocking on my head. :)

......own a newer auto with no dents; drive 35 MPH; spend most of your time in local bars or alcohol restaurants, or leaving them late; go mostly to the country clubs at the golf courses; hang around liquor stores; be related to officials!

If you are interested to know how many traffic tickets are issued and their costs, it is available! Also, the time of day and location.

We also have several Motorcycles in PTC who go for ten minute rides every hour with mufflers like B-747s, and who speed through neighborhoods at about 80MPH (no tickets there), but apparently they aren't owned by anyone much except pilots or high earners!

Cops can stir up trouble with the issuance of tickets to too many of the wrong people.

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This just creates an impression of police arrogance.

These ordinances usually make no provision for ACCIDENTAL alarms.

The investigating officer should have an option to make a determination and not be under a requirement to issue a FALSE alarm notice.


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I don't live in PTC but I hate this kind of ordinance.

People need to be educated about the use of an alarm system and that should be the goal and requirement, not the citations and fines.

In Dekalb county they always just sent the fire dept to investigate and the police could finish their other duties. Whatever that is.

The occupants need to learn to be proactive and prevent false alarms as muc h as possible but the cops can't really be sure it was a false call and will always issue a notice of false call in any case.

One storm can produce enough false calls to overwhelm the system.


For a town full of Libertarians, TEAS, and Conservatives, and ML Republicans, and two Democrats---along with 40% non-voters, I have never seen so many "rules." Stupid rules at that!

For a couple of years now, at least, we have enforced very few, if any, of existing rules---especially about appearances of lawns, etc.

Yet we continue to add more.
Could some of this be coming from a very few "old-timers" here who feel that PTC needs to start running off undesirable looking people who are working, fishing, and generally existing (in the wrong place)?

We allow Huddleston to look like 85 through Riverdale, and the extreme end of the western part of te city to becoming Disneyland, Smokey Mountain entertainment, and the Mall of the USA!

Yet, one fellow carrying a sign that says have a cup of coffee and a sandwich, is, horror of horrors, and is real scary to some.

Then, do we hae people in PTC who constantly call, apparently 100s of times, to report that uncle Tom is beating up aunt Suzy?

If you are hinting that this is coming mostly from "rentals," then I suggest that you pay personal visits to those places and put the fear of Charlie Rangel, and speaker Boehner into them!

Children do get scared you know!

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