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Former PTC Mayor Logsdon to try another run

Former Peachtree City Mayor Harold Logsdon has announced he will seek re-election to the office he held for one term.

And he’s running against a man he sued for libel.

Logsdon, who settled a libel suit against current Mayor Don Haddix last year, served as mayor from 2005 to 2009.

In his final year in office, the city eliminated a number of public works positions as landscaping services were cut and shifted to private landscaping companies via contract. The change was necessary at the time to provide a deep savings in the budget, Logsdon said at the time.

Logsdon will join Haddix, current council members Vanessa Fleisch and George Dienhart and businessman Ryan Jolly in the five-candidate field for mayor.

In his announcement letter, Logsdon said he has been “appalled” at the lack of leadership the city has seen over the past three and a half years.

Logsdon also touts his experience as a plus.

“You deserve a mayor who has a record of new ideas and innovative problem solving, and a mayor who can bring people together to find practical solutions,” Logsdon wrote. “You also deserve someone who can restore a sense of cooperation among city, county and state officials.”

In 2009, Logsdon declined to run for re-election, instead qualifying for a run at the state insurance and fire safety commissioner’s office. Logsdon ultimately bowed out late in that race due to health reasons.

In addition to protecting the city’s quality of life, Logsdon also wants to focus on economic development and ethics, he said.

Retired from a 36-year career at BellSouth, Logsdon also served in the Army National Guard and has been active with Boy Scouts, the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce and the American Legion.

“I am running because you deserve a mayor who will work for you, for your family and friends, and for the city — not someone who will work for his own agenda,” Logsdon said.



Glad to see that you have decided to run.

I know it's not your style to comment on this blog but I hope that under the current situation when others lie and/or make delusional statements. You have experience and credibility to shut down that behavior.


Robert W. Morgan's picture

The Rotary debate will really be interesting - a must see event.

All 4 challengers are good capable people and I'd be happy with any of them as mayor. Sadly 3 good people will be left behind after a tough campaign and the inevitable runoff. Maybe Vanessa will just run again for her seat or George will just change his mind and remain a councilman, but I doubt it.

Harold still has his supporters and his organization. I am certain none had any reason to change their support during the last 3 years, so he will be in a runoff with someone else. Very interesting indeed.

Live free or die!

I think it is a good too. Perhaps a few of the existing candidates would be wise to drop out before they have to drop off council or spend some of their hard earned money. The debates will certainly be fun to watch. I predict a lot of red faces from the current mayor along with a lot of stuttering. Perhaps he will now drop out citing something vague to save face.

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1 more candidate and he ties Steve Brown's record as the most candidates opposed to an incumbent mayor. Two more and he wins outright.

There's also the lowest % of the vote ever awarded to any incumbent which is pretty much a job performance rating. I don't think Brown's 28% is a record - it is for a PTC mayor, but I'm thinking all incumbents in the entire county - a real dubious honor. I can't remember who set that particular low-water mark. Maybe Steve Boone? Eric Maxwell? Somebody will know, but whatever it is, da mayor has a good chance of breaking it.

Live free or die!

With Haddix nearing 70%+ this thing is over, just ask him. :)

I'm sure there will be at least one more who will announce.

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Can't think of anyone better to lead the city. Economic development, tasteful and professional interaction with state and local governments, good representation and coordination with the Pinewood people. This is the right time for you to be on our stage..

You will also be respected by the city council and staff - a huge improvement.

Welcome back.

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I'm sure he'll be respected by staff...maybe he can go into business with them like he did Big Fail Bernie McMullen while McMullen was city mgr and Logsdon mayor! Talk about really dumb.

I thought that while Harold was certainly a relief from Brown, he mostly kicked the can down the road and ignored the growing issues in PTC.

4 years was enough of Logsdon.

I'm sure there will be at least one more who will announce.

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I could support you, should you run and Mr. Garlock doesn't announce. We need someone with your experience and perspective on our city council.

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Lager Logsdon versus Dumb Ass Donnie, WOW, is that a matchup. The only thing that will top that is if Darryl "Dar" Thompson jumps in. What a running of the mutts that will be.

It makes you want to give the Marine a chance but, on second thought, he has been in there with the staff running wild so maybe he doesn't have the backbone. So, Dienhart, I don't know.

Logsdon would be the worst. It was under his watch that the staff problems really degenerated. While he and Manager Bernie were running their little side business, that's when the Fire Department (for example) started their open sexuality including targeting the very young female recruits in Rookie School. These people have brought shame on a once very honorable department composed of honorable public service employees. So many departments are just like that in PTC--- council just nods their collective head and says "Yes, Massah."

It is indeed sad.

The current Mayor has shown his incompetence over and over. A blind draw out a hat would result in a better Mayor IMHO.

Don Haddix's picture

The Logsdon Category has been added to my <a href="http://donhaddix.com/index.php">website</a>.

As a quick intro here:
[quote]<cite>In Harold Logsdon's announcement, in one paper, he spoke of ethics and economic development.</cite>

<cite>On ethics, as Mayor, he formed a business partnership with the City Manager. Trying to hide it, he advised Council after an Executive Session when no public was there. I told Staff to put it in he Minutes, where the press read it.</cite>

<cite>On economic development, his idea was to build retail and homes. He supported rezoning for retail stores at Wilshire, which is still sitting there virtually undeveloped, and the Line Creek CCD Development with traffic light. Logsdon also wanted to annex in Southern Pines and the Horse Farm area as retail.</cite>

<cite>Logsdon additionally supported the Callula Hills residential proposal by the Airport. This was a rezoning from Industrial to residential within the Airport restriction zone.</cite>[/quote]


<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

PTC Observer's picture

Mr. Logsdon, is not totally incompetent.

mudcat's picture

Or you. Nobody is voting for you.
But Logsdon supporting that Mitchell criminal - ok - alleged criminal as the FBI (who is hunting him) refers to him. Anyway Logsdon does not get my vote if he's supporting Mitchell.

I'm voting for George.

As creepy as he is, not to mention inaccurate and delusional!

Meanwhile we are developing a nice pool of candidates, vote anyone but Haddix!
Too creepy and scary, he writes so much about the other candidates its like Nixon's hit list!

PTC Observer's picture

Interesting, it seems your members and visitors to your site are in line with the overwhelming number of supporters stepping up to endorse you.

I am still looking for the onrush of enthusiastic city, county and state leadership stepping up to endorse your candidacy for Mayor of our fair city. I can't wait to see the quality of the support that you have gathered around you during your tenure at the helm. With all your personal successes and proven leadership, I am sure we will see it soon?

Impatiently yours,


Robert W. Morgan's picture

You are (sort of) the mayor of a very nice city and when the 4th or 5th opponent to your reelection announces, you decide to do this? Who the heck is running your campaign - Valerie Jarrett?

I have seen your website and it sucks. Just go away and let Mr. Logsdon or Mr. Dienhart run the city under the city charter - it states weak mayor, effeminate city manager and we are most of the way there, doncha think?. You think the Obama style Chicago politics will play well in Peachtree City? No, they won't.

Please go away. I thought you might get 200 votes, now I'm revising downward.

Live free or die!

Don Haddix's picture

Okay, you keep making false claims. Time to prove yourself. Where does it say "Weak Mayor?"

There are three forms of government; Weak Mayor, Council/Manager and Strong Mayor. We are a Modified Council/Manager with the Mayor having additional powers, putting us between Council/Manager and Strong Mayor.

Get back to me when you can prove your claim. Then we can talk, not until.

In closing, Dienhart has already violate the City Charter more than once. All on the website if anyone is curious.


<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Mike King's picture

What we ACTUALLY have is an embarrassment as mayor who can't seem to accept the fact that he has lost both the credibility and confidence of those he represents. Step down now and allow the healing to begin early.

I don't know whose idea it was originally, but I seem to recall then Mayor Logsdon supporting the TDK bridge for its traffic relief benefits! Isn't that like supporting Obama for his fiscal responsibility? If TDK had been built as planned we'd already be seeing the 'benefits' of thousands more new Coweta county residents in cars making their daily pilgrimage up & down Hwy 74 & 54. Between Logsdon and the city commission at the time, there wasn't a large box store, traffic light, retail and/or residential annexing they didn't like. PTC as a place for raising a family in quiet neighborhoods designed with a village concept in mind? How quaint. How out of touch. How utterly unprofitable for their friends!! I know I can't stop 'progress' but I'm always happy when we can at least slow it down a little. I won't be voting for the former mayor, but that's just me.

bringinabroom's picture

Logsdon is a cause of many of our current problems. TDK Boulevard would have made problems worse in terms of traffic. Look at the Publix and the Chick-fil-A in south Peachtree City. They bring in traffic and business from---- you got it, Coweta, specifically Senoia. So it would have been with TDK. It would have simply ADDED new traffic and not diverted traffic. Logsdon was behind TDK.

Logsdon and Bernie Mac were too busy looking in to making money while in office. Not very good but, alas, it's what many politicians. Look at Logsdon's TDK sidekick, Sen. Mitch Seabaugh----- he got himself a cushy full time state job.

We need to reload with new people--- new people who will finally have the nerve to tell (for example) our city employees that you don't drink on duty and you keep your groping to yourself. None of these people (going back to Fred Brown) have ever had the guts to tell City Staff to follow common rules of decency. JUST SAY NO !

"The whole thing stinks--- time for a Spring Cleaning."

"If TDK had been built as planned we'd already be seeing the 'benefits' of thousands more new Coweta county residents in cars making their daily pilgrimage up & down Hwy 74 & 54."

First of all, the proposed development in Coweta was never built. So your fear of PTC Traffic Armageddon as a result of TDK is totally misplaced.

Second, what new residents have moved to Coweta County are now forced to use Hwy 54 as the only route into and through PTC. Say what you want, but if TDK had been built it would have offered an alternate route and alleviated a lot of the traffic on 54 and 74.

Perhaps in your world, we install a fence at the city border and if you don't have a Fayette tag, you are not allowed into The Bubble. If so, sounds a tad unrealistic but that's just me.


Not to rip off the main line from "Field Of Dreams", but if you build the TDK bridge it will be no time at all before the additional East Coweta retail & subdivisions will surely come. As far as my wish for a bubble around Peachtree City? Not quite, but it always amazes me when people move to an area for the quality of life and then support changes that will rapidly diminish that very quality in the name of progress. If I wanted all the wonderful things developers could bring to Peachtree City I would have purchased a flat in Atlantic Station. But I'd rather live in a city that lives up to the original vision of Peachtree City as a bedroom community laid out in a village format with limited & controlled retail & business districts. If wanting this for my family & I rather than the latest vision from developers who more often than not don't even live here means I want to "live in a bubble" then so be it. OR it could be I just don't buy your version of reality that disregards traffic studies to the contrary and tells others that TDK would actually mean less traffic. I hope people look into the real facts for themselves and make informed decisions rather than going by opinions they read here.

There are no current plans to bring that development back. And the fact is TDK would take pressure off the 54/74 intersection. Again, most of the backup northbound on 74 are Coweta County residents who work in the Industrial Park trying to get back to Coweta County. Look, I've lived here for over 30 years and I'm not advocating unbridled growth and development by any means but the simple fact is growth and development are going to occur whether or not you or I like it. And with that growth comes the challenge of managing the growth which includes moving people around on the highways. So if you don't agree with TDK being a good alternative, then what do you propose other than erecting a fence around PTC stationed with armed guards not allowing people from other counties into Fayette? Obviously what we have ain't working!

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Going west in the evening to avoid 54/74, I have taken Rockaway to Stallings to McIntosh and I know I am in Sharpsburg quicker the other way. Didn't see much traffic that way and I have done this at least 5 times right at 5PM. If I worked in the Industrial Park, that's the way I would go.

The Fischer Road to I-85 fantasy is just that - first of all it won't get built for 10 years and secondly you can do the same thing now by going to Collingsworth. Atlanta commuters are not the problem, Industrial Park workers who live west are.

Live free or die!

G35 Dude's picture

Are you a developer?

Nope. No ties to developers in any capacity.

The same profit opportunities that existed before when TDK was all but a done deal, will exist once again if the bridge is revived. If you believe differently than so be it, but if its ever built I won't enjoy being proven right, trust me. But I do appreciate the civil discourse. Its whats missing in our government right now.

We need less choke points..

Not saying build TDK, but there has to be a better way.

Don Haddix's picture

Yes, he did support it. Read <a href="http://archive.thecitizen.com/node/14134">Here.</a>

As for borntorun's comments, it was not build because they have to have the bridge. It is not a done and gone issue. The developers most assuredly still wants the bridge and want to build the development. They have flown in to try to persuade me to change my mind on the bridge.

There is no traffic relief from TDK.

We need the connection of Fischer to 85 and I will keep working on it.

On development, you are correct, as well. His idea of economic development is building homes and retail. But don't fund DAPC for good paying job recruitment and redevelopment.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

There is traffic relief from TDK. Or would have been if built. Look at the traffic pattern during peak rush hour in the early afternoon. Most of the back up on Hwy 74 northbound trying to turn left onto Hwy 54 towards Coweta County is from Coweta County people who work in the Industrial Park trying to get back to Coweta County. If only half of those people had the option of taking TDK back into Coweta County from the Industrial Park you would see a tremendous reduction on the 54/74 daily nightmare. I fail to see how your suggestion of the connection of Fischer Road to I-85 addresses this. But please......enlighten me.

Don Haddix's picture

Over 3,000 new homes just over the bridge and upward to a million sq feet of retail in Coweta is not a formula for traffic relief.

For north bound and returning Coweta traffic in East Coweta using Fischer and getting on and off there would be far easier than having to negotiate 74/85 and 74/54. That should not be at all hard to see.

The full TDK plan would route traffic through PTC via Crosstown etc. It impacts far more than just 74.

Keeping traffic from entering PTC at all is relief for east and south travel as well by there being fewer vehicles entering 74/54, in example.

Not a cure for all the issues, but it is a relief affecting all.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Perhaps you haven't heard. The development of 3000 homes and retail development didn't happen. Therefore, a moot point. The fact is, as things stand now, if TDK had been developed that would be a very good alternative to Coweta citizens who work in the Industrial Park to get back to Coweta. You may have a point with Coweta citizens who take 74 south, feed into PTC and turn right onto Hwy 54. But the TDK project would be take pressure off of the northbound 74 traffic.

mudcat's picture

He thinks 3,000 homes are going to built in Coweta the instant TDk is extended.
He thinks the traffic through 54/74 is Atlanta commuters from Coweta County..
He thinks the Coweta commuters going to Atlanta will stop going thru 54/74 if they can just get on I-85 2 miles sooner than they can now.
He does not think anyone works in the industrial park and commutes from Coweta.
He does not think that anyone at DOT knows as much as he does about traffic.

I say give it up dude, he's not worth arguing with.

MajorMike's picture

BTR, You need to look at this one a bit more before you jump on mudcat's Mayor bashing bandwagon 'cause the Mayor is 100% correct on this one! Had the bridge been built, at any time, there were developers perched ready to go at almost a moments notice. Most recently,under the last County Commission, Robert Horgan got involved by threatening a PTC official with imminent domain if the city did not sign a particular piece of property over to the county.

If the TDK extension happened, Crosstown road would be four laned at least up to Robinson road and probably beyond. This thing was never ever meant to benefit Fayette commuters - it's always been about East Coweta development. Cooler heads, including Steve Brown, saw through the BS and realized just how much the TDK extension was going to cost Fayette in both dollars and lifestyle, and politely told the Coweta County Commission to find and fund additional Interstate access themselves.

Mudcat is merely cheering on the developer party line.

Don Haddix's picture

As I said before, the developers flew in from Salt Lake City and Rockville, MD, to try to persuade me to build the bridge. I said no.

There is no speculation here nor is the proposal in any way dead.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Here you go again, taking credit where its not due.

You can meet with developers all you want, but this issue was resolved by Kim and Erice on council when they met with Fayette County to give them access to the lake whereby creating the county park.

You called is "secret meeting" which it wasn't.

The problem was resolved without you...meet away, the bridge is not going to be built and you are not the saviour of the city as you wish to appear.

Stop taking credit for other "real" work.

Don Haddix's picture

Again with the false statements from a guy who said he would say and do anything to defeat me, including using another person's identity, a supporter of mine, in fact, to post under two different identities to attack me.

You make claims for which you have no facts. Go <a href="http://donhaddix.com/showthread.php?t=166">HERE</a> and read, especially Learnard's letter to the Commissioners.

Learnard and Imker were a problem in this process, not the cure.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Please Don, most people know you are a liar and take credit for other's people work. This is a well known fact and is clearly documented. Same for lies and half truths you attack people on...I think a reporter once called it - "twist and turn"

Your behavior here on the blogs represents your behavior when you represent the city. Citizens are realizing that.

You do not understand how to be honest otherwise you would have returned the $12,000 in tax paper money you took due a lawsuit because of you opened your stupid mouth. The city has 2 lawsuits due to Haddix Mouth, its worse than Potty Mouth!

Reality is, you are unable to work with other people, your ego in this job has gotten so big you are out of control and have been since taking office.

Here's the truth about TDK:
Citizens should call or email any of the players involved to confirm the truth!

In late 2011 Kim Learnard, Eric Imker, Ted Meeker, and Jim Pennington held a series of meetings with County officials including the County Administrator and the County Attorney. The purpose of the meetings was to figure out a way to provide the County enough property such that they could access their dam and park at the new Lake McIntosh, while at the same time preserving enough land in the area such that Peachtree City would have control over, and could prevent, any TDK road connection to Coweta County. After a series of meetings the situation was ultimately resolved when we learned that ownership of a slice of property in the area was actually by Peachtree City and not the County as had been previously understood. This was not an easy process. Incredibly, ownership of properties in the area was difficult to determine in some cases. And in the middle of it all, perhaps out of a need for self-preservation, the County toyed with the idea of using a form of imminent domain to get the property they needed. Hence, Kim’s email to County officials as seen on the Haddix website. It is notable that no imminent domain came into play and the matter was amicably resolved once the ownership issues were established.

Now, here is the interesting part...as quoted by a current elected official who knows Haddix:

"Haddix had nothing whatsoever to do with any of it. He does not work well in a group; he does not communicate well; he is unable to grasp ideas offered by others or understand the perspective of others. He was not involved in any of these meetings. Any involvement of Haddix’ exists only in his mind"

Enough said - Except, return the $12,000 to the PTC Taxpayers!

Don Haddix's picture

Post the name and written source for that quote.

Nothing was ever reported to Council by Ted Meeker or James Pennington on what you claimed. Most assuredly it would have been during Executive Session when discussing proposals, etc.

There was no toying with imminent domain. There were threats made.

You are not telling the truth, Larry.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Bottom line the outcome was achieved between the city and county and it was done in 2011.

There's no lie, check the outcome. It's amazing how out of touch you are.

Meanwhile, you have all the names listed in the email. You have everything you need.
Make some calls and learn about. Call Ted, Jim, Eric or Kim.

Amazing... You are so out of touch. People don't want to work with you!

But, it's ok, call me a liar... And attack more citizens as you do...It's all coming out, the truth about you.

Don Haddix's picture

Here is who is in the email as having met along with Learnard, "Council Member Imker, met with Mr. Comer and Mr. Krakeel" No City Attorney, no City Manager and no Commissioner.

Yes, I have talked to both Ted and Jim. No, didn't happen and there was no resolution until City Staff and I met with Chairman Frady and County Staff.

You didn't give me the non existent name or written statement.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Of course you did.

I'll wait to read their post on this blog or letter to the editor supporting your story!

When can we expect to read them?

Robert W. Morgan's picture

We are all thinking the mayor is just inept and narcissistic with a tough of megalomania thrown in, but I'm starting to think there's a serious mental illness at play here. I mean he's defending himself from secret meetings when he himself was the one that accused Kim and Eric of meeting secretly with Fayette County. Then he's demanding that you and a fictional cat that dresses like Hillary Rodham in college provide links to back up the truthfulness of what you say.
I really think we should look at the city charter and find out what we do when the mayor is incompetent and unable to fulfill his duties. I doubt things will be getting better. Of course November is coming right up and it is amusing to watch him dig his hole deeper and deeper.

Live free or die!

Please...can we see some civility here?

PTC Observer's picture

Unfortunately, I believe you have come to the wrong forum. We have people on this board that actually call other people "part drunk". You know what? That can get you into a whole lot of trouble that other people must pay for with their hard earned money. Luckily we have a government to protect us.



Lets just hope PTC citizens see the truth!

Of course you spoke to Ted and Jim...

Simply have them post on this blog or write a letter to the editor supportng your claim....that they never met with Kim, Eric and the county officials and they (Jim and Ted) only met with you and the county. It was you who solved this problem not Kim and Eric.

You can't can you! No proof, so stop playing games.....Just one more proof of you taking credit for things you did not do...taking credit for other people's work.


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