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Winning numbers: Burch and Braelinn elementary schools win math tourney

It doesn’t take a math whiz to figure out this formula: take a three-student fourth-grade team from Robert J. Burch Elementary and a three-student fifth-grade team from Braelinn Elementary and what do you have? Answer: the winners of the 2012 Fayette County Elementary Math Tournament.

Fourth- and fifth-grade math whizzes from the county’s 17 elementary schools competed in the annual Fayette County Elementary Math Tournament last week, proving they know how to crunch numbers.

The team of Jillian Blander, Zuzu Vidourek and Brandon Worrell (Ashley Kim, alternate) took Robert J. Burch Elementary to a first place victory in the fourth-grade competition.

Likewise, the Braelinn Elementary team of Ian Fertig, Yuna Shimizu and Dylan Yost (Brady Meyer, alternate) clinched first place in the fifth-grade contest.

Kedron Elementary swept second place honors in both the fourth- and fifth-grade competition. The winning teams were (fourth grade) Jennifer Deng, Yoosang Kim and Sam Wombough (Camille Bennett, alternate), and (fifth grade) Ian Buckalew, Hyosang Kim and Clay Lawhead (Anna Seville, alternate).

Third place finishes went to the Spring Hill Elementary fourth-grade team of Edward Huang, Nikolas Huebecker and Tobi Tega (Christina Whitehead, alternate), and the Oak Grove Elementary fifth-grade team of Ryan McBride, Abby McMichen and Zachery Utt (Ben Mrosek, alternate).

The top three teams each received a trophy to take back to their school to celebrate their achievement. In addition, as the county’s fourth- and fifth-grade champions, Robert. J. Burch and Braelinn Elementary will have their school names added to the plaque of champions that is displayed in the math classroom at the LaFayette Educational Center.


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