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Memorial Day weekend fireworks from PTC golf cart

No injuries as gas cart bursts into flames Saturday at Huddleston Pond

Four people escaped injury Saturday afternoon at Peachtree City’s Huddleston Pond when their gas-powered golf cart began producing white smoke and then burst into a spectacular fire, caught by two photographers who described the scene.

Gary Erlichman: “I sit and read near the gazebo just about every day with my pup and on May 25 at 5:50 p.m. (or so my smart phone tells me) a golf cart stopped right in front of me.

“Two couples that were on the cart jumped off and I noticed a small wisp of smoke coming from behind the front seat.

“The driver flipped the seat forward and poured water from a bottle into the engine area. I asked if he needed more water and he said it didn’t seem to have helped.

“At that point smoke started coming out from beneath the cart. The photos show the progress, which was quite quick.

“I told the people from the cart to go back and stop anyone from getting any closer to the cart while I did the same from the other side. The tires and batteries were exploding and being closer didn’t seem like a good idea.

“I called 911 at 5:53 and the PTC Fire Department responded fairly quickly.”

From another vantage point, William J. Courtney also saw what happened:

“I was in the area fishing and had my Nikon with me, as I had witnessed an illusive green backed heron catching a minnow the previous evening and wanted to try to photograph it if it happened again.

“I had been fishing for about an hour when a golf cart carrying at least four people rounded the turn and headed toward the gazebo. I didn’t think much of it, as I had just got onto the fish, catching a three-pound bass.

“A minute or two later, I looked up to see that the cart had stopped and a generous amount of white smoke was pouring up from the general area. It wasn’t until I dropped my pole and snapped a couple shots with my dslr and 200mm lens that I noticed a small fire just above the front seat of the vehicle.

“I walked around the pond and met up with the driver and passengers, About this time, the cart pretty much burst into flames and there were multiple sounds that we (the driver, passengers and I) described as sounding like fireworks. It was very swift and very spectacular.

“By the time emergency officials arrived, they pretty much just waited for it to burn down to the frame. According to the PCFD officials, the incident was caused by a faulty battery, even though it was a gas-powered cart.”

Huddleston Pond is a popular picnic and recreation area fronting Windgate Road in Glenloch Village, near the center of Peachtree City.

























I just got home and read this story. Seems I had just driven by this mess at Huddleston Pond, not knowing the details. However, having seen the mess on the path behind Taco bell on Crosstown last year, when the psycho teen lit his so-called girlfriend's cart on fire, it all looks the same. Only much worse at this site.

I see all the 4-5 time a year golf carters out this weekend. Many don't have a clue.

Maintenance, people. Gotta do the maintenance.

Could have had bbq bass, Bill.

Are those garden hoses?

Glad everyone was safe. Good work FD.

Liferfrom65's picture

One fewer of those noisy, stinky things for me to follow. They should ban gas powered carts anyway.

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They had one heck of "wiener" roast going on. Glad no one was hurt.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Bet you never had white smoke coming from under your avatar seat, eh?:)

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Never..........Spandex is expensive. :-)

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

and score sweet corn at @25 per ear and it's it's good! Had some tonight.

I was over there the other day and got some good ribeyes on sale for $7.99/lb.-$5.00 off. Had one last night. Delicious. I had some corn from there last weekend and it was pretty good. Not great, but not field corn, either. For 25 cents an ear, I'm not fussy.

I did have one of their seedless watermelons last week and it was so bad I brought it back. Real juicy, but no flavor and left a funny, gritty taste. I don't know where they got it from, but for Publix, it was really bad. I have never tried Walmart's, as I almost never do grocery shopping there, but bought one 2 days ago and it is (dare I say this?) better than Publix was. I never thought I would utter those words. The best watermelon I ever had was about 5 years ago. A farmer in overalls was in the Kedron Kroger parking lot and had a bunch of them in the back of his pickup truck that he had grown. I never saw him again. Here I am 5 years later, still thinking about it. That's how good it was.

Thanks for the tip. Much appreciated.

I need to get to the Farmers Market as you suggested. Blueberries, grapes and peaches....can't wait.

Fruit is a gamble. You should know that going in.

This is the best you can come up with? How long did it take you to come up with your intelligent repartee?

Don't lose any sleep over it, OK? Maybe some medication will help you survive the shock. I won't even begin to go into the details of the horror of it all.

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In my experience, every grocery store tries to honor the quality of their food and fruit. We have returned several fruit items over the years and received a one of one swap or a refund. No issues. Fruit may be a gamble in your own mind, but not to most people who consume it.

duplicate-Citzen burps again!

Thank you for the free golf cart inspection today from 10Am-1PM at your office pkg. lot on South Peachtree Pkwy. Thank you to the techs from Golf Rider for the inspection. You helped with 2 important items that I did not know about and they will be inexpensive fixes. Thanks to TCBY for the free yogurt and sorbet, too. And to the hard work of the beautiful van Meter children for the goodie bags.

In light of the above story, you just can't find enough ways to keep safe while out and about. What a nice way to give back to our community on just a gorgeous Saturday morning. Thank you, Clay!

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