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By 3-to-2 vote, Fayette to hire temps for West Bypass work

To help get the ball rolling on construction of the second phase of the West Fayetteville Bypass, the Fayette County Commission has authorized the hiring of temporary help for the county’s public works department.

Public Works Director Phil Mallon said the county has received very promising information from temporary staffing agencies, but it also will seek proposals from contractors. One of the main goals, however, is cost savings and that might not be achieved as much through by using contractors, Mallon said.

Using the additional staff in-house also will help begin work sooner and utilize existing county staff and equipment, Mallon said in a memo to the commissioners prior to the meeting.

The commission voted 3-2 to spend up to $250,000 for the temporary staff. Voting against were Commissioners Steve Brown and Allen McCarty, both of whom oppose the West Fayetteville Bypass.

Brown’s announcement of his “no” vote drew applause from the crowd, as a handful of Fayette residents have been continually petitioning the commissioners to stop the West Fayetteville Bypass.

Yet Brown so far has been unsuccessful in convincing more than one of his fellow commissioners to halt the project. Various bypass votes this year have been approved by the majority of Commissioners Herb Frady, Lee Hearn and Robert Horgan.

The $250,000 approved by the 3-2 vote does not include benefits, as such will not be paid to the temporary workers, Mallon said.

Although the project is still in the process of acquiring right-of-way, the needed easements and right-of-way have been acquired to start the shoulder and ditch line improvements; the needed permits and mitigation credits are already completed, and the material and equipment needed is on hand, the memo said.

The commission also voted 3-2 along the exact same lines to award an engineering and design contract for the bridge over Whitewater Creek along the bypass route. The contract was for up to $133,238 and was awarded to Heath & Lineback Engineers, which is already under contract to do the Westbridge Road bridge project.



Brother Brown continues to baffle me with his votes against anything about the WFB!

This has been a DONE project nearly forever. Why would he want to continue to vote no! Does he not like temps?

The worst part I dred however is another year of complaints about those who didn't want this project!

All I can figure is that Brown wants certain votes in his next election, and the complainers want more money for their land when they actually do sue!

Does anyone know if this project actually makes any homes unlivable?

suggarfoot's picture

Which one of Hearn's relatives owns the temporary staffing agency?

This is old dried up pooh. Delta hired 'temporary staffing' companies. The way it works is you pay the owner of the newly formed agency, (usually a relative or former employee) $20.00 an hour. that person in turn hires people for 7.25 to 10.00 an hour and keeps the hourly difference.

The job the taxpaying citizens get for the $20.00 an hour is the job done by a 7.25 to 10.00 an hour crackhead and the middle man swills up the difference for sitting on his a$$$ and knowing the right people.

In this case, the taxpayer (us) is left with a half a$$$$ job for top dollar! (you know maybe like dribbling asphalt down the middle of the road for miles, thinking the cars coming afterward will spread it out? You get the picture of the thought process involved.)

I saw the former head of the FAA interviewed the other night. He was saying the very same thing. He was railing about the TSA and outsourcing...saying it was both DANGEROUS, ineffective, and not getting your monies worth. Anyone only has to face the line at the airport and what is doing the work to know he is sooooo right!

Seems while other companies and government agencies are trying to remove the tentacles of these 'outsourced' staffing agencies...our 3 innovative commissioners are lining us right up with an apple in our mouths!

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Will the commission please share who bid on the staffing project, and to whom the bid was awarded to, as required by Georgia law on public works projects of $100,000 and over.

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Frady, Horgan, and Hearn are spending SPLOST funds as fast as they can!


Believe me! They won't answer that question!!!

Roundabout, would you rather have higher property taxes and the West Bypass, or would you rather apply West Bypass funds to property taxes and debt?

Hopefully, it will be your choice, my choice, and the public's choice.

The only thing that can prevent every property owner in Fayette County from paying much higher property taxes is HB-240 and a referendum diverting 2004 SPLOST funds from the WFB and applying those funds to debt on the Justice Center and off-setting property taxes.

Most of the time you are a fairly thoughtful writer. However, constantly knocking Steve Brown is just cutting off your nose to spite your face. The man is working for you, me, and every other citizen in Fayette County.

Think about it! Do you want much higher property taxes or do you want to do away with the WFB?

Spent any other way than what was voted will result in Supreme Court over-ruling GA.

Property taxes will never be lowered again!

More is spent every year. There are more of us!

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There is a new law, Roundabout.

Governor Deal signed it on May 11, 2011.

HB-240 gives counties permission to use SPLOST taxes on debt such as the Fayette County Justice Center.

It, also, makes it possible for counties to use SPLOST tax money on property taxes.

Hasn't had time yet to go to Supreme Court!

Do you know what S.P.L.O.S.T. means? (The special purpose is just that, special purpose---not anything you want or it would have said that when voted upon! If it were for anything, it would simply be another tax, period.

I understand your explanation about paying some on the justice center, but all that would do would be to allow our government to have another debt to take it's place!

Maybe the Sheriff can sell the million dollar helicopter they get no benefit from and pay off some debt? The score is Hawk 1: 0 Criminals: 43

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I guess you are one of the very few who doesn't mind paying higher property taxes on property that has been devalued.

I pay less taxes now than before due to devaluation, but it is a matter as to whether you were paying "farm" taxes or residential taxes! Big, big difference.

Actually, I feel that if you can not sell your house for any reasonable fee, then it has no value!

I look for the County and state to change that way of getting taxes so they will always get more and more.

Don't think you know what your 2011 property tax bill will be--you may have received a recent property eval notice that shows a reduction in FMV--(Fair Market Value) and of course you know(or maybe you don't) that is an erroneous figure to begin with. Actual FMV is simply what somone is willing to pay you for the property--more than likely (these days) much less than the County established figure. And just wait until the county commissioners finish diddling with the numbers--don't think you'll be a happy camper!

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Why can't some of these millions be diverted to a real need?

They are road taxes and the stormwater pipes in need of repair are under roads.


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BHH, you are absolutely right!!

Something has got to give somewhere.

Frady, Horgan, and Hearn can't afford to repair collapsing roads, but they want to spend $30,000,000.00 on a new road.

They have a solution to that problem now that HB-240 has been signed by Governor Deal.

If they don't utilize the solution, they might as well confess as to the real reason they want to build the West Bypass.

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Who will handle e-verify and all HB 87 Immigration Bill requirements for the county personnel/human resources office? A lot of paperwork to complete for temporary workers.

The temp company must do that also.

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Guess we will see what temp companies submit bids and is selected. Then we will see if they comply with e-verify and HB 87.

Maybe we can hire some of those temps to take the place of Frady, Horgan and Hearn. That is as long as they aren't related to one of them!

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