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PTC wants funding for gateway bridge, new paths and road improvements

The final results won’t be out for at least another week or two, but there is eager anticipation to see if key Peachtree City projects will be up for consideration for funding by the proposed regional transportation sales tax.

City Manager Jim Pennington, at last week’s City Council meeting, said from what he has seen, the results will be “very positive for Peachtree City.”

“It is not out, and it has not been published, but I think it’s just wise to advise you to be prepared because some things may look pretty good,” Pennington said.

While this is only the first round of regional projects to be produced in the process, it is an important one. That’s because projects have to be on this list to qualify for the funding.

Metro cities and counties have proposed a multitude of projects for the list, and their numbers are being whittled down by the state Director of Transportation Planning.

Once this first list is complete, it will then be forwarded to the 21-member Regional Transportation Roundtable, where a five-member executive committee will compile a second list of projects that it will recommend for approval by the full 21-member roundtable.

Fayette County is represented on the roundtable by County Commission Chairman Herb Frady and Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele. Neither is on the executive committee, although they have attended executive committee meetings, which like the full roundtable meetings are open to the public.

Projects submitted on behalf of Peachtree City for potential regional sales tax funding include:
• Intersection improvements to Ga. Highway 54 and Commerce Drive;
• A cart path to connect the new Flat Creek bridge with the southern end of the industrial park and also the city’s baseball and soccer complex. A tunnel to serve such a path is being built underneath Hwy. 74 as part of the road-widening project;
• A cart path that would go north from the Flat Creek bridge to connect with the Braelinn Village shopping center on Crosstown Drive;
• The “gateway” bridge over Hwy. 54 West that would connect the southern end of MacDuff Parkway with the Shoppes at the Village Piazza shopping center, and also the Line Creek Nature Area;
• Intersection improvements on Peachtree Parkway to improve the level of service, mitigate accidents and add bike and pedestrian improvements where needed; and
• Intersection improvements along Robinson Road where it intersects with Ga. Highway 54, Crosstown Drive and Redwine Road.
The proposed sales tax will need voter support throughout the 10-county metro Atlanta region if it is to pass next summer, as it will be up for a vote in June 2012.

The rub is that even if the 1 percent tax fails to get a majority vote in Fayette County, it will still be implemented here if it passes the entire 10-county region in the aggregated vote.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

If we in Fayette County are going to be paying the 1% here and elswhere through a sales tax, wouldn't it be best if we didn't stand out as one of the only counties that voted against the tax. Logic being that #1 - the tax is going to pass region-wide and #2 - there won't be enough money to do all the projects and #3 - non-cooperative counties would be a likely target for eliminating their favorite projects.

Or, we could be stupid and vote no just to make a point. Kinda like Haddix wanting to withdraw from ARC. Just like painting a target on our backs.

Live free or die!

Mike King's picture

I agree that we are likely to be paying this SPLOST for the next 10-30 years, but the whole thing boils down to the fact that our state government has the same ailment that local and federal governments have, and that is they refuse to live within their means. Wasn't it stated by Chance that 90% of DOT revenues are spent north of I-20? The issue is when are all the folks living south of I-20 going to be levied.

When is the last time a government entity has reduced its own spending? The simple fact is that each level of government continues to grow unchecked, and without regard for growth in the private sector regardless of economic trends. On the other hand, however, I would contend that building or improving roads serve us better than studying shrimp running on miniature treadmills.

What else could we expect from a government that levies war to be financed by its children (T. Garlock).

Robert W. Morgan's picture

which was my point. I still think a lot of the Fayette improvements are more for the benefit of Clayton County, but I guess if they have good roads they will come over here and buy things and pay the sales tax.

Live free or die!

Mike King's picture

Or bring Fayette to Clayton's level which I believe is an ulterior motive for those who oversee the ARC. A Fayette County similar to that of Fulton, DeKalb and Clayton which are overly taxed, government heavy, and produce little.

I don't know what Clayton's "level" is, and also don't see any advantage for the ARC for us to be "overly taxes, government heavy. and produce little." They all pay more taxes than Fayette does!

The government heavy part is true, just like Fayette and PTC and Fayetteville and School Board which you have also complained about. (so have I).

We are Atlanta! I suggest moving to Thomaston, Zebulon, or Sylvester maybe!

That road between I-75 and the east coast, full of GA Pacific Forest butchers, and the home of Burt Reynolds, looked desolate enough!

Dondol's picture

Face it, the bulk of the Tax Money that's left over after Marta gets their share
will go to improve the roads in North Atlanta. We won't see any of it until the laundry list for the Northside is complete and that will take YEARS! If the People of Fayette county or PTC want road improvements we need to allocate our own funds and fix what we can and don't wait on our Northern neighbors because they don't come down here and they don't care about us!

The lists have been submitted as to our wants from the tax. Our county mostly will decide what of it we get or do!

Our 100,000 people are about 1/20 of "North Atlanta" and we will pay about 1/20 of the sales tax.

What you are worried about, I think, is a MARTA bus going up and down PT Parkway and 54/74! Would be nice to ride one to the ball games! However I will be dead by then and my kids can ride it.

So it is best to "go along to get along?" (Lyndon Johnson)

All new electees learn this lesson real quickly. Even those who say they won't!

Our military works the same way! Just ask Gen. McChrystal and Cartwright!

Cartwright advised no surge to President Obama--Pentagon wanted it. He told Obama anyway. Had loose discipline when it came to female aids.

McChrystal publically criticized those he didn't like! Had a problem with unnecessarily saying what he thought.

Frankly I think we need a few senior officers of their ilk! (Patton was one, MacArthur another). Maybe not good Presidential officers, but good for the USA military.

BHH's picture

Everyone just wanting to get their share of government funds.

The best way to mange government funds is to see that the government gets fewer funds in the first place.


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