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Head-on crash claims life of PTC man, 55

A May 24 head-on collision on Fischer Road in east Coweta County claimed the life of a Peachtree City resident.

Michael Naber, 55, died at the scene of the accident that occurred at the intersection of Fischer Road and Westminster Village Boulevard, according to Coweta County Fire Dept. Assistant Chief Mitch Coggin, who said units were notified of the collision at 9:53 p.m.

Ga. State Patrol Trooper Jordan Ennis said Naber was traveling south on Fischer Road while 34-year-old Robert Diaz was traveling northbound. Ennis said Diaz crossed the center line and struck Naber’s vehicle head-on.

Coggin said the vehicle driven by Naber was found in a ditch while the vehicle driven by Diaz was found turned on its side in the roadway.

Both men were entrapped in their respective vehicles, Coggin said. Naber died at the scene while Diaz was transported to a helicopter waiting at Northgate High School and was flown to Atlanta Medical Center.

Coggin said units from three Coweta fire stations responded to the accident.

Mr. Nabler’s obituary is here.


Lift that family up please!

Yes, this is tragic for so many reasons. Driving at night, minding your own business and out of nowhere someone crosses over and snuffs out a precious life. May God help the Naber family through this terrible time.

Just saw on the news that Maya Angelou has passed away. I have always loved her books and poetry, a love one of my daughters also shared. We had many discussions about her way with words. A great talent and she will be missed. I had not seen her recently and was surprised when they showed a recent picture today--she looked so frail and she had always been such a robust and healthy looking person. I hope her passing was an easy one.

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My neighbor lost his wife(and my neighbor too of course) in a head-on collision a few years ago at about 6am on I-16. No alcohol, drugs, impairment...just a guy who drifted across the center line and hit her head-on and killed her, leaving behind two very young kids and a distraught husband who has managed to try and pick up the pieces from that awful tragedy. My heart goes out to this family daily and it really sucks.

I've always told both my now-adult kids that two lane roads are very dangerous and never take it for granted that the other driver going by will stay in their lane. That advice means all of nothing, really, because there isn't any way to prevent this kind of accident, just like you can't predict deer jumping out in front of you suddenly from seemingly nowhere. Still, you have to say it and hope for the best.

Is there any new information on the cause of the accident? Condition of other driver?

One involves the driver that crossed the center line going to sleep...the other involves an electronic device being used....

Just guesses..

Prayers go out to the families.

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