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Thunderstorm winds bring down power lines, trees across Fayette

UPDATED Friday, 8:35 a.m. — After 14 hours, electrical power finally returned to many hundreds of homes in the central part of Peachtree City Friday morning. Residents in the Golf View and Coventry areas of Aberdeen Village lost power about 6 p.m. Thursday when a severe thunderstorm blew through with little advance warning.

A thunderstorm with high winds that seemingly came out of nowhere has caused damage, multiple downed trees and power outages all over Fayette County early Thursday evening. The late afternoon hours May 26 were subsequently busy for public safety workers across Fayette County. The intense early evening storm caused at least one power outage, numerous trees blocking blocking portions of some roadways and a house fire in north Fayette that is thought to have occurred after a lightning strike.

Power remained out overnight for a significant portion of Peachtree City residents, and some homes may remain without power until tonight, as crews work to restore power, city officials said.

The power outages knocked a number of traffic lights out of service along Ga. Highway 54 in Peachtree City.

The house fire in north Fayette occurred on Plantation Circle near Ga. Highway 314. Fayette Fire and Emergency Services spokesperson Donnie Davis said the fire was thought to the related to an apparent lightning strike at the residence. Davis said one of the homeowners suffered a burn on her hand, and also that the Red Cross had been alerted to assist the homeowners.

Traffic lights were inoperable along Ga. Highway 54 in Peachtree City, according to city officials. The storm also knocked out the westbound stop lights at Ga. Highway 54 and Tiger Trail in downtown Fayetteville.

A fallen tree along Flat Creek Road in Peachtree City resulted in the loss of power to an unknown number of homes. Firefighters at the scene had the road blocked to traffic.

Reports of downed trees came in from around the county. Trees blocked or partially blocked Ebenezer Road, New Hope Road, Sams Drive, Redwine Road and Robinson Road.

There also was a report of a tree down on a house in the area of Journey's End in Peachtree City.

A power pole on Ga. Highway 92 snapped due to the winds, downing power lines and forcing the road to be blocked. And that was just one of several downed power lines. At 6:30 p.m., Fayette County's 911 center had well over 10 "wires down" calls.

Power outages struck all the stores at the Fayette Pavilion, according to eyewitness reports. Power outages were also reported in Peachtree City, as the traffic lights at Ga. Highway 54 at Huddleston Road and Prime Point were out, being manned by police officers directing traffic.

And as always, when there are widespread power outages, there were also a significant amount of false burglar and fire alarm alerts.

The storm also brought heavy rain to the area.

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of all those bradford pear trees. I suspect some of my neighbors now wish they had too.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Lots of limbs hitting my roof left me wondering if I would have some severe damage but except for limbs and debris everything seems okay--thank goodness. Sitting, reading with a flashlight, waiting for power to be restored, I kept myself from getting impatient by reminding myself of all those who have no homes left to have electricity. Sure puts things into perspective. We are so spoiled, feeling deprived when we usually are only out of p;ower for a few hours before it is restored. We certainly have been lucky for the most part in PTC area. You know it sort of makes you wonder with all this occurring if maybe the "end" is not coming in one incident but maybe an accumulation of all that is happening---anyway we have a new date so be sure to get your donations into the mail to the preacher so he can get the new billboards going.

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Photos of our Fayette County EMS guys and gals out there fighting a fully engulfed house fire in north Fayette County. Also a few photos of photos of the storm damage from around the county.


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Great photos but I can't see any EMS guys or girls fighting the fire.

That's the fire fighter's job, stupid.

Maybe some or all of them are also EMS trained, bozo.


CombatCorrespondent's picture

[quote=BHH]Great photos but I can't see any EMS guys or girls fighting the fire. That's the fire fighter's job, stupid. Maybe some or all of them are also EMS trained, bozo.[/quote]

Dude, you are correct. They are firefighters. I made a mistake. So, why do you have to call me, "idiot", "stupid" and a "bozo"? Maybe just something to say these are firefighters would have corrected my mistake?W ith that said, MOST, if not all, firefighters are trained as first responders and/or EMTs.

Sorry I hurt your poor little feelings. Put your big boy (or girl) pants on and get over it.

My apologies to any firefighters who I may have offended. Most of them have seen me out there and know that I would never put anything up to embarrass them or that would minimize their service to the community. I am just trying to show folks what these guys and gals are doing for us every day!

Everyone you photographed on that fire is trained to at least the level of EMT-Intermediate and many are EMT-Paramedics. Nice photos. We usually don't have time to snap our own and most Departments, understandably, have rules against it while on duty. BHH doesn't speak for anyone but him/herself. Most of us are proud of both types of public service and don't worry about titles or names. Those that do usually grow up or move on. Keep up the good work!

BHH's picture

I'm a retired fire fighter, first responder, EMT and this kind of thing has been a sore spot in the past for many in the profession.

Please just give credit where credit is due and recognize the distinction between the jobs of Fire, EMS and Police.

EMS has become a function of the Fire Service.

Not the other way around.

Probably because Rescue has always been a function of the Fire Service.

No Fire Fighter I know of wants to be known as working for the EMS Department instead of the Fire Department.


NUK_1's picture

I prescribe some "medical" marijuana or antidepressants to CALM DOWN a little here! Not a big deal to rip into someone over, especially when if you want to go all righteous on someone, there are plenty of targets in FC deserving of it a helluva lot more than the photog guy.

ing all over the place. This person did not have to take their time and effort to share these pics with us but chose to do so as they have many times. Instead of showing gratitude and possibly questioning in a nice way you resort to name calling--'idiot", "stupid", "bozo". You know what they say when you point a finger? Oh, you don't? Well, it means your other digits are pointing back at you----indicating where the 'idiot, 'stupid' and 'bozo' really belongs. Take three Midols and a nap and you MAY feel better.

BHH's picture

I feel better now.


Civility and understanding . Thanks for the lesson.

BHH's picture

Come back to see us.


injured during our intercourse. Also, glad to see that you are open to learning from others' posts. You're welcome.

BHH's picture

I don't care who ye are.


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you said "Intercourse"

hu hu. hu hu. hu hu hu....

That's my weak attempt at a Beavis and Butthead laugh :-)

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

site I would consider either Beavis or Butthead but you would be neither--much too intelligent. But I did enjoy your laugh. Have a good week-end.

kevink's picture

Cheers :-)

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

'racist' = an attempt at humor or playing the infamous race card? Sad.

choose to play your little game. I do not. I don't consider that sad---. You jump into conversations and when someone betters you, you always pull that ploy that you are better than they to continue and you are getting out of the conversation when in reality you are retreating---no one is fooled, except maybe you.

Just pointing out that I didn't mention 'race' in this discourse. I bow to your intellectual superiority. I look forward to the sharing of your 'intercourses'. I still salute the way that you and BHH handled your discussion. Have a nice day. Oops, I better retreat - or someone may get my number! :-)

I think correspondent sends us the pics and info he does just to be nice--and we should appreciate it as that--a gift--not as an official document that he is being paid to produce. I just think it should be received in the manner in which it was sent. I can see where you may be upset if this is something you have dealt with over the years but I truly feel it was an oversight. Correspondent seems to be a very nice thoughtful caring person.

CombatCorrespondent's picture

[quote=MYTMITE]I think correspondent sends us the pics and info he does just to be nice ... not as an official document that he is being paid to produce. ... I can see where you may be upset if this is something you have dealt with over the years but I truly feel it was an oversight. Correspondent seems to be a very nice thoughtful caring person.[/quote]


Here's the rundown on me ...

I do indeed post the photos to show people the things I see that they themselves may not be able to see. Other than shooting the military guys and gals overseas, my other favorite thing to shoot is our Fire Fighters, EMS/EMTs, Police, Road Maintenance Crews, etc. doing whatever it is they do to help each and everyone of us.

Sometimes I get paid for shooting these things, sometimes I don't. The guys at the Citizen can only put up so much stuff on their website and in their paper. A lot of times, I will be at the same events with the Citizen guys (Notice in the photo above, Ben actually has ME in the photo). I have more space on my website to put up more photos than these guys are able to. Cal, John, Michael and Ben are nice enough to let me post my photos on here to share.

I am a retired Army Reserve Print Journalist (Military Occupational Specialty 46Q) and former Marine (almost nine years active duty in our beloved Corps). An Army Print Journalist is the EXACT MOS as the Marine Combat Correspondent. We all actually attend the same school, same classes! Being a former Marine in an Army unit, I always used the Marine term for the job more as a rub to the Army guys and it stuck.

Before I retired from the Army Reserve four years ago, I started working and still do as a contract photographer for the USO on their overseas tours. I have logged about 25 overseas tours since retiring from the reserves, including 11 trips to Iraq and Kuwait, two trips to Afghanistan, Djibouti (Africa) , Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and a bunch of other places too numerous to mention here.

Here are some shots from my USO portfolio:

I am human and I make mistakes. When I make a mistake, a simple note to let me know I made a mistake is enough for me.

I do know the difference between firefighters and EMS/EMT. I just had EMS on the brain when I posted the photos. When I send something out, I do try to make sure the information is correct since I use my own name and don't hide behind some anonymous name.

I am what I am, just a guy lucky enough to have been to a few places, seen a few things and been able to share these experiences through my photos. Glad you guys enjoy the photos.


BHH's picture

touched a nerve with me. So many times hearing and see things misrepresented in the media whether intentional or not gets old.

People in the media are professionals too and they should be more careful about accuracy before pulling the trigger on publishing.

Sometimes sensationalism and wanting to be first to print over ride the better practice of accuracy.

Again, thank you for what you do.

The photos are very good.


kevink's picture

Reminds me of a joke about dating sex, newlywed sex, and hallway sex. This would be hallway sex.

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

No Kevin, I suspect BHH is an ex-firefighter who was never an EMT or Paramedic!

BHH's picture

30 yrs as Fire Fighter, First Responder.

It was an ongoing issue the whole time.

He calls himself a correspondent. It would be good if the reporting was correct.

I was a jerk.

I apologize.


either a fire fighter or EMT. Both are admirable professions and I feel we owe them along with our police a big thank you. All of these are jobs that require dedication and all of you are always putting your lives on the line for us--and it is definitely appreciated by me.

BHH's picture

Thank you for the kind words.

I am just thankful to have left the profession with my health. There are so many who do not and they are absolutely deserving of your recognition.


Your photos catch the goodness that exists in the citizens of our county. We always look forward to seeing 'ourselves' through your eyes. Thanks!

CombatCorrespondent's picture

Photos of our Fayette County Firefighters out there fighting a fully engulfed house fire in north Fayette County. Also a few photos of the storm damage from around the county.


kevink's picture

You're a great resource to have around. Have you traveled to any of the tornado-damaged areas? They are so easily forgotten.

thanks again for sharing. Hope you come join the early morning coffee get together tomorrow (Saturday 28 May) morning at 0800. Details on the blogs.


Vote Mytmite in 2012!

I think I understand the confusion generated by your photos.

What I saw was a lot of downed trees and some fire engine pictures.
A couple of guys carrying tools.

No one fighting a fire or helping anyone! (not saying they didn't)

What those pictures needed was a writeup of where exactly (address), and what was done!

I don't think firemen or EMTs chop up trees and dispose of them!

Anyway, you are a CONBATCORRESPONDENT of some kind!

I am SealTeam6. (They don't exist!).

BHH's picture

EMTs are expected to keep their hands clean until someone needs emergency medical treatment.

As it should be.

It's two separate jobs no matter how hard administrations tries to combine them.

There are actually not enough hours in the day for one person to accomplish the training & recert technically required of both jobs.


All Fayette County firefighters are required to have EMT certification. Yall maybe confusing EMTs with paramedics. Paramedics require a significant larger amount of schooling and certification.

BHH's picture

Most recert is overdone too often just for looks on paper.

It could effectively be done in most cases every three to five years with updates as needed.

These requirements take away from time and energy that could be better used to advance training instead of the redundancy that is so boring and discouraging to those who would otherwise advance their certifications.

It's the same all throughout the medical profession and most government entities, such as police, fire and EMS including paramedics.


most "Firefighters" today ARE EMT's or Paramedics, as the profession has evolved most Fire Departments, at least progressive organizations, have realized fighting fires is only a small portion of what we do today. Departments that have kept up with the times, community needs and in improving overall services delivered to the public, have naturally adapted to provide some form of EMS (Emergency Medical Services) in one form or another. Even departments that have not taken over providing EMS Transport services (Ambulances), most now at least perform a role as BLS (Basic Life Support / EMT level of staffing) or ALS (Advanced Life Support / Paramedic Staffed) response Fire Departments. Today, most "Fire Departments" have 60%, 70% or 80% of their responses actually being EMS related, and NOT actually fire related type calls.
Most of todays "Firefighters" are also trained to some level as Haz-Mat (Hazardous Materials) Responders, with additional training in a variety of subjects including Nuclear and Radiological, Explosives, Chemical Agents and other WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction).
Additional skills and certifications achieved by todays "modern" Fire Service "Firefighters", or what some departments have started calling themselves, Emergency Services Departments include: Technical Rescue (Above / Below Grade & Confined Space Rescue), Trench Rescue, Water / Swift Water Rescue, Dive Rescue, Public Safety Education, Vehicle Extrication, Building Inspection, Fire Cause & Origin Investigation, along with many advanced medical skills and certifications.
The Fire Service Profession has evolved to be what's often referred to as an "All Hazards First Responder" profession. No, its not "two separate jobs" and while there are hundreds of hours annually required to train, to both achieve and maintain both Fire and EMS certifications, it's become the standard of todays modern fire service.
Call me a Firefighter or an EMT or a First Responder, it's really basically all the same (even when my hands are dirty) and we do "respond to whatever, whenever the need arises".

are there when we need you. Thank you for all you do. I am proud of our firefighters for always being there and going that extra mile. I think it takes a lot of courage to go into a burning building to rescue someone--never knowing if you will be coming out. We also are lucky for our PTC police, I know they get a lot of static from people but whenever you call them they are there in record time and are courteous and helpful. That goes a long way for me. So thanks to all of you and also today, especially, (Memorial Day weekend), thanks to all our service personnel and their families who give so much.

BHH's picture

in the military while keeping this country free.

But I do appreciate the willingness to also recognize on this holiday the civil servants who have died while protecting lives and property in this country.

It's really all the same job in that sense.


BHH's picture

I haven't been retired that long.

Dekalb county was one of the first to offer all of these services you speak of and they are currently again trying to separate EMS to private services.

It has been a struggle since the beginning of advanced emergency medical services. When the money is good and available the Fire Service leans that way.

The other services are prioritized according to funding and really nothing more. Many of the things you speak of are done with no funding just because of Fire Fighter's desire to improve themselves and their service. But much of it is thrust upon them because of political maneuvers and federal and state funding that can take advantage of what people assume is an under worked force of personnel.

Hell, we registered bicycles for years just to assist with a police project to curb bicycle thefts and it was very effective because of the willingness and endurance of Fire Fighters.


BHH's picture

Thanks for sharing them.


dawn69's picture

Thank you so much for sharing your photography with us and thank you for you service to our military as well. We should all be honored to have you as a member of our community.

<"The most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller>

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