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Fayette BoE gets permission to increase class sizes

It may not be needed, but if the economy does not turn around the Fayette County School System will be able to help deal with falling revenues that fund the school system by potentially increasing class sizes by up to five students per classroom. The class-size waiver was approved May 17 by the Fayette County Board of Education.

“We work really hard to establish class sizes that are around two students below the Ga. Dept. of Education class size maximum. Depending upon various issues, we are sometimes unable to meet that goal in all classes but we try hard,” said school system Human Resources Director Reanee Ellis.

The waiver would allow Fayette schools to exceed the state maximum class size by up to five students.



This article left out what has been the number of students per class and also what the number will be!
So many over and under the state numbers proves little.

I guess the Atlanta schools are included in the state numbers?

Speaking of the Atlanta Superintendent, who is "retiring" (I guess that means pension," is there anyone on the face of the earth who thinks that she didn't know what was going on with the test cheating?

Her "henchwoman" aide that she brought with her from "New Jersey," certainly knew! That means she knew! ("Do whatever is necessary")

Isn't some law broken requiring a trial with all this? I know they wish to cover it up, pay her off, and hope it dies but that won't stop the next one from doing something else to get graduates!

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