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Fight after May 14 soccer game lands three students in jail

A fight between football players from Starr’s Mill and McIntosh high schools after the soccer game May 14 led to the arrest of the three involved and significant injuries to one. The fight occurred in the parking lot of Holy Trinity Catholic Church adjacent to McIntosh High School.

Arrested late last week were 17 year-old Starr’s Mill rising senior and football player Jeffery Green, 17 year-old Starr’s Mill graduating senior and football player Jack Thomas and 18 year-old McIntosh graduating senior and football player Antwan Green, according to Peachtree City Police spokesperson Capt. Rosanna Dove. All three were charged with affray, Dove said.

Dove said the incident occurred after the conclusion of the soccer game.

“A fight involving several attendees occurred in the parking lot of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, which is adjacent to McIntosh High School,” Dove said. “An investigation into the incident concluded that the fight started after several heated conversations between students of both schools.”

Dove said that warrants were issued at the conclusion of the investigation and the three were transported to the Fayette County Jail.

Dove added that two of the students received minor injuries while a third received significant injuries and was later transported to a medical facility for treatment.

Fayette County School System spokesperson Melinda Berry-Dreisbach said school officials were aware of the incident and had already addressed the matter.

"We don’t condone this type of behavior on or off campus. Our students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and follow all laws and regulations at all times," Berry-Dreisbadh said. "We encourage our students to take time to think about their actions before they do something that could potentially put their future goals at risk. The schools have taken disciplinary action against the students."



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I mean statewide. These people apparently don't have it within their gene pool to observe sports and react appropriately.

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These are teenagers, for Christ sake! What's their gene pool lacking when openly showing school pride? Do you actually know these kids, or are you condemning them because they because were caught up in the moment?

If they were adults, I could agree with you.

Certainly you're not suggesting that "significant injuries" are the result of showing school pride? I agree banning them forever is an extreme, but so is the boys-will-be-boys attitude.

Recently in the news, a young man from PTC who went to Duke University pled guilty to charges of possessing a weapon on educational property and carrying a concealed weapon. He and two other freshmen were kicked off the football team and now are not able to even attend Duke.

The difference in ages here are only a matter of two or three years. Hopefully, parents and educators will use this as an opportunity to teach our teenagers of the consequences in our bad decisions.

at all to what went on with these kids.

That said, I think College Kids should be allowed to have weapons on campus..I know a few parents of GT Students who agree with me.

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What you are suggesting here is that we participate in one of modern societies downfalls; That is demonstrating to these teenagers that there are no consequences for their actions. You do them no favors by even suggesting this course of action. Prisons are absolutely full of young adults that held this perspective. I believe that Jesus of Nazareth would be the first to tell you "spare the rod and spoil the child".

Most public brawls are because people are "caught up in the moment" but that does not entitle them to a free pass from obeying the law. I fear that what you have done here is to add to the PTC stereotype that "our kids do no wrong".

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Nowhere have I said they should go unpunished, merely stating that they are kids. Immaturity would come into play, but do they deserve to have their gene pool questioned? You nor I would criticize a kid for standing his/her ground. Further, four teenagers fighting is something that their parents can handle.

This country was not built by pacifists.

What say you?

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I am reminded of the man (using the term loosely) in Riverdale who stated publicly in the local news media that he was proud that all nine of his sons were "thugs". Parents, by and large, have abrogated their parental responsibilities concerning discipline and schools are expected to shoulder a increasingly large portion of the youth's socialization and upbringing. Had their parents provided the proper training and guidance, this situation would not have occurred.

I started in the martial arts in my younger years and finished that phase of my life in my late forties. I would usually respond to questions on the subject with; "It's a socially acceptable way to hit people". There's a huge difference between not being a pacifist (and not standing one's ground) and participating in a brawl in a churchyard. The bottom line is that the parent's did NOT handle it nor did they provide enough guidance for the youth(s) to seek a better way. They did not have to be on church property - no one drug them there. The PTC police were correct in every way in hauling their young butts to jail.

Since I did not originate the gene pool comment, I am beginning to question where you are coming from. Are you the father of one of the young miscreants’?

What say I? "To quote the bard, I think that thou does protest too much".

Mike King's picture

The father to whom you refer in your retort obviously knew no better. Kids raised here in Peachtree City for the most part know better, however their age and maturity level does come out from time to time. This is a kid problem that parents can handle without assistance from our police department.

Neither you, nor my martial arts training have any bearing on what has transpired. These are kids, period. Likely the same as those that at least I helplessly watched taking their last breath. Please do not try and lecture me on the difference between a pacifist and standing one's ground. We both know few in America can wear the likes of Gandhi's shoes.

No, I am not one of the parents, nor do I know them. But, I would refrain from using the term miscreant simply because I refuse to label those to whom I am not aquainted.

But, who am I to question your vast experience?

MajorMike's picture

Are you on medication or are you smoking something? Do you not read the posts you respond to? Do you not read your own posts? I now understand the frustration related to me by a regular contributor to The Citizen blogs. Let me sum it up for you in a manner that (hopefully) you will be able to comprehend.

1. 17 & 18 year olds are NOT kids - period, they are young adults. They are responsible for their actions.

2. They broke the law and the PTC PoPo did the job that they were sworn to do and arrested them. Any guilt, innocence, or justification can be sorted out in court. Had the PoPo NOT arrested them I would expect to see an outcry about selective law enforcement.

3. The parents were not there and did NOT handle it.

Who are you to question anyone's experience much less mine? I could go on for a while but my time is limited. Enjoy your trip down the dementia highway.

Mike King's picture

My, aren't we full of ourselves. No medication, nor do I smoke. Simply stated, how is it that you claim that 17 year olds are adults? 18 perhaps, but even then they've not had the life experiences to be considered an adult. Certainly, you don't ask one to go purchase your beer, for example.

Their transgression could easily have been handled by the police returning them to parental control without all this fanfare, but we are talking about PTCPD, another totally different issue. Had drugs, theft, gang activity, or the like been involved it would be totally different. High school kids being caught fighting, especially first offenders, being incarcerated and held for court is a bit extreme unless you are a bored police officer with nothing else to do.

Me thinks it is not just your time that's limited.

MajorMike's picture

If you're not on meds then maybe you need to be. I've since looked at some of your other posts - at least you're consistant. As I said - Enjoy your trip down the dementia highway.

TinCan's picture

Sorry to stick my nose in your little tete-a-tete, but this should provide some of that necessary "life experience" for the "kids".

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The police were there in their official capacity and they may not be able to ascertain the mes rea of the case. They may not have been able to determine the cause of the fight and it is easier to have a DA look at it and meet with the parents. If, in another situation, two young men corner another young man and pummel him and the police catch it, how are they to know if it is a case of a year long terror campaign or a quick skirmish between hot blooded males. If they are breaking the law, let the law sort it out. The 18 year old is an adult. This fight does not seem to have any disabling injuries to the participants. It will be adjudicated quickly and I do not see any lasting outcome for these three young men

Mike King's picture

Point well taken. However, as this occured after a high school game and three of the antagonists were 17, I view it as a school issue more so than one of law enforcement, just my opinion. This would not be Peachtree City's Finest first attempt at grandstanding nor making a mountain out of a molehiil, so to speak.

We agree that no lasting outcome likely will occur.

If my research is right, max penalty is `1 yr in jail, $1,000 fine, plus additional surcharges. Helluva expensive lesson!

The Wedge's picture

If this is a first offence for these young men, then nothing even close to that will happen. Maybe the money part, as the government wants all the money it can get. It is an expensive lesson regardless.

You may be right==but how about medical expenses? Anyhow, I think it's smart to let our legal system work it out.

The Wedge's picture

that I did not come back to this column to read all of the comments. I did not realize that there were significant injuries until Crispy made his comment. Some of these comments really put this fray into a different light. Of course I am unsure of the veracity of these claims. Let the DA sort it out.

were handled for the first 200+ years of this Country's existence without anyone being arrested for it. I'm not sure were are better off the way things are handled now.

Obviously many here disagree. When is the hanging?

Honestly, only the Police involved know exactly what was said when they arrived....that said, it seems to be the norm in today's society to just haul EVERYONE off to jail.

That's about it for me, everyone have a nice Memorial Day weekend, and try not to fight. :)

at least a modicum of common sense on this issue.

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mbest and MajorMike were either one of you at McIntosh the night of the game?
I was and to tell you the truth I was pretty upset by the way that the game and Championship was taken away from McIntosh by the Poor (and I use that word loosely) calls that came from the field ref. The difference is that in 53 years I have learned not to react under certain circumstances, at 18-19 most kids have not learned that (the reason we have 18-19 year olds fight wars) and when you have 2 teams from the same city that are already rivals playing for a State Championship and you top it off with bad officiating there is bound to be trouble (during the game Starr's Mill side kept chanting "McIntosh Sucks"). To be honest with you I'm surprised that this is all that happened. On my way back to the car I witnessed 2 incidences with kids from Starr's Mill (had Starr's Mill shirts on)that the FCSO had to escort them to their vehicles and told them not to roll down the window or say another word until they left the premises. When I was a kid we had fights, the cops would come and break it up and if it was bad enough they would take you home to your parents, but now a days it seems that its all about revenue and what the public will perceive. Its reactions like these that make other people and counties think that we are weak, because every time someone breaks a nail the first thing you have to do is get the police involved. Come on America Man up and take care of the little things yourself and leave the big stuff for the Cops then we wouldn't have to have the second highest ratio of Cops to Citizens for a city our size in the Country.

fiddle's picture

I agree.

It has gone on for years...I see no need to ruin anybody's life over it. Anyone who thinks it hasn't gone on for years is TOO OLD to remember to tie their shoes.

Back in my day, and many others surely, the Police would have broken up the fight, made the kids shake hands and made sure the parents knew what happened.

cogitoergofay's picture

Brawling in a church parking lot? Am I the only one highly offended by that?

over religion. :)

I dont get offended by anything. Plus it was a catholic church parking lot. It is ok there

Who cares? As long as they didn't damage someones property or hurt an innocent person who cares? They are just behaving the way their parents have taught them to behave. That soccer game was/is their whole life.

you obveiously dont get it so shhh. dont comment on something you dont know about. Thank you.

Aside from just checking in and having a spelling problem, you're commenting on a JULY post for pete's sake! Strike One!

maddoxquiyana's picture

First of all get your facts straight!! Jeffery Greene is my brother, and a broken hand is not a "minor" injury! The so called "conversations" between the students was one saying, "Starr's Mill sucks!", and J. Greene responding, "well if we suck, how did we win?". I do not believe a thorough investigation was really done. The fight happened on top of Jack's car. The other party followed Jack and Jeff to Jack's car...but WHY?? Jack and Jeff did not pursue the other party involved!! Did the police look into this? There were threatening text messages sent to J. Greene...did police look into this?? This whole thing seems fishy as this "investigation" has been conducted!!!! If you are going to refer charges on someone according to facts, fine, but get facts straight before doing so!!

Investigate before You ACCUSE!!!

[quote=maddoxquiyana]First of all get your facts straight!! Jeffery Greene is my brother, and a broken hand is not a "minor" injury! The so called "conversations" between the students was one saying, "Starr's Mill sucks!", and J. Greene responding, "well if we suck, how did we win?". I do not believe a thorough investigation was really done. The fight happened on top of Jack's car. The other party followed Jack and Jeff to Jack's car...but WHY?? Jack and Jeff did not pursue the other party involved!! Did the police look into this? There were threatening text messages sent to J. Greene...did police look into this?? This whole thing seems fishy as this "investigation" has been conducted!!!! If you are going to refer charges on someone according to facts, fine, but get facts straight before doing so!![/quote]

Most of what you're saying is correct, but not all. J. Greens hand was not broken after the soccer game. J. Green was not protecting his friend, nor was he drawn into the middle of a problem. Jack was in the middle of the Greens, unaware that J Green and A Green had fired verbal shots at each other. A Green and 5 of his friends hunted for J Green in the parking lot and found him with Jack. Jack was standing between J and A Green when A Green sucker punched him, and the fight was on.

A Green hopefully learned a valuable lesson. When you start a fight with a stranger, you never know what kind of trouble awaits. Does the guy have a gun or a knife, or is he just a tough SOB that knows how to defend himself? Jack defends himself and three punches later A Green has a broken jaw and two broken eye sockets. Punk reaped what he sowed.


maddoxquiyana's picture

My brother Jeffrey Greene is a star athletes in Fayette county!!!! His whole world is academics and sports...he doesn't go around looking for a fight!!! He plays all of three sports, so for those of you talking about ban him from sports for being in one minor fight let us re-think this notion and use some common sense here!!! Young men got in a fight over some dumb school rivalry, JEFF GREENE happened to get caught in the middle of it!! Of coarse, nobody knows this. usual this half-ass written article doesn't have all the facts and portrays all parties as guilty as charged!!! Remember people, in this country are we still not innocent until proven guilty!? Do we not have Constitutional rights that defend the innocent and weak citizen from a powerful and overbearing government!!?? Or have we all become sheep just doing what we are told? Obviously, the whole story is not available to the public!! Jack and Jeff have scholarship offers, have done college visits to top rated schools such as Georgia Tech, and received letters from schools including Duke University. I know for a fact that Jeff is not going to screw everything up because someone says his school sucks!!! The only reason he was involved is because the other party involved physically assaulted Jack without provocation, and a few of said parties buddies also jumped on Jack. Jeff is a good person and wasn't going to let 6 guys beats up on one!!!!!! He stood up for his friend as any good friend would. Again, PTC Police and The Citizen...get the facts straight!! Don't print until the story is accurate!!! There seems to be a pattern in Peachtree City, 1. the police department botches almost every investigation they conduct, and 2. victims are treated like criminals. Whatever happened to victims rights people? Stand up and demand accountability in our wonderful police department!!!!! If they are so great why are they still the laughing stock of every law enforcement agency in GA!!??? How about you stop worrying about how many "awards" you can win and start worrying about doing your jobs right!!! You are supposed to be working for US not against! Now, due to a little fight, the Peachtree City Police and The Citizen newspaper have possibly ruined the future for two bright young athletes from Fayette County.

Investigate before You ACCUSE!!!

Let's see the butcher's bill here: one broken jaw, two broken eye sockets, 1 broken hand...

in light of all the breakage, I think the police did the right thing. This was obviously more than a "Whitewater slap fight".

In any event, one of the perpetrators had a first name of Antawn, which is not on the approved list of Caucasian first names, so the PTC police were obligated to arrest someone due to their Zero Tolerance for Non-white Crime policy.

Mike King's picture

As always, a classic retort! Well done!

In a perfect world, these kids would not have gotten into a fight and hurt each other. But they did and they did and cops were called and people were arrested. Yes, the accused is always presumed innocent in a court of law but that doesn't carry over in the court of public opinion. Doesn't matter a rat's buttocks what people say here (unless they end up on the jury) so don't worry about that.

Hopefully, after thousands of dollars are spent, the truth will come out and justice will prevail. Peachtree City will be richer and hopefully, several young people will be wiser.

Next time remember it's just a game and the ref screwed it up, not the other team.

that is not right. my brother Jack Thomas was stepping in between Jeffery and Antwan. Then Antwan sucker punched Jack in the mouth, Jack spit the blood out. Then Jack wasn't going to just sit there after he was punched. so he threw 3 swings with three or four guys punching him in the back of the neck. Jack hit Antwan in the jaw broke and the other two hits broke his eye sockets. Antwan obveiously needs to not mess with the big country boy. or he will get his ass whipped. Normally you wouldnt go to the police for a fight but Antwan did even though he started it. That is why they ended up not pressing charges is because ANTWAN STARTED IT!

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