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7 months of detours ahead as Kenwood bridge is replaced

Motorists on Kenwood Road north of Fayetteville will face about seven months of detours as a contractor will be replacing the bridge over Morning Creek.

The project will cost just shy of $1.4 million and is necessary because of problems with the existing bridge structure, county officials said. The low bidder on the project, McCarthy Improvement Company, was approved by the Fayette County Commission May 23.

The new bridge is longer, wider and higher than the existing bridge, all of which are necessary to meet current design standards for flood conditions and road geometry, according to county staff.

The bridge was originally built in 1972 and Kenwood Road has an average daily traffic volume of about 3,700 vehicles per day, according to county data.

The longest detour for the bridge is 1.7 miles and involves Longview and Bethea Roads along with Ga. Highway 314, according to Fayette County Public Works Director Phil Mallon.

Mallon said the county had hoped to place a temporary traffic signal at Bethea Road and Hwy. 314, but the Georgia Department of Transportation determined it wasn’t feasible. That means that vehicles leaving Bethea Road may have a difficult left turn to go northbound on Hwy. 314, officials said.

The current bridge’s sufficiency rating is 17 on a scale of up to 100 with 100 being the best.

Commission Chairman Steve Brown noted that the closing will affect school traffic as well as churches and other facilities in the area.



Anyone know where this bridge stands on the scale of "might fall in"? The volume of back to back to back tractor trailers (convoy style) coming south on 74 from Fairburn (not from I-85 south) and sitting at a dead stop on that bridge to get through the traffic light, then turning left to get onto I-85 north is staggering. There are also the 3 southbound Hwy. 74 lanes where that bridge was designed to carry two lanes of traffic, with a breakdown lane.

This is happening during all hours, not just rush hours. Where are all the tractor trailers coming from north of that intersection on Hwy. 74 and how old is that bridge?

Not to mention the tractor trailers coming and going from Oakley Industrial Blvd.

The addition of the ratty mattress lying in the breakdown lane for the last week on I-85 southbound just before Hwy 74 is also a nice touch.

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is the source of the truck traffic and it's going to get worse. There is a planned industrial park off of Bohannon Road that will be around 3 million square feet of warehouse space, all needing truck service. The flow of this truck traffic will be down Oakley west to 74 with a right turn onto 74N and an immediate right turn onto 85N or across the bridge and a left onto 85S. It is unlikely that they will come down Bohannon Road to Broad St as all of the Intermodal traffic goes that way.

This is the reason that they are working on the Oakley turn lanes onto 74.

Hope this answers your questions about the truck traffic, it's not going to be pretty for commutes into and out of our fair city going north, south.

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You know how to get there, doncha know? Go west on 54, through 74, then turn right on Fischer Road and then go a couple miles north and get on I-85. Yes, I know it is slow, but this is the Haddix theory - 74/54 traffic is bad because of Atlanta commuters going through 54/74. You can't make this stuff up.

Live free or die!

Well, dang and double dang. But what about that weeny little bridge?

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Just kidding, sugar.

Those trucks are going to the truck stop and sure enough do they need their own lane. I think when Steve Brown dissed Jim Williams he went up there and created a mess for PTC as retribution. Maybe, maybe not. I'm sure he will respond.

Live free or die!

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bad joke...don't follow

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Matress?... adverstising? It sounds like you are calling me a whore. For what reason I don't know, but I don't like it at all.

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