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Local job picture improves

Unemployment rate falls in Fayette, Coweta

What a difference a year makes, at least in terms of the unemployment rates in Fayette and Coweta counties that continue to decline. Fayette’s rate in April was counted at 6.6 percent while the rate in Coweta totaled 7 percent.

That compared to Fayette’s 6.9 percent rate in March and a 7.8 percent rate in April 2012. For Fayette, the April rate signaled 3,517 people out of work in a workforce of 53,446.

In Coweta, the April unemployment rate fell nearly half a point, from 7.4 percent in March to 7 percent in April. The rate a year ago was 7.9 percent. The new rate for Coweta translates into 4,492 people out of work in a workforce of 64,150 people.

The jobless rates in Newnan and Peachtree City also saw decreases in April.

The rate in Newnan fell half a point, coming in at 7.9 percent in April. The rate in March was 8.4 percent while the unemployment rate a year ago was 9 percent.

The April jobless rate in Peachtree City totaled 6.1 percent, down from 6.4 percent in March and 7.4 percent a year ago.

The 10-county Atlanta Regional Commission that includes Fayette County saw jobless figures of 7.6 percent in April. The rate was 7.9 percent in March and 8.5 percent in April 2012.

The 10-county Three Rivers Regional Commission area that includes Coweta County saw the April jobless rate fall to 8.6 percent in April compared to 9.1 in March and 9.3 percent in April 2012.

Across Georgia, the numbers for April showed an unemployment rate of 8.2 percent, down from the 8.4 percent rate in March and the 9.1 percent rate a year ago.


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