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Sandy Creek students create animal books

Environmental science students from Sandy Creek High took over second grade classrooms at Robert J. Burch Elementary to give students a special lesson on animal life and ecosystems.

Permeil Dass’ environmental science classes at Sandy Creek were given the task of creating books for the second graders that explained the life and habitat of the animals, including adaptation, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, food chain and energy consumption. The students had to both write and illustrate the books by hand; no computers were allowed.

Dass’ classes voted on the books they thought were the best and took turns visiting second grade classrooms at Burch on May 14 presenting and reading them to students. The books, eight total, were donated to the school’s media center for all students to read and enjoy. Animals featured in the books were the lion, seahorse, tick, giraffe and red panda.

“I’ve been so excited to build a school-to-school partnership between Burch and Sandy Creek. This has been a wonderful experience for students at both schools,” says Felecia Spicer, principal at Robert J. Burch Elementary.


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