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Drinking water in Fayette about to get more expensive

You want cleaner water? You’re about to pay for it.

As early as January, customers of the Fayette County Water System — including Peachtree City and Tyrone — will be facing an estimated 8 percent increase in water rates.

The increase is needed to pay for the installation of a magnetic ion exchange (MiEx) system to improve the removal total organic compounds from the county’s drinking water.

The $9.5 million project is necessary to meet new federal clean water requirements from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, according to Water System Director Tony Parrott.

The project involves installations at both the Crosstown and South Fayette water treatment plants. Depending on the timing of the project, the rates might not need to be raised until closer to summertime, county officials said at Monday’s budget hearing convened by the Fayette County Commission.

Of the $9.5 million cost, the county will get $6 million in low-interest loans; the remaining $3.5 million will come from the water department’s renewal and extension fund.

Had the county financed the entire project, the water bill increase would stand to be significantly higher than as currently planned.

Because the project is so far away, the commission has not yet had a discussion on how exactly it will raise the water rates. There are multiple options, including an increase in the per gallon rate, an increase in the base charge or a combination of the two.

The county is also waiting on a go-ahead approval from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, which oversees drinking water facilities.

In recent months, the county has only violated the restriction on total organic compounds once. But Water System Director Parrott said the county is fortunate because the standard is based on the “average” of several test results over a three-month period.

“We don’t pass every time, but we average out, so we’re passing quarterly,” Parrott said. “It’s that close.”

And starting in 2013 the testing parameters will further intensify, which necessitates the need for the MiEx system, Parrott said.

To prove the MiEx system works, a contractor came to the south Fayette water treatment plant and installed a portable system temporarily. The results were satisfying enough that officials pulled the trigger towards installing a permanent system at both water treatment plants.



Here it is, the geniuses at your friendly neighborhood water authority are at it again. Are they satisfied with a 63% increase in sewer rate...Noooo! They want to stick to each and every person that dares use that precious commodity that falls from the sky. I just toured my neighborhood, looking pretty shabby as we now have to let our lawns bake crispy because we can't afford to water them. Now they threaten with another 8% increase when we can't afford the 63% sewer increase? Something seriously wrong with these crooks. The mob used to call this a shake down, guess they use the same handbook. Hello, we are in a recession, lots of people out of work and your answer to help is to stab a knife in the backs of people who live here? BTW, why is there not yet a class action lawsuit for people with irrigation systems? We are being charged outrageous sewer rates on water never entering the sewers. Charging for service not rendered should be listed as theft. I am looking forward to the day when I can move to rid myself of incompetent people that are ruining my county. I hope a county lawyer looks into a class action suit, I want to be listed as the first plaintiff.

You might like to thank the EPA for laying those mandates on everyone--not just the Fayette Co Water System. The EPA, as an authorized Regulatory Agency, issues regulations with little or no review or approval. Your Govt system at work! I see the EPA as a direct threat to liberty & freedom of our citizenry.

No one wants to drink unhealthy water and we can't all afford just beer!

Cut the too high tax paid costs!!! Too many employees AND too many pool bubbles and such! Too many new vehicles, and on and on!

If it weren't for government subsidies to cities and towns, many would already be bankrupt.

Don't you even wonder why the water was ok to drink last year but won't be now unless that new equipment is installed?Doesn't take a ton of brain-power to recognize govt interference and control---just get our your checkbook and get ready--send the EPA a love letter and suck it up.

So the water is OK, you think?
Government regulations as to what can be dumped into water supplies and thrown onto the ground have been relaxed some due to people like you who don't want the water any cleaner. It gets worse all the time!

We don't need to reduce the water quality, we need to reduce the cost of purifying it.

Money-makers will always poison the general public if there aren't sufficient checks on them.
Just as the banks and Wall Street will cause recessions for the same reasons!!

Some people simply can not undersand that since 1950 we have more than doubled our popultion! Will do it again in 30 more years.

Unless the world now ends again in October!

You understand those first two words? That's what's happening. My water quality is just fine--itcomes from a very deep drilled well!

Did you calculate just how many wells New York City would require?

We would need about 15,000 in PTC alone, and we have no industry to speak about!

Now if the gvernment "funded" the edicts, your taxes would increase!

I'll just bet that you drive on those Socialistic Interstates we have, and those airports built with tax money!

Sewers one week, water the next, employee health care costs the next!

What do these budgeters think we are going to do about all this?

What are retired and limited income people going to do to pay all these constant increases of budgets? And, cuts or layoffs of tax paid people?

This article certainly doesn't un-confuse the issues. I can't make heads or tales of it. Why, what, when, where, and how isn't covered!

Has anyone studied water and sewer bills lately---especially if you have something like lawn sprinkling which doesn't even go to a sewer?
The grass is going to have to die.
Bills of $200 per month ($2,400.00 per year are not uncommon! SS pays about a $1000 per month on the average, and Walmart about $12,000 per year)

We won't even talk about the cost of Health Care Insurance!
Bought any groceries lately? Any tanks of gasoline?

Now water and sewer is going to increase considerably!!!!!

Just when will Peachtree City and others cut their budgets and decrease service and tax costs? NOT SERVICE CUTS, JUST SERVICE COSTS!

Who are these stupid people who are forgetting about everyone except the $75,000 plus wage earners, who don't much care!

Also, we ain't seen the worst of this recession yet! Not by a long shot.
There is NO COURAGE in our elected officials.

Either the officials are in bed and getting kickbacks or they are just to aloof and do not care about the citizens. About 40,000 people left NY last year due to the oppressive taxes. They just drove them out to greener pastures. The same thing will happen in Peachtree City. except it will be the water authority. Mark my words, I'm out of here as soon as possible. I will take my tax base, my money spent at local stores and shops, I will pack up and leave all due to these idiots at the water works. I'm sure a wagon train of like minded will follow me out of here. Peachtree City, a place going down the drain. Run Forest Run!

Have you noticed how often increased costs are attributed to government compliance?

PTC Observer's picture

Yes, yes I have.

It will continue as our "needs" increase based on someone's vision of Utopia.

Let's take electric cars...57% of the buying public said they wouldn't buy and electric car no matter how high the price of gasoline gets.

Car companies must meet mandated MPG averages for their "fleet" of cars for sale, this means they are trying to meet these overall standards by developing and selling cars that most Americans don't want. Now where do you suppose the money comes from to develop these low emmision cars? You guessed right, it is made up by you when you buy a car your really want, a gasoline powered car. Let's call this one example of what you are talking about mjlennon. You pay for it whether you want it or not.

So much for vision I guess.

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PTC_0* How dare that nasty old government deprives us of our right to ingest organic compounds with our drinking water when we replenish our precious bodily fluids. 8 - )

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote Democratic.

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let's sell the whole thing to private enterprise so when they screw up we can sue them, we can't sue the government their exempt. ;-)

Gort's picture

PTC_0*, turn it over to private enterprise? For free? Some would call that wealth redistribution or crony capitalism. Why not sell it off to the highest bidder? Perhaps some former Enron Executives could be persuaded to form an investment group and make a bid. What could go wrong with that, eh?

Don’t like that idea? How about this? Let 4 or 5 more companies dig up every street in the county, put in their own water plants, distribution pipes, and meters at every home and business. That way the public could decide what water they want to buy and competition between water companies would keep costs in check.

Competition would be so fierce the water companies would pay the customers to use the water. How much money would you invest in a start-up water company in Fayette County? 8 - )

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote Democratic.

PTC Observer's picture

I didn't mean for free of course we should sell it to the highest bidder. Re-read my post, I said "sell". In fact all government property except that which is needed for defense, law enforcement, administration or judicial processes should be sold to the highest bidder. Then perhaps we might "dig" ourselves out of this debt hole a little bit. After all the Feds own 1/3 of the land mass of our country.

I don't mind if 4 or 5 companies dig up our streets, but they can't come on my property to put in their meters unless they have a bargain for me. They can't disrupt my travel because it will restrict my freedom of movement, and they must put the street back better than they found it because it will be "new". Oh, let's sell the streets too, let's pay tolls for their use and get the government out to that business too. Of course the government would have to stop collecting taxes on gasoline and other taxes related to transportation in return. Want to see traffic problems solved? Well just start charging people for using the roads, and in Bacon's words like "free education", roads won't be "free" anymore. Carpooling here we come. Who knows someone might invest in a local train system to compete with the road owners, or other forms of transportation might develop. You just don’t know what the possibilities might be if you let people compete for your money without a government monopoly.

As for investing in Fayette county water, it depends on what my other investment options are, I think buying a piece of Redondo Beach, California that is currently owned but not used by the US government might just be a better option.

BHH's picture

But toll roads restrict your freedom of movement too. Roads should be public, just maybe not maintained to the degree that they are now.

That section of I285 through Dunwoody is repaved every 2 years whether it needs it or not and the section from I85 south to I20 west has never been repaved. In 46 years.

And why do we have to maintain a water system to federal standards?

There must be another way.

I'm on a well and it's perfectly fine.

Public water should be only for those areas that can't be on a well and for fire protection.


PTC Observer's picture

I like your thinking too, "there must be another way."

Being on a well is individual freedom at work, you don't depend on anyone do you, not the government for sure. Do you have them come test your well to make sure it's up to "standards"? I guess not. Do they control how much water you can take from your well? Nope, it's up to you. I guess you depend on the electricity to power your pump, but can't you buy that based on your choice of providers? Can't you buy your natural gas the same way? Now what about roads or water? Nope. Do we have multiple gas lines or electrical lines? Nope.

When I moved into PTC years ago, I had to sign a document that I wouldn't drill a well in order to have my water turned on. Why do you suppose I had to sign this? Government monopoly, what have they done to my water rights? I pay more for them, I don't have a choice of providers, and everytime I turn around they are saying they have to meet some type of Federal guideline or mandate.

There must be a better way, indeed.

Gort's picture

PTC_0*, if you don't like the restrictions in Fayette County, wait until you get a load of Redondo Beach, California! 8 - )

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote Democratic.

PTC Observer's picture

You said that right....California is tanking man big time.

Wonder why?

Gort's picture

PTC_0*, I wouldn’t know for sure? I’m just a shiny headed working guy living on a cul-de-sac in Coweta County. I did read someplace, if California taxed oil production like Texas, Oklahoma, and Alaska, they wouldn’t have a problem.

In Alaska, they tax oil production so high each citizen gets a check every year. I believe Governor Sarah Palin, faced with a terrible budget “surplus,” signed into law the last tax increase on oil production.

In Texas and Oklahoma the people don’t get a check. The politicians there are content to just have the oil companies purchase elections for them.

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote Democratic.

BHH's picture

That is a big reason they have such tax surpluses.

The day that OPEC came into existence a monopoly was effectively created in the petroleum industry.

There has been no competition since then. And now they have us where it hurts.

They should be regulated as a monopoly and not a competitive industry just because of this fact.


Gort's picture

BHH, aw, come on now!

[quote] Alaska doesn't make roads a priority. [/quote]

Are you trying to tell me Senator Ted Stevens, (R) didn’t get his fair share of “roads to nowhere?”

You know, if you think about it, OPEC was an American invention. One could argue it started with Standard Oil Company and the kerosene business. Kerosene sure put a lot of candlestick makers and whale hunters out of business. It was there own fault really. They should have had their R&D departments working on inventing the light bulb. 8 - )

About the OPEC that exist today, who do you think should regulate it?

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote Democratic.

BHH's picture

They are in the process of creating a new world monetary system (instead of the dollar) that is based on and supported by the price of oil.

The only thing we can do is try to use other forms of energy and reduce their power in the world economy.

I don't know that much about Alaska except that small planes are the preferred source of transportation in most of the state.


Gort's picture

BHH, and who is the “They” of,…

[quote] They are in the process of creating a new world monetary system (instead of the dollar) that is based on and supported by the price of oil. [/quote]

Perhaps “they” can print the new currency on synthetic rubber sheets instead of paper. That way the currency could expand and contract with the price of oil, eh? 8 - )

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote Democratic.

BHH's picture
Gort's picture

BHH, on a scale of 1 through 10, (1 = low, 10 = high,) how plausible a threat is this to US of A?

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote Democratic.

BHH's picture

accepted standard in world trade. With the continued rising deficits and debts in our country the rest of the world is steadily losing confidence in the dollar.

A monetary system based on something tangible such as gold or other valuable commodity like oil which is traded worldwide on a daily basis just makes economic and practical sense. When that happens it will weaken our standing in the world economy and markets.

Plausibility of a threat is high like 10. The only question is how long before it happens.


Gort's picture

BHH, if a gold standard makes so much sense, 'what' was the reason the US, left the gold and silver standard behind?

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote Democratic.

BHH's picture

and other factors in the economy.

Be sure to look at page 2 on this site.

If the world begins to trade in money based on the oil standard then the USA looses much influence on the world economy. Hyperinflation could result in the US.

Our government is already printing so much money (and threatening to print more to keep up with it's debt) that it is on the verge of worthless in world trade and that is why there is a movement to go to an oil standard.

If that happens then the oil companies and producing countries will have the world in a bind and thus control it.

Most wars nowadays are fought over control of oil, money, religion or borders.

The rest of the world is beginning to worry about the soundness of the dollar and moving away from it whenever possible. They recognize it's vulnerability to the political whims in our country. We have lost the confidence of many other country and those now in a position to move away from our influence are doing so.

With the internet everyone in the world has become instantly aware of the vulgar atrocities and obscenities occurring in the everyday lives of Americans that we have been desensitized to over a long period of time.

This is why we are all of the sudden the evil one to be dealt with by the other religions of the world. So many things we think of as common place are extremely shocking to these people. And rightly so.

We need to take a long look at what we are perpetrating on the rest of the world if it's not too late.


...... and retire every summer---some planes do fly in the summer.

Anyway I saw a TV show about ice trucks or something like that! Or was it ice drivers?

I think Ted Stevens asked for enough money to build bridges kinda like the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (on Pontoons though) and I'm not sure if Sarah Palin ever built it or not!

He also wanted an oil pipeline from somewhere in Alaska to Texas, I think it was! It would cross his property and he wanted millions! May have held it up!

Cyclist's picture

before OPEC was the Railroad Commission of Texas. That group controlled the world price of oil until it was displaced by OPEC in 1973.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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If that's true then we are in big trouble.

They already think it is theirs before it hits the ground.

Before you know it you will not be able to squeegee a floor without permission and documenting where the water came from and where it went.

I live on a small creek and next to a small lake and intend to set up a micro-hydro system ASAP to assist with my energy needs. but because of Atlanta's overbuilding and insatiable water use the state will be restricting the use of every drop of water that falls from the sky and flows over my property.

I am not even in charge of the water within my own body if the state has their way. I can't use it in any way without the states permission and approval. I can only consume it if it meets their standards and can only dispose of it if they monitor and control that.

What kind of fools do we have in power here in Georgia?


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More roads just means more cars which means more money to maintain those roads. More houses just means more people and more cars which means we have to have more schools to educate more children and more roads to handle the traffic for more cars. More people just means there will be a need for more water and more sewers which means more money to provide more water and sewers which means more money to maintain the purification and filtration systems for the water. More sewers just means more money to maintain the sewer system.

I'm sure everyone gets the picture by now. More begets more!!!!

PTC Observer's picture

When do we set up the perimeter?

Gort's picture

PTC_0*, It’s kind of funny when you think about.

The WATER Works is run by a BOARD of Commissioners.

If the 8 percent rate increase does happen, no one in Fayette County can make the claim that WATER-BOARDing is not a form of torture. 8 - )

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote Democratic.

BHH's picture

One quick way to save untold millions or billions in government spending and no one would miss it at all.


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