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GOP art of shooting itself in both feet

Why is it that there seems to be a crisis every other week within the Grand Old Party? Newt trashed a most prominent member of his own party merely hours after announcing his bid to be the Republican nominee for 2012. Huckabee and Trump declared the effort simply isn’t worth the cost.

Locally, a county commissioner appointed a second cousin to an election board position while describing said cousin as someone he knew from church, giving all the appearance in the world of deception. Mr. [Lee] Hearn’s actions likely did not upset the old line family names here in Fayette simply because they realize that most lineages that have been in Fayette County for 80 years or more are likely related anyway.

Fathom, if you will, that prior to the County Commission voting, Hearn had properly recused himself from the vote. The county GOP would not have their collective shorts in a wad and demanding censure, the vote would very likely be tied at two each, Commissioner Brown would have to find something new upon which to rant, and the capable individual previously serving would be placed on notice pending the next election.

Individuals like Mr. Brown and others have long understood the term RINO, Republican In Name Only, for they operate as if they are Democrats who have infiltrated the sacred realm of the Fayette County GOP. They constantly attack those in office, those that have done much toward the betterment of our county, demonize anyone who opposes their point of view, and take no responsibility for their own actions.

Both Mr. Brown and our own Peachtree City Mayor Haddix are quick to cast blame, seize credit from those who actually accomplish something, and shed responsibility like water off a duck’s back.

Has it come to be there is simply no honor remaining among those we entrust with elected offices? Why do we elect those that only cast dissension and have accomplished little to nothing of their own accord? We voters are quick to point out shortcomings, but slow to determine real accomplishment. Why do we assume those we elect are above average citizens when some of them are just the least employable? Perhaps you’ll have fun with that if I ever run again.

Fathom again, that those “Good Ol’ Boys” of yesterday still ran Fayette County — some believe they do. Would those elected not converse professionally? Would they not be obliged to listen to their constituency? Could they not exist without character assassination? Surely, and they have done a pretty fair job of running Fayette County since Reconstruction, which is why most of us are here now but simply refuse to admit it.

Yes, the pendulum has swung from an old line of political voices to that of a new brand whose proclivity appears to be making headlines by demonizing others instead of accomplishing something.

We here in Fayette County are smart enough to sort out a balance that retains a country charm with modern amenities and a vision for future growth that our posterity can both afford and enjoy. To attain such, we must require our elected and appointed officials to adhere to a few simple guidelines:

• Have the dignity to take out of county any romantic trysts and not risk the seclusion of an isolated back seat.

• Have the familial restraint to muzzle overly parochial spouses when dealing with government new hires.

• Maintain the humility necessary to not announce your position of importance when confronted about your own intoxication.

• When shown recorded evidence contrary to your opinion, accept it and move on (hint, Mr. Mayor).

• When operating a personal vehicle while enjoying a little weed, ensure said vehicle has a current tag.

• When honored by an appointment to a regional board, refrain from publicly trashing that organization (hint. Mr. Mayor).

These and other simple rules of common sense, if followed, would certainly boost the image of the Fayette County electorate. They would also reduce the almost daily embarrassment of the average Fayette voter, increase the probability of attracting new business, and likely reduce the frequency of this medium by half.

Michael L. King

Peachtree City, Ga.



The Michael L. Kings of the world continue to refuse to accept the fact that it is Republicans who are behaving badly in Fayette county. Decades have gone by since Democrats last held power in Fayette yet the Michael L. Kings still feel compelled to demonize them for the sins of contemporary Republican behavior.

Very Garlockian.

Mike King's picture

In retrospect I might have substituted 'politicians' or 'spoiled brats' or maybe even 'McKinney-ites' but alas I did not.

Yes, I realize which party has run Fayette for decades now, but even you will admit that I gave credit to all those since Reconstruction (Democrats) who, in essence, caused all of us outsiders to seek Fayette as our home.

"Very Garlockian." Your complement is graciously appreciated.

I am lost with your comments!

Maybe you should read my comment to dar today! Clearer!

Were you drunk when you wrote this??? Sorry, had to go there!!!

OK then spank Haddix for some potty mouth in an email about the poor excuse for a mayor but you're gonna blame Brown for Hearn's stupid pet tricks???

Mike do you honestly think Hearn can't remember the guy is his cousin??? He also can't remember a big old chunk of land his relatives own within spitting distance of the West Fayetteville Bypass??? You're getting on Brown for making Lee Hearn's stupidity public knowledge (Say it ain't so Mike!). Buddy something is rotten in Denmark with Hearn.

Talking about "rants". You're taking the cake Mike old boy.

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