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Coweta BoE honors state science fair winners

The Coweta County Board of Education recently recognized four local winners of the 2012 Georgia Science and Engineering Fair. Victoria George of Newnan High School, Tyler Sisk of Northgate High School, and Katherine Keller and Melody Kiser of Lee Middle School, were honored by the board for their achievements at the competition.

“To give you some perspective, there were over 550 projects on display at the University of Georgia on March 30,” said Coweta County Science Curriculum Specialist Dr. Donald White. “Of the eight projects representing Coweta, four are here tonight as Georgia Science and Engineering Fair winners. Their success is a testament to their hard work and the support of their teachers and parents.” 

The four winners and their honors were:

-Tyler Sisk (Northgate High School, teacher sponsor was Rebecca Marosy)- First Place in Electrical Engineering, Best in Category Electrical Engineering, Grand Award Top 10, Georgia Engineering Foundation Award and the National Society of Professional Engineers Award;

-Victoria George (Newnan High School, teacher sponsor was Kelley Finger)- Director's Choice Award, Georgia Veterinary Medical Auxiliary Award, Tellus Museum Award and U.S. Army Special Award in Life Sciences;

-Katherine Keller (Lee Middle School, teacher sponsor was Robert Doyal)- First Place Engineering for Materials and Bioengineering and Best in Category Engineering for Materials and Bioengineering; and

-Melody Kiser (Lee Middle School, teacher sponsor was Robert Doyal)- First Place Energy and Transportation.

School system spokesman Dean Jackson said the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair is the state's ultimate venue for displaying the science and engineering research of Georgia's middle and high school students. An invitation to compete at the fair culminates a string of achievements in the sciences, including high honors at local and one of 22 regional science fairs in Georgia.

The Coweta County School System’s third annual Science Fair was held at the Centre for Performing and Visual Arts on Feb. 11.

The fair featured 72 projects from nine schools (all three high schools and six middle schools). There were 26 “first place” finishers who went on to represent Coweta County School System at the West Georgia Regional Science Fair on Feb. 17 at the University of West Georgia.

In the previous three years, the Coweta County School system has sent 45 students to the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair, with 15 first place finishers, and one student (the Central Educational Center’s Chad Ramey) going to the International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles, placing third, said Jackson.


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