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eBreezy moves in on winds of change

One of the new companies helping to populate the emerging landscape at Pinewood Atlanta Studios has made the move from Atlanta to Fayetteville.

eBreezy Media, a full service digital media production company in the entertainment and marketing industries, has opened its office at the Pinewood Production Centre on Sandy Creek Road across the road from the Pinewood Studios complex.

eBreezy Media partners, executive producer Cat Mayville and creative director Emily Breault, said eBreezy Media is a full-service digital media agency that produces television, film and web content in the entertainment and marketing areas.

“We’ve collaborated with many sectors for many audiences. We believe in the power of ideas,” the partners said.

Breault and Mayville hire freelance experts in photography, videography, motion design and editing who understand all the phases of the creative process while the company’s production pipeline ensures a smooth and rewarding project.

“We’ve done hundreds of jobs for television networks and big brands for a long time and we’ve gotten pretty darn good at it. We firmly believe that when you put all you have into what you do, your story deserves to stand out (or fit in),” said Mayville.

eBreezy clients include Pinewood Studios Group, JWT Advertising, TLC, PBS, Warner Brothers, Sony, UP Entertainment, Word Entertainment, Verizon Business, CNN, BASF, John Deere, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Fenwick and West, the Jimmy Carter Center and Power Secure.

Many in the Fayette County community saw the efforts of Mayville and Breault in January without perhaps realizing it. The hundreds that attended the nonprofit gala held in one of the Pinewood soundstages watched a lengthy video produced by eBreezy.

Mayville and Breault met four years ago and immediately went into business together, Mayville said. That partnership soon led to the establishment of eBreezy Media.

“We complement each other,” Breault said. “And we work really well together.”

Mayville said she was an Army brat who grew up in areas around the U.S. and beyond, settling in Atlanta after graduating from Boston College because it was a growing city and a good place to do business. Now living in Alpharetta, Mayville spent 18 years as a freelance editor and producer in the television, advertising and marketing media industries.

Breault grew up in Peachtree City, where she attended Starr’s Mill High School and later graduated from the University of Georgia where she studied film production. She moved to Atlanta after graduation and still resides there.

Commenting on the relocation of eBreezy Media and other vendors to the Pinewood Production Centre, head of group marketing for the Pinewood Studios Group Charity Massey said, “I think my comment would be how proud we are of the studios so far, and how happy we are to be welcomed by such a supportive and enthusiastic local community network and excited to welcome our new tenants to the studios. Pinewood aims to provide the perfect creative, connected, modern working environment for creative companies and looks forward to developing its media hub at Atlanta.”

Given the scope of their work and the growing media industry in Georgia, locating eBreezy Media initially in Atlanta made sense. So why the move to Fayetteville? Breault and Mayville said the answer is simple: Pinewood Atlanta Studios.

“Pinewood provides a huge network and people want to be a part of it,” Mayville said. “I think that’s why people are moving here. I think it will only grow.”

And that is what is happening. Though operational for only a few months, more than two dozen vendor companies serving the television, movie and advertising industries have located or will be locating at Pinewood.

Breault brings a unique perspective to the new industry in Fayetteville, given that she grew up in Peachtree City just a few miles to the west. Now becoming a part of the industry as it unfolds in Fayetteville, Breault said, “Everybody is so nice. I feel like this is our baby, too.”

Breault and Mayville also noted the draw of Fayetteville and the surrounding areas of southwest metro Atlanta, not only for the business opportunity that it provides, but for the potential of relocating their residences from Atlanta and Alpharetta.

With family living close by, Breault said she is in Fayette County “all the time,” but does not live here.

“Pinewood is going to bring my generation back here,” Breault said with a smile.

Breault said she hopes the Fayetteville area will become home to a live-work community, a walkable environment with “restaurants, places to hang out and meet people in the community. In my opinion, that’s what Pinewood is doing.”

Mayville and Breault maintained that if there was something in Fayetteville like “Seaside on steroids” they would “move here in a second.” The reference was to the stated desire in February by Group VI co-founder and Pinewood Atlanta Studios construction project manager Jim Pace to develop a live-work, New Urbanist community on a large tract of acreage to the east of the Pinewood Atlanta Studios property.

It was at the annual retreat of the Fayetteville City Council that Pace announced the idea to create “Seaside on steroids,” a reference to Seaside, Fla., the first community in the United States to be developed using the New Urbanist philosophy.

As for Mayville and Breault, they are happy to be open for business in their new location: Fayetteville.


The ladies certainly did their homework by addressing all of the recent hot topics of the county and Vision people. By the end of the article I couldn't tell if it was a news story or a paid advertisement for vision and group 6.

It's wonderful to bring new business into the county however it looks like many of these businesses have only one or two full-time employees and are supplemented with temporary / contract workers without benefits and possibly paid under the table.

Pinewood put on a splendid grand opening gala in late January. Does anyone know if they've started to produce any films or programming since the opening? Mr. Nelms can you research how many full-time positions are held at Pinewood versus part-time employees versus contract workers.

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