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County ignored complaints

I wrote about a garbage truck picking up a dumpster on Ebenezer Church Road every Tuesday at 3 a.m. for the past several months and being frightened out of a deep sleep by the slam-bang of metal on concrete, and the roar of the truck going back up the road with a flashing light.

I called the marshal’s office and asked for help. I was told that no commercial garbage trucks are allowed until after 7 o’clock. I was told I would get a call back.

After several days with no call, I knew my call was in the trash, so I found where the dumpster was.

It is at a church, [and] I found the minister and talked to him. He said he didn’t have any idea they were coming at 3 a.m. and would take care of it.

I then called the garbage company and let them know they were breaking an ordinance.

Thankfully, no garbage truck this a.m.

I don’t know why the marshal’s office ignored my call, but one thing I do know, if you ignore enough calls it can have a profound result.

LeGay Saul
Fayette County, Ga.


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